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Zahrah Character Reference Sheet

Zahrah al-Sulayhi is the other main character of my webcomic, The Wide Ocean.  She is human, and comes from the nation of Jawahrah.  Specifically, she is its princess!

Zahrah is a little over 5 feet tall and around 120 pounds.  She is 18 years old and, because she is a princess and thus fabulously rich, she has some very nice clothing.  That shade of pink is very expensive, her swimming clothes are uniquely tailored, and she was gifted the Ocean Tongue by her father before she was sent on the voyage that ultimately ended with her shipwrecked.  The Ocean Tongue is a magical artifact that grants 'Protection From The Oceans', meaning she can breathe underwater, and can communicate with races from the oceans, such as Merfolk or Sharkfolk.

Zahrah herself is not a typical princess.  When faced with being shipwrecked, her first thoughts were 'how do I get off this'?  She's adventurous and brave, but perhaps not in a smart way.  She's been sheltered all her life, not even getting the option to explore her innate magical talent, which has led to a slightly warped perception of heroics in relation to the real world.

You can check out the webcomic here:
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