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You can find the same info in this submission/thumb but I also want to post it out in the open, in a journal here :)


:star: Please go here to read more:… That post has A LOT more information. I would highly recommend checking it out before commenting on anything. :star:

Everyone was so great, please join us at History of Hyrule for the event next year, so we can have an amazing 2014 calendar as well!

Links to the "winning" pieces can be found here… and below, you can find most of the DA entries in the group's contest folder to the left, but every single entry is actually in this flickr set:… Please check all of them out. You'll be able to make your own version of the calendar using any of them; so it can contain all of your favorite ones!

I also hope to be doing a follow up post on that blog where I talk about the other amazing entries that also could have been included on the calendar. There were so many deserving ones. But... each and every one of the artists involved only deserve positive feedback; everyone did an amazing job, and these picks were extremely difficult because of that. These are only the results based on my, (and another judge's,) final decision. If you disagree with me, don't take it out on any of the artists. These were my choices, not theirs. I ultimately wanted this contest to be about encouragement. I know 99% of you are awesome and that this hardly needs to be said, but; I know not winning is incredibly discouraging, but please avoid leaving public comments on any of the entries saying someone else should have been picked for one of these spots. If you want to tell someone you feel they should have won over someone else, then consider that notes and email may be a kinder option. Thank you for understanding! ♥

I'll be making this into a downloadable calendar as soon as I can. (I'll edit it in to the submission I posted the thumb for, and I will be posting it on It will be ready before January 2013. I'll announce it in my journal, in this group's journal, and on History of Hyrule's main site when it's ready.


The one winner located off of DA is by Shadottie:…

The other 11 can be found on DA, here they are:

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Seeburglar's avatar
Great choices for the winning entries! :dance: I'm so glad some of my favorites made the final cut! I really enjoyed reading your reasons for picking each piece for each particular month. This is going to be such a wonderful compilation of art when it's all printed out. :aww:
Ebillan's avatar
There were so many good entries this year! Can't wait for the next one~!
Bleachbender's avatar
Seeing all the winning entries on one picture actually makes me even notice more how few 12 pictures is compared to all the entries. (though 12 winners is already much more than most other contests)
Picking them must've been really difficult and on top a fitting picture for each month.
I tried to make a selection of my personal favourites when the deadline was over and everything was on flickr but even after being very selective I was still at 27 pictures.
That's a lot of info, I guess I'll read everything through once I'm through commenting as much as I can
8-Bit-Hobo's avatar
The caliber of entries has defiantly improved =) Gonna have to up mygame for next year. Congrats winners!
Jujulica's avatar
Oh, man, I bet it was super hard to choose the final pieces! So many great and amazing artists participated!
It was super fun! I'm looking forward to next year!
Congrats to winners, and omg, such a beautiful calendar! :D
hadece's avatar
Congratulations to all winners! And Thank you to all participants for making such beautiful art! This calender deserved more than 12 winner pieces.
HyliaBeilschmidt's avatar
Congratulations to all the winners!

Well, I thought there might have been at least a slight chance of me winning but oh well, these people obviously have more experience in art than me.
DagronRat's avatar
Sugar-thief pretty much said it all - from a huge selection of talented submissions, we've got a calendar with images that suit each month really well. :3 Sweet!
Sugar-Thief's avatar
Congrats to all the winners! Truly amazing works ^^

I agree with your selection. They fit the theme and months very well~ I love how these and all the other entries fit the Zelda spirit :la:
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