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Revali's Gale by manumercury
Ballad of the Wind Fish by dianapocalypse
Ganondorf by masonthetrex
Dark Beast Ganon by masonthetrex

Gallery Folders

2013 Big Awesome Summer Contest!!! by Linksliltri4ce
Artist Feature: Crazyfreak by History-of-Hyrule
Artist Feature: Nayruchan by History-of-Hyrule
Artist Feature: Sui-yumeshima by History-of-Hyrule
Calendar 2013 Entries: History of Hyrule
Ancestor's Pride by Ferisae
The Fall of Hyrule by brandi007
Leap of Faith by Seeburglar
Book of Mudora by aquanut
Calendar 2012 Event: Festival with Music
Ikana Festival of the Dead by Spire-III
Clock Town Carnival by giz-art
Race Day at the Romani Animal Festival by Seeburglar
25th Anniversey Tribute Art
Fanart - Legend Of Zelda by Crumbelievable
link's adventure begins by Noe-Leyva
The Legend of Zelda anniversary illustrations by OmaruIndustries
New places by Orioto
The Original Legend of Zelda
A saint love (Color) by Queen-Zelda
TLoZ - 20 -Descent by AdamBryceThomas
Ganon the First by Plague52x
The Legend of Zelda: Prologue 01 by rondell
The Adventure of Link
A Horse Among Men by jmatchead
Zelda II Temple by Backflipsimmons
Adventures of Link: Awake by rondell
Adventures of Link: Zelda by rondell
A Link to the Past
remember your true form by aquanut
I'll Be Back By Morning by aquanut
it's a good harvest this year by aquanut
Link to the Past Vector Alter 2 by Plague52x
Link's Awakening
zelda dump 3 by onisuu
Link's Nightmare by jmatchead
---- by matsuneo
---- by matsuneo
Nondescript but from the first 4
Forbidden princesses by Queen-Zelda
Excuuuuuse me, Princess!! by souffle-etc
Evolution of Link's Sword Wallpaper by BLUEamnesiac
character concept by warningyou
The Best of the Newer Games
You can do it too! [ALBW spoilers] by joodlez
Majora's Mask - Wooden Replica by ThePropBox
A Sunny Afternoon by yagaminoue
Fi's Fate by echidnite
One-Shot Comics
PP: The Journey Begins by brittninja
The First Page of Multi-Page Comics
TLoZ - 1 - Silent Comic by AdamBryceThomas
Official Art Reference Sheets
Skyward Sword: Kina Reference by ShrubbyNerb

Join Us and Welcome!

Join as a member and add the art you like, (including your own) to the favorites galleries. Just put everything in the Fav's "Featured" Folder and I'll add it to the right collection later.

This group is to feature and promote:
1. All "fair-quality" art from the first 4 games.
2. Only the best pieces out there for the other games.
3. Zelda comics: One-Shot and Multi-Pages.
(Some quality standards apply. Please go to our affiliate, #ZeldaCC, for a broader Zelda Comic's group)
4. Other community projects and groups.
5. Individual artist features; hopefully on a weekly basis. These will go in the "Featured" Folder"
6. Contests and Content for the main website: History of Hyrule.

Other FAQ's:
1. Membership is open so please join!
2. Members can't contribute to the main galleries yet. They can contribute to favorites. Please see below.
3. I will only affiliate with certain other Zelda or Nintendo themed groups. These would be ones that relate to this group's theme, have clear goals they stick to and/or specific quality standards.

Group Favorites:
Or: How to bring art to my attention to see it added.
This group is a bit about my own personal taste so, I'm pretty much just going to add what I think fits to the main galleries. However, I realize you guys can find more than I can, or may just have a different opinion than me. (Since art is so subjective.) Basically, I find both of those things great.

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The main History of Hyrule website:
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Group Info

Welcome, to the DA group for History of!
This group is dedicated to promoting art from the first four Legend of Zelda games: The Original Legend of Zelda, Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, and Link's Awakening.

We're featuring only the very best of the rest, and will have artist features; hopefully on a weekly basis. We are also here to advocate the creation of fan comics!

The group will also be used to announce the site's art events and to display and advertise art made in regards to the group's main website These will be works such as contests, themes, and projects!
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I have no desire to stick with Twitter now; if I can avoid it. (I came back to the Zelda community last year and started posting there.) So who else is still active that followed this account? I have A LOT of catching up to do
Help support Ferisae's cause, which is for all Latin American fans to be able to experience the Symphony of the Goddesses. (The minds behind it are ready to go, they just need to show Nintendo and the production company that there is support!) She's done an incredible interview & interview video with the Symphony's producer and conductor, which you can find in English here:…

If you work for a Zelda site, or have a Zelda-centric blog, please post about it and please urge more fans to join the facebook page and to sign the petition:

Facebook Page:… Petition:…

Otherwordly Symphony by Ferisae

Even if you haven't realized it yet, you already know and love her art and her enthusiasm for Zelda: on top of that is this interview, which means she's already gifted us so much. Spreading word is such a simple thing to do in return. Fans need to do what we can for each other. If you choose to help~ then thank you from the bottom of my heart! You make me proud to be in this community!

I mean, look at how inspiring this is! From the interview:
"We keep saying to everybody to write to Nintendo. Nintendo does listen to its fans. They do, and they do care, and showing that they care for the fans is us doing what we are doing. It’s not for financial reasons or anything like that, it’s a gift. Just tell everybody, write to Nintendo." -Symphony of the Goddesses Conductor Eimear Noone
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this is a FREE Metal and Acoustic  NINTENDO and PC Action Scene THEME and REMIX plug music tribute compilation w
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