Contest! New Entries Uploaded, Deadline is SOON!

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This is just abbreviated info, for the full rules and guidelines, see this thread:…

New Entries (so far) are uploaded! -And there's still a few hours left until the deadline. Find them here:…
and look in our group gallery for the ones found on DA! (but to see all of them, you'll have to head to that flickr link)

Do not be afraid to write me with corrections. If you do not see your entry in the flickr gallery please let me know.… I WILL be going through EVERY contest email after the deadline, to double check things (because I don't want to make any mistakes) but it's a huge help if you let me know sooner than later if you think there is an error. It is possible for me to miss stuff and, once judging is complete, there's no going back.

But only use the contest email  Remember that notes and comments are just for emergencies at this point. I can't promise I'll see them, so they can really only be used to ask me if I'm getting your emails.

Information (your name, urls, description, etc) can be updated at any time. That stuff is usually not completely necessary for judging, so it's not really subject to the same deadlines. The most important stuff is your art, and that I can reach you. Those things should be settled if your piece is in that gallery. Your art can also be updated at any time, BUT anything that gets changed after the deadline will not be used for judging. You'd only be updating it because you want the newer version on display: And the newer versions WILL be what is used on the site, so people can make it a part of their calendar if they wish. :meow:

Also, so you know, (and I'll post about this more later,) it will take me a day or two to double check all the info, and it will take a few days to figure out the winners. Once they are picked, I'll let everyone know: and then I'll write the 12 winners with an order in which they can pick the prizes (it's decided by a lottery) ~and after that I will do another lottery drawing for the final participation prize!

There's a blog post with more info here:…
And the main info thread for the contest is here:…

You can also look back through the journal entries for this group to see the most recent news for the contest.
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Bleachbender's avatar
btw: two entries that have not yet been added to the group I stumbled over
Jujulica's avatar
Oh, man, the turnout has be AMAZING this year, so many pretty entries!
Thank you very much for organizing this! Good luck with the judging!
Keyshe54's avatar
Sounds like a lot of work for you, hope it isn't tress fun and you have fun doing it. I am so going to love the finished calender! Vary fun contest and project so glad I joined in :D thanks for everything Mal!

I love all the entries, so fun seeing so many interpretations and moments from Hyrule! Thanks to everyone who joined!
Gabriela-Birchal's avatar
I'm amazed with the quantity and the quality of the entries, such a beautiful contest. I'm proud to be amongst all these people =D
Twizz3985's avatar
Yes, it's going to be a very difficult decision! All of the entries are super, super amazing. Congratulations to everyone, you're all winners in my eyes.
ApplejackMan's avatar
So exciting! :squee: Good luck to everyone.
Sarinilli's avatar
I'm so sorry I never got an entry in..I've been SO swamped with real life in the last couple of months that time has just flown right past... I've seen SO many amazing pieces though, wow, the calender is going to be GORGEOUS! ♥
89ravenclaw's avatar
I'm looking at the swarm of new entries that have come in, and despite so many people tackling the same historical events/moments, I'm amazed that nobody else really did a Master Sword piece. I was so eager to finish my piece as soon as I did because I figured everyone would want to do a 'finding the mMaster Sword' piece. There are a crazy amount of flood pieces though.

Good luck with your judging; there are a lot of great entries this time around
Gabriela-Birchal's avatar
I did the flood exactly because I thought everyone would do a Master Sword piece, and I love that part of the lore also. LOL
89ravenclaw's avatar
yeah i think everyone who did the flood at the frame of mind, haha =p
Gabriela-Birchal's avatar
Hahaha, the good thing is that everyone represented it diferentely so we have a lot of cool illustrations about the same event =)
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