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Tripple Birthday Gift - Part II by theheroofdarkness Tripple Birthday Gift - Part II by theheroofdarkness
Hey fellas - it's been yet a while, again and everything that goes on the organization route, no matter if it's school or project works - it's all turning into living hell for now...

Nonetheless, I still want to stay optimistic and continue working just as normal.

Originally, I wanted to upload 3 Deviations tonight which were supposed to continue with my "funny series" and also as birthday gift for :iconcomx-1: - obviously to tell that I yet, again didn't manage to stay true on my time period, even 'though I did started with the drawing stuff and such much earlier than the last attempt.

Certainly, I don't know why I keep messing up - but one of the best things might be that unlike everything acosiated with the main project, everything else was not planned right from the very beginning and it might because of that... if you have a better idea on how it can - you can send me a note about it, perhaps it might help...

Now anyway to at least have one feature for :iconcomx-1: 's birthday party, I now unleash the 2nd part of the Tripple Birthday Gift finally...

this is a sequel to this other "comic" - [link] , where I kinda "messed" up the wish desires for :icon10293we2: , :iconpanda-pete: and :iconugovaria: for the lulz of course :-) and now get the "beating" for it...

Since I silentely left the 1st one to be such a stand alone without any real explanation, I'll cover up everything confusing in this part instead:

1. The original Tripple Birthday Gift was going to be much longer, featuring Comx-1 as main entertainer who was supposed to sing a song for the three canditates and a partner of mine when "we composed" those acient "doors" of luck. That's kinda the reason why Chester now appears in this sequel despite his lacket feature in Part 1.

2. Since I didn't have :iconpanda-pete: 's "Heart's desire" at that time span, it is now corrected that the messed up "Daniel" now is a witch instead of a normal girl - also, he didn't want "Rana" from his other webcomic featured, but his own character, that's why "Shark-Pete" has now green hair color instead of blue.

3. Yes, that new "identity" of mine is something like of a "compromise" to have a much more reliable base to work with when it comes to more "comical" and similar stuff, so that you happen to have easier work on those things (especially since "Demon" is not really supposed to be any funny at this point; something that I finally gave up for good...) as much as for me as well... :d

4. I think you still might remember her , right?

So... why was it my strange "desire to be her"? Beats me - the only reason was that I happened to run out of ideas on what to feature and also to give her at least some more portayal after all... don't want to waste any characters, right?

Well, now that things seem to be cleared for now - tomorrow or at Saturday latest, I shall upload the other 2 comics and then, I shall finally "leave you alone with my poor tries to be funny" :lick:

Anyway, even I happen to like (especialy Shark Chess! :XD: )and dislike this and the other comic at the same time ('though for this one I allowed myself more time compared to the first one; that's why the quality is better this time), any kind of feedpack is always welcome...

oh, almost forgot - Happy Birthday, :iconcomx-1:
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DraxDrilox Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
Best birthdays ever LOL
Ugovaria Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
I still think I make a kick-ass mermaid. :meow:
theheroofdarkness Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
so... mermaids are the new "black", aren't they? :rofl:
Chess-Man Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
Oh snap, he's a shark girl now! RUN!
:music:Run to the hills, run fo' yo' life!:music:

This is fun, thank you ^^
theheroofdarkness Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
you're welcome... :D - but that's not all yet, rest comes tonight. ^^
Dannystar64 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
Thanks so much for this comic!
theheroofdarkness Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
well, at least it should make up for it now... :-)
Dannystar64 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
yeah. :)
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