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Xerxis stand in front of the Castle at Daemon City.
This time, he'd set things right. Larxene didn't manage to escape from this Castle – now, after becoming a Keyblade Master, he'd finally keep save all of his friends – starting with the girl he loved.

And with that, Xerxis summoned his Keyblade and loaded it up into a big fireball which he let crash through the massive door, breaking it open in the progress.

Without fear, he walked into the fort and stopped surprised as he saw that the once small entrance hall had turned into an enormous hall with lots of pillars. "Did Demon recreate everything here?!", Xerxis thought in shock as he saw a small light at the end of the hall. Quickly, he ran to the other side only to find himself in a big stairway.  Hearing loud noises from the lower levels, Xerxis decided to check that out.

After walking through – as he felt – labyrinth, he found himself in some sort of factory where Heartless and Exogans were produced. As he walked closer into the machinery of evil, he noticed someone wearing a black coat standing on an upper level of the factory – someone who felt familiar.

"Doc?", Xerxis asked confused.

Sykes turned his back to him, his face widened in surprise. "Xerxis? You here?", he stammered as he looked at the redhead. "Yeah, it's me again – I got something to do here – I hoped you could help me on that…", Xerxis began as he walked closer to his former friend. "With what?", Sykes asked and his tune changed from a cowardly to serious one. "You know for who I'm looking for…", Xerxis replied short as he climbed up the latter what lead to the upper level. "Yes, I know – "her" … ", Sykes said embittered and forced himself to smile. "Of course, my dear boy… that surely was the only reason to come here, right? Here, into lion's cave only to save her, right?" "Sykes?", Xerxis said unsure as he only was a few meters away of the scientist. "First the redhead, now her – your heart only is open for women at each and every kind – no matter if they are your friends or not… but you also just know too well how your heart can caste things aside, don't you?", Sykes continued, his voice getting more and more angrier by each sentence he spoke. "What are you talking about? I want to save all hurt friends of mine!", Xerxis replied confused, but Sykes just ignored him. "You helped everyone you could, as much as she did – as everyone did. But what about me? Who saves me? Who took care of ME ALL THE TIME?!", Sykes shouted against Xerxis who moved back by this sudden change of emotion. "I've had enough of you, Xerxis the Traitor!" And with those words, Sykes pulled down a device and suddenly, all of the Exogan Soldier's heads moved to Xerxis' direction. Also, the Heartless crawled from their factory and sneaked themselves around Xerxis and Sykes. "Kill him…", Sykes said cold as he let his shield appear and the robots and Heartless began their attack.

Xerxis couldn't even think for one second about Sykes' betray as the Exogans began their fire on him. Quickly, he let his Keyblade appear and barricaded himself behind a pillar, loading up his Keyblade with energy. Then, with a fast manner, he ran out of his hideout, jumping about a few Heartless while Sykes began to shot ice blocks after him in rage and shot an enormous fire wall against the brigade of Exogans and destroyed the producing machine as it collapsed down and destroyed the remaining fighters and most of the Heartless. Quickly, he blocked Sykes' next salve of ice balls before fleeing to the layer below as Sykes tried to hit him with ice spears. There, he just could avoid the attack of some Neoshadows as he made his fast way back to the scientist, using a fiery whip to counter the cold powers of him. Sykes, glaring in rage at Xerxis then tried again to strike him down with ice blocks, but latter dodged this attack and the block hit the Heartless producing machine instead, destroying it completely in the progress. Now, finally turning furious, Sykes let small icicles appear which he used as a storm against the redhead, but now Xerxis finally lost patience and let his whole ambit around him burn in fire as he pulled the fire together and shot it as a hot beam against the scientist who in shock raised his shield for protection, but it didn't help. Sykes' scream was so loud that it seemed to be heard in the whole castle.

As Sykes was lying to the ground - barely moving – Xerxis' fire died out and he slowly walked to the scientist. In a mix of shock and sadness, he had to see why Sykes just yelled so loud. Not only that his shield was broken and slowly fading away, his whole hand which he used to carry it seemed to be burned away, leaving only some bones and burned clothes. Sykes lamented in pain as Xerxis lifted him up, his eyes glaring angry at the scientist. "I'll ask this question only once now: WHERE IS SHE?!", Xerxis yelled at Sykes, latter trying to move away in fear as he looked into his opposite's face. "I-I-I don't know! Demon brought her away after you and the others fled, I swear it!", Sykes whined. "But where? Where do you think he could have imprisoned her?", Xerxis asked on drastic. The scientist only lamented for a while, before he finally spoke. "The dungeons! He could have only brought her to the dungeons!" "I see – then, you'll help me to get her out of there.", Xerxis replied short. "WHAT?!", Sykes almost yelled, again. "Sykes, she's our friend – and I'll not leave her down there, any longer. Demon rearranged this castle – only you know now where he moved the dungeons.", Xerxis explained while trying to sound calm. "Alright, I'll help you…", Sykes said after a while. "But I will do it for her, not for you!" "Whatever…", Xerxis replied as he helped Sykes back on his feet and supported him as they began to walk out of the destroyed factory.

After a while of walking and – for Xerxis' taste – taking weird paths and corridors, they finally reached the big terrifying mouth – the entrance to the dungeons! But unlike last time where Xerxis and the transformed Jenny were here, now a shining bright Keyhole blocked their way – but not only that. Someone in a black coat, standing with his back to them was already awaiting the two men. "Pretty nice of you to catch a visit to your former home, again – Xerxis.", the man in black said as he turned to them, his riffle already loaded. "Crest!", Xerxis said and let Sykes glide down as he let his Keyblade appear. "Did you really think you could avoid me so easily? You already had too easy game when you broke in here last, but now luck is gone for you!", Crest said as he began shooting the redhead.

Xerxis ran as fast as he could to dodge the projectiles of his opponent. "You know what, Xerxis?! Someone like you really has straighten my patience for too long now. NOW, YOU'LL SEE WHAT YOU WON FOR YOUR BETRATION AGAINST US!!!!", Crest shouted and a dark aura formed around him as he let more and more dark beams appear everywhere, trying his best to squeeze his enemy. But no matter how hard he tried, Xerxis still was elastic enough to prevent himself from being hit. "Nice show, boy – but think you can dodge this?!", Crest yelled as he turned his riffle into a bazooka.

That was the moment, he waited for – quickly, Xerxis looked at Crest's direction before firing a small ball of fire against his opponent. Just in that moment, as Crest had shot out a big shot from his weapon, the projectile got hit just in time and exploded a few meters away from the gunner, knocking him out in the progress.

Xerxis sighed as he looked at his defeated enemy before he turned his attention back to the Keyhole. Rising his Keyblade, a beam of light formed itself out of it and hit and opened the Keyhole, unlocking a portal which led to the dungeons. Xerxis gulped before he walked into the portal…

Looking around him, Xerxis was surprised as he didn't find himself on the known floors of the dungeons where he and his former comrades used to cage in the Chosen Ones, but more of dark rough stone. The image in front of his eyes was more than spooky.

Around him, everything was darkness – only deepest darkness – just a few stone plates floating in the air, some purple water running down… it was like Hell and not…

And here – in this terrifying place there was Larxene held hostage? On one side, Xerxis couldn't believe this, but on the other side – Demon was a cruel villain – heartless and cold.

Xerxis  just sighed as he began his long walk through the darkness.

After he walked on invisible paths for a while, Xerxis finally reached the next stone plate. But this one was built up different than the one he just had been before. Sure, the build-up was the same, but this one contained two strange dark blue-purple shining human sized crystals. Skeptical, Xerxis walked closer to them only to move back in shock. In those two crystals were humans!
Xerxis gulped as he put all his courage together and looked closer. There were indeed two humans in it – and by extension – both of them shared the same face! Finally, after some time, Xerxis realized who they were! It were two of the Chosen Ones he and his former allies caught in the past!

In that case, Xerxis was looking at the eyes of Yuna and her double.
Taking his strength together, Xerxis shot a beam of Light at the crystals and in a bright light, they vanished and the two girls feel down, sighing for air. "I… remember, again.", one of the Yunas said slowly as she stood up. "I… was a boy…. I was Jack! Oh, no – my parents surely are worried about me! B-but how can I come back like this?" "Don't worry…. I'll undo every crime done by the Omega-Organization and pain done to you and your friends.", Xerxis replied as he raised his Keyblade at the doppelganger and shot a greenish beam of light at her. Yuna yelped as the beam hit her and for a short time, a bright light filled the darkness of this plane – but then, as the light went off, again – Jack was in his old body, again. He smiled as he finally was back to himself, again.

"Alright, now go!", Xerxis said as he summoned a portal of light, but the two looked skeptical. "Don't worry; it'll take you to your former homes. I got to go now and free the others." And with that, the two former prisoners went through the portal and were no seen again. Xerxis sighed as he continued his search for his love.

On the next plane, he freed Yoko, her doppelganger  and his once successful Final Exam Tina – without big words, he gave Axel and Thomas their old appearance, again and after some thanking time, the small group walked through the portal back to their homes

On the third plane, Xerxis first had to get rid of some Heartless, before he finally could save Ratchet, his identical copy and Keira with her "twin".  Once Markus and Rudi were back to their old selves and the four left this plane, the redhead walked on.

The fourth plane was built up different – at least, there were not only two, but five crystals as one standing completely alone. Xerxis first looked into one of the doubles and saw the face of Kos-mos and her replica. "That was mine and Larxene's first target when she still was Xavior…", Xerxis thought sadly as he freed the two girls and gave the fake Kos-mos her old live of Brian, again before he also sent them back home. Then, he freed Amy Wong and her replacement, transforming Andrew back to his old self and sending them back in the progress. Then, Xerxis finally turned to the single standing pillar. In it was Ahsoka. "But why only her?", Xerxis wondered as he freed her. "Tell me, are you Jonathan?", Xerxis asked unsure as he looked at the Torgruta girl. "Who? I'm Ahsoka and what gives you….", Ahsoka began as she rubbed her head, but then she suddenly got back on her feet quickly. "Wait, there was someone who looked like me – he told me that he was named Jonathan!" "What happened to him?", Xerxis asked on. "I can't remember…. I only can recall that there was this strange guy with a blaster and he used some sort of trick to escape him, just before the man with the strange suit put us into these crystals…", Ahsoka replied slowly. "Demon…", Xerxis replied think fully as he opened another portal of light. "Better you get out of here, before he might notice his prisoners are getting away." "Alright, thank you for saving me.", Ahsoka said with a smirk before she left this terrifying place. "Seems like Demon's really allergic to intruders if he really reshaped everything so well…" , Xerxis thought as he continued his way.

Finally reaching plane five, Xerxis freed the identical Kiri Kojimas, transformed one of them back into Aiden and also helped the twin-alike Rydias with appearance and freedom. Finally, he freed the twin Sakuras and Narutos, giving the fakes their true selves, again before at last sending all of them to their worlds, again.

As he came to plane six, Xerxis first had to take care of a small amount of Heartless, before he finally could destroy the cages of Ash and his companion and returned Selli to her old self. After he was done with them, he took care of the next crystals, containing Mishima, Ruby and their respective copies, also changing the fakes back to their real selves before also they went through the portal into freedom.

On plane seven, he met up with May, her replacement and also Monica and Raven. First, he took care of Monica and Raven, giving the boys their old appearance, again before turning his attention to May and her copy. As Sirus was in his old body, again and Xerxis' portal open, he turned to the redhead: "Will this portal really bring me back home?", he asked almost sad. "Eh… yeah – it'll guide you back to your old home.", Xerxis replied slowly. "To be honest, I don't want to go back home, again…", Sirus began as he looked at the portal. "I had so much fun in the world of Poke-Mon, so why should I return to my former boring home? My parents never really cared about me anyway… can't I just go with May instead?" Xerxis was almost speechless about the boy's decision. "Well…", he then began after he found his voice, again. "There's this old tale which says "Home is where the Heart is", so…" Sirus' eyes widened in joy as he understood Xerxis' message and hugged the redhead. "Thank you!", Sirus said happily. Xerxis was, again, caught off guard by this move and only looked down at the boy in surprise. Then, he also smiled and Sirus waved him goodbye as he, Raven, Monica and May went back to their homes. Xerxis looked a while after them, before he continued his path.

At plane eight, there were, again, more than just two crystals. This time, there were twelve at once. Looking into the almost invisible glasses, Xerxis saw that save for Beat, everyone else belonged to one and the same world – Sonic, Sally, Tails, Chip and Cream! "Larxene's Final Exam…", Xerxis' thought sadly as he looked at Beat and Cream before he went to the center of the circle and gathered his strength together. Then, he unleashed the energy into one pillar of light, freeing everyone from his prison and transforming the replacements back to their old selves. Without a word, Xerxis opened the portal of light and walked on, not wanting to waste anymore time.
Plane nine… Xerxis already began wondering himself how long it'd take until he'd finally find her… here, he found Allegra and Elise and changed their originals back to their former bodies, before he also sent them back home.
As he reached plane ten, Xerxis, again had to defeat some Heartless first, before he then freed Tinkerbell, her copy, Kim Possible and Ranma with their fakes. He first transformed the fake Tinkerbell back into Dean, then also helped the other two female copies before he sent everyone back to their belonging homes.

At plane eleven, the Keyblade wielder freed Ariel and Melody from their prison. As he transformed the replicas back into Florian and Cody, both were pretty much suspicious about the former Organization Member. "Are you sure we can even trust him, Cody?", Florian asked as Xerxis opened the portal of light. "Well… he broke us free, right? So, before his friends might find us…", Cody replied and convinced Florian to follow him back to their home.

On plane twelve, Xerxis broke Rikku, Astro Boy and Maylu out of their prisons, changed their "identical twins" back to normal and send everyone back home.
"Oh boy, how long is this going to take now?", Xerxis thought annoyed to himself as he was on the invisible paths, again. The more, he went on, the more impatient he grew. Just where the heck was Larxene? But then, thinking, again – she was so special for Xavior and as it also seemed Demon that they might have imprisoned her pretty well, to take sure that no one could free her, again – but just why?

Xerxis got no time to think about it as he reached the thirteenth plane and finished off some Desperates. As he was sure that no one was moving anymore, he took his attention to the crystals which were now present on this one. On this plane, there were five more persons with their fakes – Kairi, Paine, Yuffie, Tifa and Kasumi. Quickly, Xerxis, again took all of his strength together to free all of them at once, gave the fakes their original appearance, again and opened another portal of light to give them the chance to return to their worlds.

At the fourteenth plane, Xerxis began to notice that the planes now where even darker than before. He already noticed that the whole way back from here, but now it wasn't doubtable anymore – the rough stone was darker in color. "That must mean that I'm pretty much close now…", Xerxis thought as he walked to the next crystals. All of the persons caged in those crystals belonged to one and the same world as Xerxis checked out one after another. Musa, Flora and Stella were imprisoned with their fakes in that plane. As they're freed, Stella walked to Xerxis and slapped him in his face. "That was for the whole mess, you and your punky friends caused everywhere!", Stella yelled at the redhead as Flora tried her best to hold the blonde back. "I am not working for them anymore…", Xerxis replied cold as he looked at the three girls. "I risked my live so far to keep your friend Bloom save and to rescue now." "What do you mean, keeping Bloom save?", Musa asked suspicious. "Wait a minute, weren't you the one who kidnapped her in the first place?!" "I only did that to protect her from the Omega-Organization – they wanted to kidnap her together with you to retrieve Demon – a goal they now have accomplished. But I did my best to hold her at me as long as I could... because I loved her...", Xerxis replied and his voice left him. "You loved her?", Stella said in shock. "Sounds really romantic.", Flora smiled in the background. "Well, that doesn't answer us where the rest of the girls are.", Musa replied as she looked around.  Xerxis meanwhile summoned his Keyblade and opened a portal for the six Winx girls. "They must be on higher levels. Listen, you got to go now… if Demon or his companions show up here, I can not guarantee your safety.", Xerxis explained as his Keyblade vanished, again. "Well, if he shows up, we'll just kick his butt for good!", Stella replied, but Xerxis shook his head. "No, that guy's way too powerful now at the moment. Please, I'll go and help the others, but please you got to leave now." "Ah, well – alright.", Stella said as she positioned  herself in front of the portal. "But I warn you – if you try something bad, we'll know where to find you!", Musa said with a short smirk, before she vanished into the portal. "Good luck", Flora said, before also she vanished into the portal. Then, only the real Stella and the replacements were still in place. Xerxis, again shook his head as the copies also wanted to go. "First, I got to free you from the spell put on you." – He first changed Musa back into Tyren before latter vanished in the portal. Next, he transformed Flora into Ryan before he let him go as well. Finally, he came to the Stella copy which he wanted to turn back into Charming, but latter went back, trying her best to hold Xerxis back. "I don't want my old body anymore! I wasn't beautiful and I don't want to come back to that live, again!", the fake Stella replied. Xerxis was pretty much surprised – after all what happened – it was him in the past who gave her that appearance and now where he got the chance to undo his mistake, she refused? "Well, maybe I can give you a whole new appearance and then, you can live with me if you want…", Stella said as she looked at her own face. "You… really?", Stella-Charming said in disbelieve. The real Stella just nodded her head in permission. "Oh, thank you!", Stella-Charming said as he hugged his sister. "Wait!", Xerxis said as he raised his Keyblade against Stella-Charming. There was a short light and as it was done, Xerxis said: "This will prevent anyone from mistaken you two from each other." – And with that, he pointed to Stella-Charming's left shoulder where a  lovely flower tattoo was shining in a weak light. Also, some red strains of her had mixed into Stella-Charming's hair. Xerxis wasn't sure if the fake really liked that, but then he was surprised that she didn't mind. "Thank you, Xerxis.", Stella-Charming said as she and the real Stella went into the portal and finally left this place. "Well, soon I might finally meet her, again.", Xerxis thought to himself as he continued his path.

On the fifteenth plane, Xerxis met with the next set of Winx girls, this time Layla, Roxy and Tecna with their copies. And, again they wanted to kick him around as he freed them for messing around with them in the first place, but the redhead was prepared this time, so they had no chance against him. Finally, Xerxis was able to explain himself. "And why should we trust you after all what you've done?", Tecna asked angrily as she glared at Xerxis. "Please, you got to…", Xerxis said before he lost his voice, again. "Girls, what do you think?", Tecna asked her companions. "Well, we could give him a chance, even if I don't like that as well…", Layla replied and Roxy only agreed with a "Right." With that, Xerxis opened his portal and let the Tecna and Layla go through it before he turned his attention to their replacements. To his surprise, Xerxis now saw no replacement for Roxy, only herself. But then, he remembered this special reason… Dion's body didn't exist anymore. With a sadly sigh, he pulled out his Keyblade and slide trough Roxy's body, extracting the spirit of Dion in the progress and locking him in his Keyblade. "I'll find a way to rescue you, friend.", Xerxis said as he transformed the other two fakes into their true selves, again and let all of them go through the portal.
As Xerxis was walking on the invisible paths, he saw a big pillar of light not far away from him – a big purple-light fiery pillar. He didn't for what it was, but something told him that he now seemed to reach the place he wanted to be.
Finally, Xerxis reached the last floor. Here, there were more crystals circled around the fiery pillar. Now, Xerxis felt better than before. She had to be there – in this pillar…

But first he needed to save the rest. He started to unlock the first two crystals. Luchia and her copy fell out of it, moving slowly as live went through their bodies, again. As Xerxis wanted to change the fake Luchia back, she refused. "I'm sorry, but I don't want to change back.", she almost whispered. Xerxis, who now was used to this situation, raised his Keyblade, again and another flower appeared at her shoulder, marking her for being the clone of the original Luchia. Then, Xerxis unlocked the portal, allowing the two of them to go through – but unlike the past times, Xerxis let the portal open as he opened the next crystal. This time, Rukia and her clone fell out of it.

As he saw her lying there, Xerxis mood turned back – she was the last target before Doxis lost his live… all thanks to Demon… "Y-you…?", the fake Rukia said slowly as Xerxis raised his Keyblade and hit her head badly, making her pass out in the progress. Then, going to the portal, Xerxis threw real Rukia and the now changed former Leader of the Protestants into the portal, hoping that latter's return into the Final Battle might change history, again.

Then, Xerxis unlocked the next portal, allowing Misty and her copy to come to live, again. "YOU?!", Misty said in shock as she looked at Xerxis. "I'm not on their side anymore, Misty.", Xerxis said calm as he looked at her. "I freed the others and now I'm almost done.", he continued as he transformed the Misty copy back into Adam. "Where are Fidelious or Master Cockerell?", Misty asked unsure. Xerxis really hated to say that. "Dead…" Misty's eyes widened in shock at this revelation. "Cockerell wanted to use Jenny, the replacement for the real Sora to retrieve the already captured Chosen Ones, but Aramuil outfoxed him as he attacked him and Fidelious, only to get the already recaptured Chosen Ones into his grab. I helped Jenny to get into Daemon City to stop Demon's resurrection, but we failed. Now, he's back and already has created much damage… Fidelious got killed by Aramuil as he tried to defend our friends…", Xerxis explained. Misty was kneeling on the ground, her head in her fold as she cried her eyes out at the death of her beloved Master and friends. "But why? Why are you helping us now?", Misty snobbed. "Because I want to save those I love and that includes you, your friends and my friends.", Xerxis replied as he walked to the next crystal. "But now, we got bigger problems. You have to get out of here while you still can. Demon surely won't like to hear about your escape and before you end up for the rest of your live. Now go!" Misty nodded her head and brought out a small thanks as she and Adam ran into the portal. Xerxis  smiled weakly as he unlocked the next crystal. The next person who came out was Sora. "Where… where am I?", Sora asked weak. "What happened?" Xerxis looked down at him as he raised his Keyblade against the young one. "Riku's trapped within the Plane of Darkness. With your light, he and you will find their way back home.", he said as he let a Keyhole appear at Sora's chest. "Once Riku uses his Keyblade to unlock you, you'll be at full strength, again – you'll be home, again with your friends and neither you, nor Riku nor anyone else will ever remember this adventure, again!", And with that, Xerxis magically transported Sora to the portal and let him glide through it.

As he was gone, Xerxis unlocked the next crystal, as Hitomi and her copy appeared out of their prison. "Mike!", Xerxis said as he quickly changed the copy back into his former friend. "You, Xerxis?", Mike asked slowly as he looked at the redhead. "Yes, I'm back to save you!", Xerxis said as he helped his friend up. "Oh, come on now… Weren't you the one who created this whole mess in the first place?", Mike asked skeptical. "But only on orders.", Xerxis replied short. "Really?", Mike asked still skeptical. "Alright, alright – I was jealous of you… you always won against me and I finally wanted to pay you back for that… I lost myself and I know that you may never forgive me that, but at least I wanted you to know that I'm really sorry for what I did…", Xerxis said and turned his head down, only to be lifted up by Mike, again. "Hey, who said that I was angry with you in the first place? But next time, you put on such a show, you better tell me before, right?", Mike replied with a smile. "Alright.", Xerxis said as he gave his friend high-five. "Well, now let's  kick some butts, right?", Mike said as he put his fists together. "No, you got to go now, before Demon finds out what's going on here!", Xerxis said as he led Mike to the portal. "But together we can defeat everyone!", Mike wanted to protest, but Xerxis shook his head. "No, not this time – but I swear you, next time we meet, we'll go together, again and never lose each other, promise!" "Alright… until next time!", Mike smirked as he waved Xerxis goodbye before he and the real Hitomi vanished into the portal.

"Only two of them left…", Xerxis thought as he walked to the remaining four crystals. Before he could load up his Keyblade however, he noticed someone chained behind one of the crystals. In shock, Xerxis saw that it was Dr. Travolta, the father of Markus! Quickly, he bound him free and brought him to the portal before he turned his attention back to the crystals. Finally, the first one opened and Mirta and her copy left their former prison. Xerxis' eyes widened in rage as he saw the copy of Mirta slowly standing up, a sinister smile crossing on her face. "Thanks for freeing me, Xerxis! Now, I can finally let you pay for what you did to me!", the fake Mirta laughed evilly as she glared at the redhead. "Lionell!", Xerxis shouted and Mirta-Lionell smirked by the sound of her former name. "Yes, it is me, again!" "You deserve to die for what you did against my friends!", Xerxis yelled at her. "Oh, sure – well, too bad for you now. You won't get me so much easily this time as I now got the Powers of Darkness on my side!", Mirta-Lionell smiled devilish as she began to float in the air, a dark aura forming around her as she summoned lots of Neoshadow and Shadow Heartless to attack. "Bring it on!!", Xerxis shouted and let his Keyblade appear. The real Mirta meanwhile ran as quick as she could to the portal and left this place right now.

Mirta-Lionell shot some bolts at Xerxis as latter tried to finish off the Heartless in time. "This time, there won't be any escape for you, Xerxis!", Mirta-Lionell shouted as she continued to crash down bolts at the redhead, finally hitting him and letting him crash down in the progress. With a loaded up Keyblade, Xerxis threw his weapon against the witch, but she dodged it and the Keyblade hit the last two crystals instead and opened them. "This time, there won't be any rescuer for you!", Mirta-Lionell laughed as she prepared to finish off Xerxis once and for all, but suddenly, two fiery red big dragons appeared behind her and she looked in shock as the two beasts crashed into her, ripping her out of power and making her pass out. As the light was done, Xerxis saw that Lionell was back to his old, powerless self, again. Without a thought, Xerxis grabbed him and threw him into the portal to finally leave him alone. After that, he turned to the source of the two dragons and he saw Bloom and her copy on the other side! "Bloom!", Xerxis called out happily as he hugged the one he knew was fake. The real Bloom just brought out a confused "Yes?" as she what was happening. "You know that the real Bloom's over there.", the fake Bloom said as she looked into Xerxis' eyes. "I know… but still, you're making a good replacement for her, Lucas.", Xerxis replied as he looked at fake Bloom who blushed by this comment. "I think I never really apologized to you about everything what happened or I've done.", Xerxis began as suddenly, Bloom-Lucas gave him a kiss on his cheek. "Apologize accepted.", Bloom-Lucas said smoothly as she walked to the real Bloom. "Eh… alright….", Xerxis replied slowly as he rubbed his cheek. "Ok, now let's transform you back to your old self, finally." "Excuse me?!", Bloom-Lucas brought out in shock. "Yeah, it's time for you to change back into your old body.", Xerxis repeated himself as he walked with a ready Keyblade to her. "N-no! I don't want to! I've meanwhile had many experience with this live and body and I'm not going to give that away!", Bloom-Lucas shouted against Xerxis who slightly moved back. "But Lucas you can not stay the way like this.", the real Bloom now brought her ear in, but Bloom-Lucas now began yelling at her. "SHUT UP, MISSY! I HAD SO MUCH FUN BEING YOU AND NOW, I WANT THAT LIVE NOW! I'D RATHER SAY THAT YOU'RE THE REPLACEMENT!" And with that, a dark aura formed around Bloom-Lucas as she went into a dark mood.

Quickly, the real Bloom and Xerxis dodged a fire based attack and began charging against the raging Bloom-Lucas. Even thought, she much more energy now with the Powers of Darkness, still she was quickly outcome by the powers of the dragon fire and the force of the Keyblade. Defeated, she went down to the ground, the dark aura around slowly fading away. "Lucas…", Xerxis nearly whispered as he walked closer to her. "All I wanted was to have this live…", Bloom-Lucas brought out as tears were falling from her face. The real Bloom just looked saddened at her identical looking twin as she suddenly had an idea. She walked to Bloom-Lucas and helped her up, again, bringing her to the portal. "What are you going to do?", Xerxis asked unsure, but Bloom just smiled as she brought Bloom-Lucas through it and the portal closed. At first, Xerxis looked puzzled at the place where the portal just was before he finally turned his attention back to the flame pillar. Now, he finally would rescue her for sure!
And with that, Xerxis entered with a ready Keyblade the pillar and vanished in smooth flames.

On the other side, Xerxis barely was able to see something – the whole environment around him was even darker than the last rank before. He stood on grayish rough stone, but at least there was coming some light from the center of the floating stone plate. As Xerxis walked closer to it, he saw that the light source was another, but now bigger crystal. As he only was a few meters away, Xerxis' eyes widened in shock – it was Larxene!
"NO!", Xerxis thought with a mix of small joy and jolt as he quickly raised his Keyblade and pointed it at the crystal cage – but unlike the other cages before, this time a Keyhole appeared, but Xerxis didn't care and shot a beam of light at Larxene's prison. Within a few seconds, the whole floor was bathed in a big pillar of light and many dark thorns joined the light show.
As Xerxis let his hands down to look if his girlfriend was alright, he frightened at what he saw.

Larxene was in her Nobody-Form once, again, floating meters above him and ready to fight. Nervous, Xerxis summoned his Keyblade.

This just couldn't be happening now! How could Demon do this? But wait! He already defeated her once – and he knew what he could do!

With that thought, Xerxis made himself ready for the battle as Nobody-Larxene raced in an immense speed down to him like a hawk trying to kill its prey. Xerxis waited until the last moment and then quickly made a Dodge Roll before firing a salve of laser beams at her. Some of them indeed hit her, but Nobody-Larxene quickly covered herself within her wings, making all tries to damage her worthless. Now, she went on with attacking as she summoned thunder pillars to crash down on the battlefield, but the redhead quickly avoided them, jumped on the remaining of the crystal prison and jumped up to Nobody-Larxene, trying to finish her off, but she protected herself by using her knife long nails. Sparkles got created as Xerxis and Nobody-Larxene were close face to face. Xerxis landed quickly back on his feet as Nobody-Larxene shot a bolt beam at him, quickly trying his best to deflect it. But then, after seconds, he got crushed on the ground and Nobody-Larxene used this moment to race down once more. Xerxis quickly grabbed his Keyblade and fired a fire beam against her, harming her pretty much. With a fast manner, Xerxis made a high jump to her and cut once more through her body, finishing off the fight for good.
Nobody-Larxene screamed in a mechanic voice as light pillars came out of her body, destroying her body, but unlike last time, she didn't transform back, but just fell down. Xerxis barely was able to catch her and looked with wet eyes at her as her more and more scratches appeared at her body. "No… Larxene… please, wake up!", Xerxis said as he looked in shock at her. Suddenly he moved his head up as he noticed someone standing behind him. Quickly, he let Larxene's dying off body down and turned around. Behind him was standing a person wearing a black cloak – its face hidden by its hood. "I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS, GO AWAY!", Xerxis shouted at his opposite. Still, even if Xerxis didn't want to admit it, he felt familiar with this person. The Unknown first looked at the dying Larxene, then back to Xerxis and summoned a long shadowy blade to fight his opponent. Without hesitate, Xerxis let his Keyblade appear and charged at the Unknown, but latter blocked his attack. With a fast manner, the two dueled each other with short strikes against each other, but no one was able to hurt the other. Then, the person in black pushed Xerxis back and ran against him. But then, just in time, Xerxis made a difficult move and cut off a part of the Unknown's weapon. The person in black just moved back and filled out what Xerxis just destroyed before taking a battle stance, again. But suddenly, the Unknown let its weapon down and it vanished into dark smoke. The Unknown just looked at Xerxis for a long time without a word before he just vanished into a portal of darkness.

As Xerxis was sure he didn't come back, he turned to Larxene, again only to see that she was almost gone. "Oh no!", Xerxis brought out in shock and wanted to get to her as her whole body exploded within light and the earth began to rumble. Then, one by one – pillars of light crashed down, destroying the stone plate. "What?!", Xerxis said as he looked around in surprise. "That wasn't Larxene if you want to know it, Xerxis.", suddenly someone said and Xerxis turned to see Sykes standing at where the Unknown just was. "WHAT?!", Xerxis shouted at the scientist in disbelieve. "As far as I can recall, Demon extracted her powers and let those powers take shape as the creature you just fought – as the living core of this world." , Sykes explained with a smile as the world more and more collapsed. "BUT WHY BRINGING ME HERE?! YOU TOLD ME SHE WAS HERE!?", Xerxis yelled at his former friend. "Payback for what you did to me… Larxene's not here and even I don't know where she is. But I can tell you know that you'll never see her, again!", Sykes replied cold. "YOU FOOL – WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING? LARXENE WAS ALSO OUR FRIEND! DOES THAT REALLY MEAN SO LITTLE TO YOU?", Xerxis screamed at Doc who just let his head down. "I'm sorry, Xerxis – but I did my best to protect her, even if I failed. I don't know what happened to her, but I wouldn't make any hopes of finding her anyway. Goodbye, Xerxis." And with that, Sykes vanished into a portal of darkness, the redhead quickly following him.

Coming out of the corridor of darkness, Xerxis saw that he was back at the Grand Entrance Hall, but no sign of Sykes. But then, Xerxis noticed a note at one of the pillars. He picked it up and read:

"The Main Computer is at floor three, in the left corridor room two – one of Demon's

Most personal chambers – there, you may be able to find out what happened
To Larxene. See that as a reparation for what I did to you,

Xerxis stunned. Was that, again a trick now or was he telling the truth this time? In anyway, Xerxis knew that there was only one way to find out.
So, he began his walk to the big stairway, once more.  While he walked, Xerxis noticed that he was being followed. Quickly turning around, he detected two enormous Heartless behind him, ready to attack. Xerxis was just about to crush them as he suddenly heard footsteps behind him and when he turned around, he got the shock of his live. Astarot was standing at the entrance to the stairway, his Tomahwak ready in his hands and his face smiling devilish. "YOU?!", Xerxis called out in panic as he saw the former 2nd in Command of Aramuil in front of him. "YOU'RE STILL ALIVE?!" "Why, yes – Demon resurrected me from my death state – but I must say, Sora did a good job of finishing me off in the first place. But let's skip that and come to the point where I finally will kill you this time!!", Astarot replied and charged to Xerxis. But then, he moved back as someone destroyed one of the huge Heartless and kicked Astarot to the other. "Master!", Xerxis recognized the man in black who landed in front of him. The Unknown just took down his hood, revealing himself in front of Xerxis. "Well, now that we know each other better, you can call me Oswald.", the rabbit said quite amused. "Now, did you found your girlfriend or what?" "No, but the Main Computer might tell us something, it's on the third floor.", Xerxis explained as their enemies were up and ready, again. "Perfect – this means, we also can find out now what Demon's planning! Come on!", Oswald said and the two went up to the stairs, followed by Astart and his Heartless who did their best to stop the intruders. But no matter what they tried, Xerxis and Oswald were able to get into the Main Computer Room and locked the door behind them.

"Now, let's see about Larxene…", Xerxis said as he typed in some words. The result that came out on the screen was more than scaring.

Xerxis was shocked as he read everything on the profile about Larxene's Fate. Tears went down on his face as he lost any sign of hope and trust in faith. He didn't hear any of Oswald's words as Demon broke the door and he and his minions entered. He didn't hear anything when they got Oswald in their grab or that his Master pushed him into a portal of light… at the moment, he felt empty.. Draught out of energy as he had to find out what truly happened to his love.

It took hours for him to get over what happened – but then, he knew what he could do… he maybe couldn't rescue her, first… but with the help of someone else, he could finally release her from her pain.
Finally refilled with new confidence, Xerxis finally woke up from his state, only to find himself in his armor in the Lanes Between! And there, right in front of him were the Dragon Realms! Xerxis was amazed! Quickly, he summoned his Keyblade Glide and flew to the world.
There, he went out of the portal of light and looked around: Only nice weather, blossoming nature and happy dragons playing with each other – really like paradise!

Enjoying the sight of this Eden Garden in front of his eyes, Xerxis walked down to search for the one and only he came for. As he walked through the Valleys of Avalar and was about to come closer to the Dragon Temples, he got stopped by a golden big Dragon. "You are Master Xerxis, I presume?", the golden Dragon asked. "Yes, it's me – I've come here to…", Xerxis began, but the Dragon stopped him from finishing his sentence. "I know, I know… I am Master Glaedr, the Guardian of this world and also teacher of the one you call Jenny.", Master Glaedr replied short. "I've been told that someone would actually come and get the Heroine of Lightness out of this place." "Yeah, more or less – time's running short you know…", Xerxis began, but again the Master interrupted him. "Yes, Demon's getting stronger with each passing day. But the problem is that I can't let Jenny go the way she is now." "Why'd you say that?", Xerxis asked in surprise. The Master let his head down in sadness. "As soon as she landed here, she got her old appearance, again – but now, her memories are at a complete lost. She can neither recall who she originally was nor can she remember anything about the happenings in the last weeks. At the moment, she thinks that she is Diane, a young dragoness, living as an orphan after her parents died and giving me the chance to take her under my personal watch, until her memories can return, again.", the Master explained. "As long, as she is in that state, I can not let her go…" "I see…", Xerxis said saddened.

This was it? Now, he couldn't manage to rescue his love and now, he also couldn't help her? That indeed was a black day for him. What could he do now?
"Alright then…", Xerxis then said after a while."Please, let me or the other Masters and Rebels know when her memories return." "Of course, Master Xerxis. Good luck", Master Glaedr said as he began walking off back to the temple.
Xerxis just summoned his Keyblade Glide and left this world as fast as he could… he still got one job to do after all…

In a dark room, supposedly to be somewhere within Daemon Castle, the Hero of Darkness was sitting on his throne, most of his body bathed in shadows as only small light source came from the top.

A figure, wearing a black coat came from the darkness into the slight light – only its mouth could be seen – a single tear left its face – but it caught the tear and let it turn into dust as the Unknown walked to Demon, waiting for the Hero of Darkness' Orders…

On the Other Side…

"So, it is settled then…", Quarma said as he shook Xerxis' hand before latter also shook the ones of Comx-1. "At least we can be happy to have you on our side now.", Comx-1 smirked and Xerxis followed his example. "For the missions you might pass to me – you know now where you can find me.", Xerxis said as he changed into his Keyblade Armor and flew off the 2nd TG-War's hideout.
He just knew where to go now… home.

After a while of traveling, Xerxis would finally return to his home world where he and Mike used to live before all of these events.

But as he landed in said world, Xerxis was speechless at what his eyes had to see!

The Town, the Beach – the Whole World was plunged into darkness!
Everything destroyed, scattered… no water, no people… only ruins and a dark sky…
Demon had been here, Xerxis was sure about this… only Mike was missing, but why?

Maybe, because he got so good friends with the other girls from Zach Island that he preferred to be there instead of here…

Just luckily for him – after all, he was save now…

And soon, they all could be together, again… but first, Demon needed to be stopped… and only Jenny could do that… here, he'd wait from now on, until her memories are back… sometimes, he'd go to take out missions, but even if his former home was now in ruins, he'd mainly wait here… and then… together with Jenny, he'd finally save all of his hurt friends… and this time for real!
Without a word, Xerxis put his Keyblade into the rough earth and sat down to wait….

to wait for to put the Connections back to their original shape, again…
So, now - the Final Chapter is up and Xerxis' role for Kingdom Hearts Connected is finally in place.

Now, this whole story will soon be done - only a last past story about Demon and Contractor and then, there's nothing that can stop KHC!

So, this story now should also placed out some plot holes - though the remaining ones either will be answered in Connected or that past Story of Demon and Contractor.

Well, enjoy reading!
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