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Time Traveling(TFP)
 After the events of the Great war of Optimus Prime and Megatron that had recently occured, the first born of the thirteen primes, the eldest brother Prima was teleporting around the home planet Cybertron watching over the mortals.The mortals were the lower class beings of Cybertron. Prima was a warrior of light, Born from the mold of Primus himself who was the god of creations. He created the species himself. He was actually the planet himself in stasis. He wasn’t able to transform and had to take that role. Though when he transformed he was a bot like everyone else. The bots that made the cities were city titans that protected Primus. Prima on the other hand was the first Cybertronian being. Prima teleported around the planet to see if everything was going according to the Covenant of Primus. It was a book Alpha Trion(Who was the third Prime. The Archivist.)  had written himself with his Quil(One of the remaining relics of the thirteen Primes the mortals knew about. T
:iconthehiddenpredacon:TheHiddenPredacon 2 0
.:Liege Maximos Puppet :. by TheHiddenPredacon .:Liege Maximos Puppet :. :iconthehiddenpredacon:TheHiddenPredacon 10 5 MTMTE Cyclonus and Tailgate by TheHiddenPredacon MTMTE Cyclonus and Tailgate :iconthehiddenpredacon:TheHiddenPredacon 5 0
Darkmist's Official Biographical Records
This is the final one! For once! I am actually happy with this! 
This is what she looks like before you read:

Designation: Darkmist
Nicknames: Darkie, Dark, DM, Misty (she only allows Starscream or close friends call her by the nicknames. Give her some?)
Primary color: light navy blue 
Secondary color: grey
Territory color: dark grey
Optic color: yellow(left optic), blue(right optic)
Biolight colors: Yellow and blue
Gender: Femme(female)
Species: Minicon - Predacon
Faction: Neither side (Stays on Cons warship and follows Starscream)
Descendant of: Onyx Prime and Micronus Prime
Abilities: HyperSpeed, Invisibility
Alt mode: A minicon that’s a predacon
Father like figure: Starscream
Enemies: Megatron, Autobots(She’s just scared of them), Shockwave, Soundwave(He creep
:iconthehiddenpredacon:TheHiddenPredacon 4 0
ALL HAIL MEGATRON by TheHiddenPredacon ALL HAIL MEGATRON :iconthehiddenpredacon:TheHiddenPredacon 14 9

''So much for staying hidden...''

Darkie | 17 | Decepticon

#1 Minicon - Predacon
Direct descendant to Onyx and Micronus Prime.
Will always be loyal to Lord Starscream.
See bio here: thehiddenpredacon.deviantart.c…

Admin Stuff:
I love to draw and write about robots.
In school for Grapic Visual Design! I will try my best to be active.
Met Steve Blum and RID 2017 cast on a Make a Wish on April 21st 2016!
Instagram: TheHiddenPredacon Twitter: HiddenPredacon
Discord: Ask me

Smol Q&A

Q. What device or drawing program do you use?
A. I use Ipad Pro and Apple Pencil. Sometimes I do traditional art.

Q. What's your favorite T.V. show?
A. Transformers Prime. Though, I also like Transformers Animated.... I watch too many things. I also read the books and comics of transformers. Sometimes I watch MLP.

Q. Who's your favorite Transformers Character?
A. Screamer boiii!! : D

Q. How long have you been in the TF fandom?
A. Since Transformers Animated came out.

What was the first Transformers show you have watched?
A. Transformers Animated!!

Q. How long have you had your OC?
A. When Transformers Prime came out but I made her during season three I believe so. So 2012 or 2013?? Around that time! Her bio is in my gallery somewhere if you want to check her out! I made several because I wasn't sure about it but the recent one I am happy with!

Q. What inspired you to become an artist?
A. Welll, I've been drawing since I was little but TF: Prime is what really kicked me off into Art. I dunno why.

Q. How long have you been on DA?
A. Almost about 5 or 6 years now. I lost track.

Just some questions here so you don't have to ask me! ; D

Art Status - White Banner by HinaTheBlue

Requests: For friends only.
Commissions: Closed
Collabs: Closed
Art trades:Closed.

Friends - White Banner by HinaTheBlue
(my derp club)
Steve Blum and Mitchell Whitfield is also in my derp club.(Yes I asked them. Haha.)
My Old accounts: Moonlight-Artist101 TFP-Darkmist The-Silent-Bot


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