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February 5, 2009
White Phoenix by =thehiddensapphire is just stunning! Beautiful character creation and a wonderful color palette. Gorgeous details!
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White Phoenix

WIP walk through: [link]

FAQ 1: No, that is not a kimono. She's not Japanese. Kimono has a much wider belt. It's a Chinese robe-dress. A combination of Tang and Han Dynasty.

FAQ 2: No, it's not sakura in the back. It's a plum tree. Only blossoms during winter.

FAQ3: No, I don't remember how long I spend on it, but it's been on and off for 1 month and 23 days.

The same version seven years ago: [link]

Gold Phoenix:[link]

Jade Phoenix: [link]

Autumn Sonata [link]
但见枝枝映流水, 不知片片堕行尘

Translation: beauty never lasts

Some lucky guy's mistress. Hair up = no longer a maiden.

Photoshop CS + tablet, lost track of time, on and off since 1st May.

As usual, any comments welcome, critiqs especially appreciated.

Thanks to everyone who helped through out the process, you guys rock!
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That's so good!!!
Teach me how to draw like you xD
Voice-of-Kujira's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous~ I love the Chinese flavour and colour scheme; inspirationally beautiful~! :iconloveloveplz:
Dreadalous's avatar
Posted 10 years ago? How did I not come across this?:O GORGEOUS. love every aspect of it. Blending, composition, stance, background. Just WOW!!!!
thehiddensapphire's avatar
Thank you for the kind words. Apologies for the late reply, I don't log on DA much the last few years. It feels crazy to me too, that it has already been 10 years. 
AmbergrisComics's avatar
The dress is very pretty, good job!
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Wow!Its so beautiful!Heart La la la la :happybounce: 
Stella623's avatar
I love the fabric!
TowelDress0's avatar
I hate those who steal and makes it an interest.…
hellofdgfdgfd's avatar

yeah they even got the dress in a wrong title.

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Wow beautiful work.
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That is a lovely dress! Did you draw the patterns yourself? Also like the background, even if it only consists of a tree branch. ^^
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I knew right away that it wasn't a kimono and that it was a Chinese dress. I also knew that wasn't sakura. But I did not know about the hair; I found that interesting.

Does the type of clothing you wear determine your marital status like it does in Japan? Just curious.

I really like the dress, it's very beautiful. :) You did very good on the shading.
thehiddensapphire's avatar
To some extent yeah. Married women have a dress depends on the social status of their husbands :P
Georgeprime's avatar
Truly a masterpiece!
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You're Phoenix works are amazing! These are just gorgeous :D
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Also, I learned something new today -- apparently, if you're a Chinese woman from the Tang or Han Dynasties and your hair is up, you're a no longer a virgin! bXDd
JenniferAnneEsposito's avatar
Really beautiful!, wonderful design!. luv the colours, nice job! ^-^
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