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Puarani Character Reference Sheet

Puarani is one of the main characters of my webcomic, The Wide Ocean.  She (yes, she) is a shark person.  While I don't have an official name for her people yet, shark people or shark folk work just fine.

Puarani is around 7 feet tall, making her anywhere from 275 to 300 pounds in weight, and is 18 years old.  She is fully grown.  Her skin is grey with a lighter underbelly.  She has a fin on her back, and her large feet's long toes can spread out to stretch the skin between them as flippers, though this is not a dramatic effect.  She is cautious, timid, perhaps a little bit curious, but is nowhere near as threatening as being a shark person would make her seem.

Shark folk, her species, are excellent swimmers and can breathe underwater as well as they breathe air.  They lose teeth frequently, but regrow them quickly, and have a vast, omnivorous diet.  More will be revealed about them and their culture later in the webcomic, but Puarani is not a typical shark folk.

You can check out the webcomic here:
Beware of Art Evolution.

Finally, I do seriously intend to get to the comic's other main character, Zahrah.  Unfortunately, I'm a busy fellow.  This was created as a reference for me and for you, but I do have a job and I need to pump out those pages.  Hopefully, I can create Zahrah's Character Reference Sheet next weekend.
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