Deadline Looms and New Contest Prize Confirmed!

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The calendar contest ends in just a few days on Midnight of November 30th, but there's good news to go along with that! I wasn't sure the pre-orders would be honored, so I didn't announce this yet but... the Skyward Sword Figma Link WILL be one of the fanart contest's 12 final prizes! Yes! This absolutely awesome figure:

And if you haven't heard about the Fanart Calendar contest yet, please see this post and this information thread.

The contest ends on midnight of November 30th. Anything sent after that, even if your email fails, will NOT be accepted- I absolutely can not make any exceptions; it's, sadly, too easy for people try to take advantage of them. So please make sure you check that I get what you send! I will be checking the contest email daily at this point and, at the very least, issuing a quick reply letting you know it was received.

You MUST send in a finished entry to for it to be considered valid.

It must be the correct 8:5 ratio (& "landscape" format, aka: longer than taller) or it can not be considered valid! (see that contest thread for details on how to get the right ratio)

It must fit the theme to be considered valid!

:star: At this time I am ONLY checking the contest email ( ) NOT my other message centers or email accounts. Send notes ONLY as a back-up if you are not hearing back from me. Again: I have NOT had time to check my notes. They are to be used ONLY as a back-up to email. Your piece MUST be sent to that contest email or it will not be counted. Also: submit your work to DA and then submit it to the group's fav's: Do not wait to hear from me to do this. That way there will be more proof that you finished on time.
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wings33's avatar
Sorry for the double post, but if someone else knows how to suggest a fav, could you please submit this for me?
I'm about to leave for school and I won't be back 'til about 10:30pm, Hawaii time.
Woodland-Mel's avatar
Are you a member? If you are, I'll check the settings again to see why it's not accepting it.

And no worries anyway, I submit all the entries to the group as soon as I get the emails/see them on DA ;p
wings33's avatar
Ooh, that must be it-- not a member.

Anyway, thank you very much!
wings33's avatar do I suggest a fav?
Sugar-Thief's avatar
GOOD LORD :iconeyezoomfojlplz:

AHHH what they made a figma of link?????? omg what ./sdfkgjdkgjdf gotta join :iconhnnghplz: but i can't stop staring at the figma :iconweepplz:
cyen's avatar
I definitely won't be able to finish mine before the deadline, but I ever finish the piece, I'll give it to you as a present (it'll probably end up as a birthday present at the rate I'm going XD).

Good luck to those who've entered and to those who are trying to finish their piece. :)
onisuu's avatar
/flips table

INSPIRATION, COME TO MEEEEE so I can join this glorious contest! T uT!
IJKelly's avatar
It's gonna be a close shave but dammit I'll enter this contest 8-I *Starts working on pic* I already have a good concept in mah head!! *Plays 'The Final Countdown'* B-I
89ravenclaw's avatar
Ferisae's avatar
NayruFaroreDin's avatar

So much going on in RL that I've only gotten the base colors done. HELP MEE
Ferisae's avatar
Im still at the lineart lOL
Ebillan's avatar
Woah ohmg, I want this owo
ApplejackMan's avatar
eh? I WANT that figma... It'll be hard to win with all the good contest entries though!
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