Contest Deadline Looms! Check out the entries!

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Go here to read it all:… and all the contest's rules and guidelines can be found here:…

The contest ends in just 1.5 days; on Midnight, November 30, 2012! Hurry~ I want you to enter!

I have responded to all the contest emails that had entries in them. (I still have a few non-entry emails left.) If you have not heard back about yours, please resend to the contest email with the image attached and note me on DA or Facebook… to let me know it's not going through so I can add your email to the contest email's safe list.

EVERYTHING must go to the contest email,  I can not accept notes or comments, anywhere, as valid entries unless we agree to it before hand. The non-email notes and comments can ONLY be used to notify me if you think something has gone wrong.

While there is a DA gallery for the entries on this group, it is not ALL of the entries- because many non-DA artists have entered. Please find all the entries here:…

And, if you have sent an entry in, please check for your piece in that gallery, and for your name on this list as well:…

Again, there is more info at this link… be sure to check it out if you are a part of this contest. Thank you and good luck!
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I sent my entry by e-mail at the very last minute 8literally XD ) and also send you a note to this group, just to be safe / as a reminder. :eager:
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s;kaghslkjdghsdkjag OMG...I don't know if I will finish in time *crosses fingers*
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*cheers you on!*
Hurry hurry, go go go!
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ah! should have made another entry... the others are getting really good XD I hopefully can stand a chance. I'd be so awesome to be in a calender, even if I didn't get a prize.
Woodland-Mel's avatar

Yours is so good. No matter what; you should be so proud of it and your skills!
ApplejackMan's avatar
And I WILL!! :3

Thanks! I just like the other entries alot though! XD
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I managed to finish my entry earlier today, I just sent you! Took a little bit to edit. I hate editing D: I hope I wasn't too big and causes you problems with your email! It was about 3 MBs... It's not going to be the best entry but I put my full effort into it, my gift to you to help make your contest as best as possible. I hope I can at least make you smile with it :D. I hope on the deadline you have happy with the success of your contest, you put so much work into it!
Happy 10th anniversary!

Now I have to go upload it here to DA... maybe I'll wait for tomorrow... more editing! D:
Woodland-Mel's avatar
I got it!
It wasn't too big. My connection and email can handle large files so I actually prefer them :D Thank you so much!

Thank you!! And thanks for the aniversey wishes and such sweet thoughts! Woo! You remembered :heart: XD
Keyshe54's avatar
Thanks a bunch! and welcome :heart: Hope you have fun with all the entries!
I uploaded it here on DA, can't submit it to your DA group, but if you want it here's the link-- [link]
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I was going to throw my painting together tomorrow, but it looks like someone beat me to the event I wanted to depict. I guess I'm not going to enter this one after all. :(
Now changing to a positive attitude, I really like some of the entries. I got my fingers crossed for them. :)
OathtoOrder96's avatar
AAAAAAHHHHH!!! I'm so excited to see the results!
Mellifera-imiya's avatar
Without deadline I can't finish a project.
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