Fan push to get Princess Zelda a playable game

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Hey guys, I’m hoping I can have your support and help with another cause. Recently one of the creators of the Zelda series (Aonuma) stated that he would be open to giving Princess Zelda a playable role if enough people have “strong feelings about it.” Well, I do and I’d even be happy if they just gave her a more befitting role for a ruler with the Power of Wisdom and the Gods at her disposal. So I created a Facebook page for it and would love it if you joined and if you spread the word about it. Just like with the Hyrule Historia push we made: I believe we can make this happen. Here's the link, please share it with your friends:…

And please join!
Let’s absolutely shock them with how many people want to see this happen.
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MajorasMasks's avatar
I can only fave this journal to help, but i hope it will be enough!

Now that I think about it, a new Four Swords kind of game with Zelda as a playable character along with Link and another couple of characters would be really cool.  ^^
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I would like to see a multiplayer co-op legend of Zelda and I think Zelda could (and should) be a selectable character to play as.
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It would be interesting to see what they could do with a story; making Zelda the main protagonist! I support this idea!! :clap:
Woodland-Mel's avatar
Awesome! Thank you!
TerratheTerrable's avatar
Yes! Nintendo needs to make Zelda a playable character. Here's a question, would you want Zelda to wield a weapon (sword, bow+arrows,etc) or being some kind of spellcaster?
Woodland-Mel's avatar
I think either would be cool personally! XD

And, the more I thought about it, I figure that I'm just happy with my role being a fan that lets them know they have my support if they try a stronger role with her: no matter what that is. (Just, ergh, I don't want some weird mini game that really has no character development at all. Princess Zelda's Super Makeup Challenge etc) X)
Myn-Anthony's avatar
I would like a game where you play as Zelda, but I'd want Link to be in it too. Maybe he can be off on an adventure (being his usual, quite competent hero self), but overpowered by Ganon[dorf] (or some other extremely powerful baddie) and in need of rescue/aid. :D
Woodland-Mel's avatar
Yeah, I love Link too. I'll always want him as the main character in the series, I just know I'd also buy the hell out of a game if Zelda was the lead too- because I think there are so many possibilities. XD I really liked the end credits of Skyward Sword, now thanks to thegroup: I keep thinking how neat it would be if there was a game and it was flipped, or if you could play both perspectives.
Arlowa's avatar
I would so adore this, yesyesyes
Woodland-Mel's avatar
Yay! Thank youuu
ryttu3k's avatar
I don't have Facebook, but YES, PLEASE.
Woodland-Mel's avatar
*High Five* You know, I wouldn't even have facebook if it hadn't seemed necessary for my site, because otherwise I just really don't like it ;p
ryttu3k's avatar
XD I kinda see it as a point of pride to not have one... but yeah, it is annoying sometimes. Heh. Oops.
digipinky75910's avatar
Oh hell yes. Please Nintendo. SHe's deserved this ever-since she had to put up with that annoying guy in the Link costume in that cartoon series.
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blademanunitpi's avatar
What about the CDi games?
Woodland-Mel's avatar
There's a reason the CDi was the only system I didn't spend my allowance money on back in the day even though I was a HUGE Zelda fan back then too.
blademanunitpi's avatar
but didn't they have zelda as a playable character? why not play those two games. aren't they like the best games ever.
Woodland-Mel's avatar
They aren't even Nintendo games but, even more importantly, the CDi was an awful system: the lag on the controller made it nearly impossible, I'd hardly even call it functioning.
blademanunitpi's avatar
They where made with promotion so they count
Woodland-Mel's avatar
Nintendo gave Philips some of their licenses as part of a hardware deal when they became pissed at Sony over the deal they had with them to build a CD drive. /so Sony made the playstation as a response./ Which isn't the same as creative control on the games, and would then differ from that of their deal with Capcom for Oracles. Buuuutttt.... if that's how you want to feel about them, cool! Whatever. If you think that those 2 games are the awesomely strong role and depiction of Princess Zelda that we're hoping for with the group, or you don't think she should have any more roles like that, then I can see how you would feel that's a legitimate reason not to support what I originally posted about. Otherwise though, it just seems weirdly off topic and I'm sitting here like WUT? I'm very weirded out by why this is anything. Is it an attempt at baiting? I don't get it. Do you just like them that much? That's so bizarre to me, but okay.

So, very honestly, like I mentioned before, since I just can't even force myself to care about those games at all, and if I'm wrong about them, (I'm cool with that) --When it comes to talking about them, I care that little: I will happily defer to you when it comes to anything regarding them. Take "I'm wrong and you're right" from me now and just carry on with anything else you want to say on the subject.
blademanunitpi's avatar
No I am just being a pain because I know Zelda fans tend to hate the CDi and just saying it angers them.
Ideya-Freak's avatar
You better believe I joined that FB page! I hope Nintendo takes a good look and uses it! It would be an amazing treat to have a playable Zelda one day.
Woodland-Mel's avatar
Hell yeah! (thank youuu!)
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