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Logan's Original 6

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Here we have Logan and his original six team. As you saw on my Trainer Card, that was just the team he used in FR, since I couldn't use Gallade and Froslass in it, I had to use Feraligatar and Typhlosion as placeholder Pokemon in his team, since the latters, he never owned.

Anyway he Logan is surrounded by his original party. He is wielding his variant of the Masamune, which is made when Logan combines his Guardian's Bond with Nagol's Matazune. Its a large broadsword katana hybrid that wields both the power of Logan's spiritual power with the Eon, and Nagol's negativity, in which Logan can control. The Poké Ball Logan holds is just a custom made one, that is gold and silver, reference to the GS Ball in Gen II/IV.

From the left to right, we have:

Yukiona the Frosslass (play on Yuki-onna which is what Froslass is based on). Logan caught her when in Sinnoh, heading for Mt. Coronet, last Pokemon he caught before renouncing his Trainership.

Chika the Meganium, Logan's starter, fully evolved and holding a Miracle Seed.

Celei the Shiny Celebi with her Time Pendant which shows her guardianship as the Time Guardian. Logan's closest friend and has a strong brother/sister bond with her. She was also his first Legendary encounter, been with him since. She was gone for 5-6 years after their encounter with Primal Dialga on Spear Pillar, during Logan's early years as a Guardian, having sacrificing herself to save Logan and the Latis he was protecting at the time. She was saved by Arceus and placed in a Rift where she would recover, until few years later, when she was able to come back to the real world, reuniting with Logan, in a tearful reunion.

Abby the Absol, she was Logan's first caught Pokemon. Holds a Quick Claw.

Leon the Gallade and Lerita the Gardevoir, both are Logan's second and third caught Pokemon. Had them since Leon was a Kirila and Lerita since a Ralts. The two are mated together, and are both protective over Logan as their Trainer.
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Malphina: :jealous:
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Oh sweety don't be jealous *snuggles* Your still my baby. My team, including Celei, are my old friends, and Celei is more like an older sister to me ^^ I still luff you as my baby girl~
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lol i have the same team!
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