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Mike and Xerxis walked through the town, watching the countless offers in the shops. As Mike was busy with flirting on some girls, Xerxis noticed a man in a black cloak watched him from far away. Slowly, the man in black walked to his direction what made the redhead nervous. But what really made him shock was when the person just walked trough whole people without avoiding them. As the man finally reached him, he kneeled down to him. Just at this moment, Mike came in and looked confused at Xerxis who almost looked frightened at the man in black before him. "Something wrong?", Mike asked worried. "Eh… don't you see him?", Xerxis asked without looking at him. "Who?", Mike asked now even more worried. "The man in the black coat right in front of me?!", Xerxis replied almost in panic. "Boy, have you eaten something bad? There's no one.", Mike said as he followed Xerxis' view. Now, really in panic, Xerxis looked first at Mike, then to the man in black as latter just studied him without a word. Suddenly, all fear was gone and the redhead felt like hypnotized. He just looked at the person in black as something glowed between Xerxis and him…



A man, wearing a brownish cloak looked at a dark boat house as a girl just walked in, searching for something…


Xerxis looked at the reddish Wayfinder like in trance. It was a final gift from Fidelious before latter went with the transformed Jenny to get in contact with the 2nd TG-War cast.

But now, everything was over… Fidelious was dead – killed by Aramuil as he heard from Master Vargant… Jenny was cast away… Master Cornelius was gone within Abigail… and Larxene, the girl he loved also was gone without a trace.
Xerxis switched his view from his Wayfinder to his new Keyblade. It had the forms of many flames and had the same color pattern. He only got it, because Cornelius extracted his memories of his ability to pass them down to him. Closing his eyes, Xerxis began recalling his new memories…. An old cat making the Keyblade Inheritance Cycle with him… training at Cockerell's side… Xerxis and Cockerell in front of said old cat, taking on their Mark of Mastery… But there was something different – Xerxis wasn't the only one at those memories – with eachs  flash, an illusion of Cornelius was always with him…
But then, there was something else – a man in a black coat, Xerxis..... and a bluish light…

Suddenly, Xerxis woke up from his trance and looked at his weapon. He knew that those memories weren't his – so, even the Mark of Mastery was just a lie… he still had to take one. Master Archimedes – the former Master of Cornelius and Cockerell… he was the answer to all of this.

Cornelius adviced him to become a Keyblade Master first, before he should take care of Jenny – yes, he first would become a Master and then, he'd rescue all of his friends.

As Xerxis continued looking at the Keyblade, he suddenly felt as being watched. Turning around, he saw a figure clothed in a black cloak. "Who – who are you?", Xerxis asked confused and unsure as he saw the person in front of him. There was no answer.

Suddenly, his arm moved holding his Keyblade moved itself with a bluish aura as it lifted up and shot out a beam of light, forming a portal out of it. As he got control over his arm, again, he looked at the place where the person was, but to his surprise, Xerxis had to see that the figure was gone. Confused, but fearless, Xerxis walked into it…

At the Cat Kingdom, a portal of light opened, releasing its traveler from the tour. Xerxis walked a few steps as he checked out the place he landed in. Endless grassland, some stone houses where small cats lived in, only the big palace and the even larger tower made a cut into the horizon. Xerxis felt the breeze of wind against his body. It was a wonderful feeling of being here… BUT he couldn't let himself being fooled. That was the trickery of this world and he needed to watch out of what he was doing. He was here for Master Archimedes, nothing more, nothing less. Suddenly, his senses went straight as he noticed that something clicked within him. Like having a sixth sense, Xerxis turned to his left to see a man in a black coat standing right before him! Even if he couldn't recall of ever meeting this guy, he still felt something memorable. "Who are you?", Xerxis asked unsure. The man in black didn't reply – it was like as he was about to fade, thought he still was there. He seemed so visionary and yet so much real at the same time that Xerxis almost wondered if his mind was in the right place. With a small gesture, the hooded guy pointed with his left hand to the palace before he faded in a series of flashes. "What the…?", Xerxis thought as the person was gone for good and turned his attention to the palace. "Maybe Archimedes is there…" And so, he began his way to the castle of the Cat King.

To his surprise he had to see that the castle was empty. No matter in which room he looked, everything was silent and without live. Then, as he got closer to one of the many exists to the castle, he could actually hear voices. Quickly, he went to that exist only to find himself on a balcony with many cats placed at it. Suddenly, two blackish cats appeared and took Xerxis to a seat where a large violet cat was sitting. "Your Majesty, this human just broke into our castle.", one of the blackish cats said. "Mmh… you really got some nerves to come here, right?", the Cat King asked uninterested. "I'm sorry, your Majesty – it wasn't my goal to break into your castle. I'm looking for someone – I hoped you could help me.", Xerxis explained himself and the security cats let go of him. "This kingdom is big, my boy – here, you can find many persons, so… better you go now and don't waste my time anymore.", the Cat King replied emotionless as he took on a soft drink. Xerxis, knowing what to do, summoned his Keyblade. Everyone around the King looked at the mythical weapon in a mix of shock and awe. "I'm searching for Master Archimedes, a scientific cat that lives here in this kingdom.", Xerxis continued as he let the Keyblade shine in the sky. By those words, the ears of the Cat King flipped. "Master Archimedes you say…?", he began as he stroke his chin. "Yes, that old fella lives within my palace. If you can prove me that you're worthy enough to meet him…" "What do I have to do?", Xerxis asked. The Cat King smiled before he pointed with his paw into the direction, he was looking at all the time. Xerxis followed his direction and saw an enormous labyrinth in front of him where a big number of persons were in it – most of them being greenish cats. But up there, not far away from the tower were three different cats. "The evil Cat Baron and his minions dared to break into this world and to kidnap our dear princess Haru. As you can see, my soldiers are just too foolish to bring her back on their own. Bring Haru back and I shall arrange your meeting with the Master." "As you wish…", Xerxis replied as he took his Keyblade and made his way through the labyrinth. In his times with the Omega-Organization, he also never really had such easy missions, so this was just nothing different. And with this knowledge, he surprisingly made it in quick time to the kidnappers. One of them, supposing to be the Cat Baron just finished off two warrior cats and was about to walk on with Haru as Xerxis blocked their way. "End station, Baron.", Xerxis said as he pointed his weapon against the elegant cat. "Young man, I think you should know that this'd be a bad mistake if you decide to fight now.", Baron replied as he took his walking stick close to him. "I make the rules now, Mylord.", Xerxis replied as he charged against Baron, but latter just gracefully dodged and hit him badly without getting hurt. Xerxis grunted as he began his next attack, but again the cat Baron was able to disarm him. Finally, Xerxis lost patience and fought with full strength while his opponent just paraded every hit. As both were hardly concentrading on defeating the other, suddenly one of the green cats woke up, again and lots of dark creatures with long legs and arms, having reddish stripes and Demon's insignia appeared, taking Haru with her as the beings opened a portal of darkness. "Haru!", Baron called in surprise and he and Xerxis stopped the battle to hold on the creatures from dragging down Haru to the darkness. "Stop them in the name of the King!", the greenish cat said and some of the creatures let go of Haru to block the heroes. With a fast manner, Xerxis slashed through the creatures like knive to butter while the Cat Baron dueled and quickly defeated the greenish cat. As the battle was over, the Baron helped Haru up, again. "Desperates…", Xerxis thought as he looked at the greenish cat. "On the King's Order? That can't possible mean…" "It seems like we're losing time.", Baron said as he looked to the tower. "What do you mean?", Xerxis asked now curious. "Well, Haru here is human – the Cat King took her to him to arrange a marriage with her for his son. If we don't manage to bring Haru back home within the next hours, she'll stay a cat forever.", Baron explained. "So that's the truth…", Xerxis replied as he realized that the King of Cats tricked him. "I'll help you as good as I can.", Xerxis then said and the group looked surprised, but then smiled ('though Muta still looked suspicious at the redhead) before they walked on.

Meanwhile, the Cat King was about to explode in anger about this turn of events. "I told you, that it was a mistake to trust on him.", suddenly someone said and a portal of darkness opened, revealing Aramuil in its presence. "And you think you can do better or what? After all, he extinguished your creatures as well!", the Cat King almost yelled at the young man. "Don't worry, sir. They can't come that much far. All, we got to do is to spare time – if they can't manage it in time to escape from here, you also won.", Aramuil replied calm. "That's true.", the King agreed. "Just remember our deal and I'll bring her back.", Aramuil continued as he watched with the ruler the progression of the game.

To the surprise of both, the group had managed to come at the bottom at the tower and now were about to go up to higher levels. "WHAT?!", the Cat King shouted and ran off, quickly being followed by his royal staff, Aramuil and latter's minions. As the King was slowly getting out of energy, he took a remote control and pressed down the button. There suddenly were lots of explosions inside the tower and after a couple of seconds it crashed down, its remaining mainly crashed around the once tall tower. "Baron! Nice to see you, again!", the Cat King laughed as he and his people came into the tower hall, his soldiers, Heartless and Desperates quickly taking their positions. Xerxis summoned his Keyblade, ready to strike at any moment. "Princess, would you please come with me back to the castle?", the Cat King continued calmly as he saw himself as winner. "Hey, being a cat's not so bad…", Muta said calm. "Do I have to learn to like to eat mice?", Haru asked nervous. "Perhaps you shouldn't give up quiet yet, Haru.", Baron replied calm as he looked behind Haru's head. Xerxis and the others followed his example and looked at a group of cat officers in red uniforms, one in a blue and a blue cat, wearing a white uniform with some medals on them. "What in the world has father done now?", the blue cat asked in disbelieve as he saw the whole mess. "Lune, you're back already?", the Cat King asked in surprise as he noticed his son on the other side while his servant prepared everything for the prince's return. "It's the prince?", Haru asked in a mix of awe and surprise. "That's getting interesting now…", Xerxis though as Lune and his companions arrived at their position. "Yuki sent me a message in big urgent for me to return. Perhaps you should like tell me what's going on!", Lune said serious as he positioned in front of his father. "Miss Haru!", suddenly someone said and a white cat appeared behind the officer cats. "Yuki, you're here!", Haru brought out in joy as the feline came to her. "I'm glad we're able to make it in time.", Yuki replied as the King of Cats began to explain himself. "I just wanted to repay the girl who rescued you. And I thought just maybe you'd be happy to have a good looking girl like Haru for a bride, yeah." "I've already chosen my bride.", Lune replied calm. "I've decide in fact to marry Yuki." Just as the words were spoken out, there was a big mix of surprised moans and silence. "THAT THING!", the Cat King brought out in anger while Muta added a "That was a surprise." And Baron agreed with "You know, I like this prince."  Aramuil who hid behind one of the tower's pillars snarled at this turn of events – and his mood didn't turn better as Lune took a small box from one of the officer cats and passed it to Yuki with the words. "This is for you. I travelled to your old home to get these." As Yuki opened it, there were a bunch of fish-shaped cookies in it. "I hadn't have them since years…", Yuki said in awe as she saw the gift from her prince. "Wow, I used to love those when I was a kid…", Haru agreed after Yuki lifted one of them up and was surprised at that what then Yuki told her. "I know. You fed me with a bunch of these when I just was a stray." "That little kitten… that was you? You're so beautiful now that I'd have never recognized you…", Haru replied amazed. "Yuki…", Lune began as he looked deep into her eyes. "Will you accept these crackers as a symbol for my love to you? For as long as my nine whole lives shall last?" Without a word, Yuki nodded her head, agreeing to the Prince's proposal. "So… these crackers are meaning… you can marry the prince instead of me!", Haru combined what made both cats blush. "I'm so happy for you!", and with those words, Haru hugged Yuki in joy.

Aramuil grunted to the successful proposal. He wouldn't allow this… If he wouldn't be here to carry out his mission, he'd have finished off everyone in this room already… but still, mission or not… after he had lost his only true love… he wouldn't let the happy couple get away with this… If he couldn't have someone in his live, then those two also won't!  And he would take care of this – Demon and him… they'd destroy every love and light in all worlds – and personally, he'll start with this world!

Suddenly, there was a loud snob and everyone turned to the Cat King who seemed to be touched by this show. "This is all very moving.", he said as he came closer to his son. "I had no idea you had a bride in mind already, you should have told me…" Then, the King turned to Haru. "Poor Haru, you must feel like such a loser." "Not really…", Haru replied, but the King continued as he wouldn't have listened to her. "Nope, sure you do – so, look I have a great idea: You should marry me instead!"

Everyone gasped at this turn of events – only Aramuil smirked behind his wall after hearing this. "I'll also get you some fish, too, as a symbol for my undying love and all that. So…?", the Cat King looked questionable at Haru who looked speechless at him before she finally said: "That's very generous of you, but I just want to be myself, again." "I'll change you back if you marry me…", the Cat King replied with a smirk. That was finally the last straw. Angered, Haru stood up, looking at the King with hatred in her eyes. "I HAVE JUST HAD ABOUT ENOUGH OF YOU!", she almost yelled at the ruler who looked puzzled at his opposite. "NOBODY DECIDES WHO I AM BUT ME, AND THERE'S NO WAY ON EARTH THAT I WOULD EVER MARRY YOU!!!" Shocked by this, the King went down. "Was that a no?", he asked unsure as he looked at his staff. By this, Muta brought out in laugh and then said: "So I guess you're not ready to get over it, do you kid?" Xerxis just smirked at those words. "Not a chance.", Haru agreed while still looking at the monarch. "I respect a woman who stands up for herself. Even if she does like sticking her nose in other people's business – so I, Renaldo Moon will defend her!", Muta continued and smirked as the crowd of cats suddenly turned panic. "Renaldo? The Renaldo Moon?", some of the greenish cats asked in shock. "So, that's who he is?!", Natoru asked in a mix of shock and fear. "Who?", the King asked dumbfounded. "How can you have forgotten, your Majesty? He's such a criminal, his story is written on our walls! Years back, an enormous white cat appeared out of nowhere, devoured all fish in the lake and then ran off – he called himself Ronaldo Moon! ", the Vizier explained as he showed everyone a sketch of a Muta look alike who eat up all fish in lake. "Did you really do that, Muta? That's disgusting.", Baron said calm, but serious. Muta just laughed at this. "AND THIS TIME I'LL LEAVE THE ENTIRE CASTLE!", Muta shouted much to the shock of everyone. "Hurry, get his Majesty to safety now!", Natoru said in panic and the security cats tried to hold the King of Cats back, but the monarch just cast them aside by a dark shockwave. Lune, realizing what this meant ordered his people to hold his father on distance and they did as told. "YOU TRAITORS! GET THEM ARRESTED!", the Cat King shouted and just like an echo, the Heartless and Desperates began their attack. "Hurry! Take Miss Haru back to the exit. I'll hold back the King as long as I can.", Lune then turned to the group. "How do we exit? The tower collapsed.", Baron replied. "It's alright. The exit is still there!", Lune replied and pointed to the top of the tower where the sky was different than all around the castle – instead of day, it was almost night. "The sky…", Haru began but was cut off by Baron. "Oh, no! The sun's rising!" "I'll get ya to the exit!", Muta just replied and took Haru at her wrist. "Hey, what are you doing?!", Haru said in fear, but before she could react, Muta threw her up as good as possible, until she landed a few floors under the top of the tower."Nice!", Muta called out by his own success. "Run Haru, hurry!", Baron yelled to her. "Good luck and thank you!", Lune also called to her before he and Yuki were escorted away by the officer cats. Haru just nodded her head and smiled as she began her race against time. "Go, we'll hold them off!", Muta said as he scarred the cat warriors away. "Thank you.", Baron said as he started to ran up the stairs, leaving Muta and Xerxis back to face off the Heartless and Desperates. "Well, all for luck and love, right?", Xerxis smirked at Muta, before he began cutting through the Shadows and Desperates. As he had slain almost all enemies, there was suddenly a shockwave and Aramuil came out of his hideout. Just in time, Xerxis dodged this sneak attack as he looked at his former boss. "YOU!", Xerxis shouted, his Keyblade ready in his hands. "Nice to see me, again – aren't you, traitor?!", Aramuil asked with a smirk, but bad tune. "Surely not, Chief! You brought chaos on the worlds for selfish reasons! You hurt your friends and used everyone for your own biddings. You killed Fidelious! I got enough of you!", Xerxis replied in anger as he lifted his Keyblade against his opponent. "And? What about you? Weren't you also helping me in the first place? Aren't you also responsible for all this mess?", Aramuil mocked his nemesis. "You're right – I helped you, because I lost track of who  I was – but no more. If I have to,  I WILL PUT AN END TO YOU!", Xerxis shouted and charged against his former leader. The Leader again just smirked as he teleported around the field, trying to hit Xerxis as best as he could, but latter was able to defend himself thanks to his training with Cornelius. Still, he felt that he'd lose to Aramuil if he'd continue like this, so he ran off. Aramuil, not wanting his enemy to escape again, let the destroyed labyrinth blossom with roses before he extracted their energy to use them as laser beams for the Keyblade Wielder. Even with his fast feet, Xerxis had difficulty to ran fast enough to avoid the small army of beams and just barley was able to rescue himself into the castle. There, he crashed into a wall, that surprisingly gave in and he landed in what appeared to be a lab in dark. Aramuil meanwhile turned furious about the escape of Xerxis and turned his attention up to the tower where the Baron and the King of Cats just clashed against each other in combat. As the Cat King again wanted to strike, his stone broke and he lost half of his fur. "I win, King…", Baron said as he cast off some of the ruler's fur of his sword. "How embarrassing…", the King just replied and paused before he continued. "I heard rumors about a noisy cat who likes to help others with their problems… I thought you were just a puppet created by humans… but that you're so skilled was the last thing I expected. What do you think about staying here and become my friend?" "I prefer I stick my nose in other people's problems.", Baron replied as a scream came from the top of the tower. "WHERE AM IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII?!"  - it was Haru's voice! "What have you done?!", Baron yelled at the monarch who just laughed evilly… "I didn't do anything…", he finally replied as he was done laughing. "But the due the strong damages, the tower got much shorter now – so, it wouldn't surprise me if the exit now leads somewhere else…" "NO!", Baron gasped in shock before he ran off.

That was his chance! Aramuil teleported himself up there to met up with the King of Cats. "Finally here what?", the monarch asked curious. "Yes, and it's time for you to keep your part of the deal…", Aramuil replied with a smirk. "Surely not – you failed to bring back the princess, so why should I keep my part of the deal?", King replied in anger. "Because this land now belongs to Demon  - THE HERO OF DARKNESS, MY GRANDFATHER!", Aramuil shouted as he bound the King of Cats with an energy chain, marking him his slave. "AND NOW, YOU'LL BRING ME TO MASTER ARCHIMEDES!" "Yes, Master…", the Cat King replied with a weak voice and Aramuil smirked…

Meanwhile, Xerxis looked nervously around the lab, as suddenly some knives flew into his direction – just in time, he was able to dodge them. "You gt yself ome nerves to schow ourself here, friend.", a voice came out of the dark. Xerxis looked at the source as the voice came into light. It was an old cat who was wearing a purple vest with some machines sticking out of them. His two eyes were looking at different locations – while the left one looked somewhere in the room, his right eye where a telescope was placed in focused on Xerxis. "Master… Archimedes?", Xerxis asked unsure first – but then, he recognized him. "Ya fella, it is me – bt without yoa nei memories, we meet each othir for first time, friend.", Archimedes replied. "Wait, how can you know about the memory exchange?", Xerxis asked confused. "Fella, no one can actally fole me – I 'now Cornelius long enough there. So, to m'ke it easy, u are acking a Mark of Mastery Exam, ren't ya?", Archimedes continued. "Y-yes… I have a task to fulfill and you're my only hope…", Xerxis replied unsure. "Oh, f 'ourse, friend. W'll, let's start then with…", Archimedes began, but suddenly, the wall burst apart and Aramuil and the Cat King entered the room. "Not you, again!", Xerxis moaned as he let his Keyblade appear. "Dn't waste yar time on it – summon ur Keyblade Glide an' take a leave!", Archimedes said as he took a big walking stick from a wall. "You can't stop us this time!", Aramuil said victorious as he gave out the order to attack. Xerxis, although he prevered to attack his enemies, he just let his Keyblade down, only to throw it up to the sky. But as fast as it vanished it appeared again in his hands.

"Concent'rade!", Archimedes shouted as he hold the intruders on distance. Xerxis tried it once more and again he failed. Now, pulling all power together, he load himself up with energy and threw his Keyblade up to the sky – but then, after some seconds appeared in his hands, again. "It's no use!", Xerxis called out in shock. Archimedes quickly jumped to him and grabbed his Keyblade. "Wutch and Lerrn!", he said as he threw Xerxis' Keyblade up to the sky – but this time, a Keyblade Glider made up by fake flames appeared and Archimedes pushed Xerxis on it, before he shot out a beam of light where they flew through it to escape. Aramuil just looked with an open mouth at what just happened and then released his anger about the escape of his enemies…

Meanwhile, Archimedes and Xerxis already were out of the portal of light and just had landed at a crazy place where also cats lived in. "Yay, fella – 'hat's the opposite site of the Kat Kingdom called Banipal Witt – land at the hous up there!", Archimedes told Xerxis and latter 'though confused did as told. After a few minutes, they were on grass, again and Xerxis'  Keyblade disappeared. As Xerxis looked around in awe, he then shrieked as he saw the man in black, again. But this time, the person just vanished as fast as Xerxis' had detected it. "Kome on, now – we ot no much time left, friend.", Archimedes said as led Xerxis inside the house.  Inside there, they were already awaited by a small group of cats. "Master Sandada – wat a pleasure to meet ya, again.", Archimedes called out as he hugged his friend. "Ah yes, Archimedes how are you doing? Is everything going alright up there in the Cat Kingdom?", Sandada asked generous. "W'll, 'hat's the problem we got. We re at lost of time. Demon 'nows about us and soon will come to t'ke us out.", Archimedes replied nervous. "That's bad – oh, I see Xerxis also pays us a visit.", Master Sandada says as he detected the redhead at the other side."So slowly, I really have to wonder myself why all of you guys know my name so well…", Xerxis replied calm as he walked closer to the group. "Well, Keyblade Wielders know each other, so… ", Master Sandada explained as he studied closer Xerxis. "But at the moment, we got in trouble – Demon won't give us so much time to do something. But we'll do our best to train you to become a Keyblade Master…." – Sandada wasn't even finished with the sentence as there was suddenly a loud burst and thousands of screams. Quickly all of them ran to the top only to see a dark storm coming to their direction, leaded by Demon, Aramuil and Crest. "Seems like training will have to fall out…", Master Sandada said as he saw the happenings outside. "So 'hat means, thy already tok ca'e of the Cat Kingdom…", Archimedes replied in anger. "Even more important to bring our just arrived guest away…", Master Sandada replied as he let his Keyblade appear and summoned a portal of light. "A'right, I' go and hold them off…", Archimedes said as he took his stick and jumped out into the battle. Then, as he was finished, he took Xerxis to him and gave him a letter. "In the world you go now, you'll have the opportunity to become a Keyblade Master – meet up with Master Phoebus and then you'll pass him this letter, alright?" Xerxis at first was unsure what to say. Sure, he wanted to keep his promise to become a Keyblade Master before rescuing his friends and then take out his former comrades but now… he already felt more than helpless as he had to watch what Demon did to Cornelius and Vargant – he didn't want to fail, again. But then, after some thinking time, he finally gave in. "Alright.", Xerxis just said and took the letter before he went through the portal of light.

As Sandada just wanted to help outside, he had to see that Demon and Aramuil were standing behind him all along, the corpse of Archimedes lying in front of them. "Now then, "Master" – I think I just got the right new destiny for you…", Demon smirked evilly as he pierced his Keyblade trough the surprised Master and then imprisoned Sandada into his own Keyblade. As Demon took the Master's Keyblade from the bottom, he stuck it to the ground and let the darkness spread from it to destroy Banipal Witt, before he and his companion vanished into a portal of darkness.

Meanwhile, Xerxis had arrived in his new world. Even here, he was already expected – only this time by Master Daius, another survival of the Battle at Land of Origins. "Welcome, Xerxis. What a luck that you're here. We're already expecting you.", Master Daius began as he greeted the newcomer. "Come on, the King wants to see you…" and with that, Daius walked off. As Xerxis wanted to follow him, he got again a bad feeling and by turning around he saw the man in black, again. But this time, Xerxis had enough. "What do you want?!", Xerxis shouted as he ran with a ready Keyblade against the figure, but latter just let his head down before he teleported himself away. Puzzled, Xerxis looked at the place where the guy in black just was, until Daius called for him. "This is the Land of the Minimoys.", he explained to Xerxis as he lead him trough endless tunnels. "At the moment, we're save as this world's not so much known by outsiders and…" "That's all nice, Master – but even if I dislike to break into your talk, there's something I must know: Is Fidelious really dead?", Xerxis asked worried. "I fear so, yes… at the moment, the world is in war – only Keyblade Masters are able to hold Demon back that's why he wants to extinguish all of us. But now, you're safe and ready to train – ah, we're here now…" – and with that, Master Daius lead Xerxis to a big place where many Minimoys have gathered together. In the center of the circle were standing two Minimoys – one having white, the other red hair and also a shrunken human with black hair and, only wearing some trousers. To their opposite where standing a big Minimoy with long white hair and an older man wearing a bronze armor and having long grey hair that went down 'til his waist. "Today, you – Luke, Arthur and Selenia – will be examined for the Mark of Mastery. This will be an important act as it'll help us to keep our order alive from the Hero of Darkness. ", the man in armor said and looked closely at the two candidates. "But even if the times are dark, you mustn't forget that this is also a test of heart, not only to win – and with knowledge I trust that you are…" "Master Phoebus!", Daius called out as he brought Xerxis into the inner circle. "Ah, Master Daius – what took you so long?", Phoebus asked curious. Daius just walked to him and gave him the letter. "I see….", Phoebus began after he read the letter. "So, then – we got a new candidate – put him into the Exam." "What?!", Xerxis replied in shock at those words. "Eh… Phoebus, with all respect, but he's just a beginner – you can't put him into the Mark of Mastery like that, he's got to train.", Daius said calm, but serious. "And? We got no time! We need Keyblade Masters! Skip training!", Phoebus replied harsh as he took his attention to the now four candidates again. "I think you're ready, so we won't waste time anymore – let the examination begin!" "I just hope this ends well….", Daius thought worried as Phoebus raised his Keyblade to summon some balls of light to fight. Surprised, but convinced to get through this, Xerxis as his companions summoned their Keyblades to fight off the balls. To his surprise, Xerxis found that this part of the Exam wasn't so hard and with new confidence, he fought himself through the balls until he and his friends were done with all of them. "Not bad, but not enough yet – now, we'll come to your next test.", Phoebus said and a dark aura formed around him as suddenly Shadows crawled from the ground. First shocked, then ready, Arthur and Selenia began to take attack first while Luke and Xerxis still hesitated, but then also joined the battle. "You control the Heartless?!", Daius almost yelled in anger at this outcome. "You just have to watch out not give yourself too much to the darkness, then even people of Realm of Light can control these monsters.", Phoebus replied cold as he watched how the apprentices were doing. After some time, they also managed this task and were ready for more. "Alright, young ones – through this last trial you'll show us the Mark of Mastery.", Phoebus said and again gathered his energy together as suddenly a giant shadow crawled from the ground, changed shape and then turned into a copy of Demon! "Defeat the Hero of Darkness!"

Xerxis stood there in shock as he looked at Demon's evil grin – the person who took away so many lives and hurt almost all of his friends – he was scared by this villain, but then the remembrance of his promise made him go focus again. With ready Keyblades, he, Luke, Arthur and Selenia ran against the Hero of Darkness as latter let the earth rumble, crashing everyone to the ground. Quickly recovering, Arthur tried to strike Demon from behind, but latter just used his Keyblade to hold the young Keyblade Wielder on distance. Then, after a series of flashes, Demon was able to cut into Arthur's chest, sending him off guard – just in time as Selenia also tried to strike Demon down. The Hero of Darkness, still smiling sent an enormous earth ball at her, sending her unconscious.  Luke tried to sent him off guard by throwing his Keyblade into his direction, but Demon just reshaped the Keyblade into a ball of light which he turned quickly into an orb of darkness before sending it back to its owner, hurting Luke pretty back. Xerxis, now furious, loaded his Keyblade up with fire and summoned some fire rings around him as he ran against his nemesis, shooting some fireballs against Demon. Latter dodged most of them, until he sent a series of ice pillars into Xerxis' direction, hitting him hart in the progress and almost freezing his whole body in a block of ice. Meanwhile, Luke was alright again and again tried to destroy the fake Demon, but latter just dodged this try and packed Luke at his throat, lifting him up to the sky. Arthur wanted to use this moment and now tried himself to take out Demon, but latter used his remaining hand to sent a big bolt at Arthur, caging him into a hurtful lightning prison. Selenia who was awake, again wanted to use this moment to put an end to the Hero of Darkness, but she didn't noticed that Demon had summoned Shadows which he let melt into a dark mucus that quickly wrapped itself around her angles, imprisoning her in the progress.

"Phoebus, you have to stop this Mark of Mastery now!", Daius shouted against the Master who looked surprised at how the battle turned out. Quickly, he took his Keyblade and made a spell for the fake Demon to go. But to his emergency, he had to see that the Fake Demon didn't want to vanish into nothingness. He tried it several more times, until he finally realized the horrible truth. "That's not a fake – it's the real Demon!", Phoebus brought out in shock and now everyone screamed in panic at this turn of events. Demon's evil grin just grew even more at Phoebus' revelation.

"YES, IT IS ME – DID YOU REALLY THINK THAT I WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO FIND YOU, FOOLS?!", Demon laughed as he his army of Heartless appear. Xerxis, who had to look helpless at the Mark of Mastery's end was even more shocked about this scenario. But now, that gave him power again. With combined forces, Xerxis was able to break himself free from his icy prison and now attacked the Hero of Darkness in rage. Demon just smirked as he sent a pillar of darkness at Xerxis who instead jumped into the air and threw his Keyblade against his enemy. But then, a series of blaster shoots blocked the Keyblade away and it returned into Xerxis' hands. Looking at the source of this, he saw Crest floating in the air, loading his machine gun. "Hey, there! Hope you like my show, eh?", Crest laughed as he was done loading. "You're behind this?!", Xerxis yelled against him. "Yeah, wasn't easy to replace the copy with the real one, but I like how it turned out. Now, dance for me!" And with that, Crest began shooting against Xerxis who ran as fast as he could. Now, the other Minimoys were starting their attack against the army of darkness. Selenia who meanwhile cut off her bonds tried to finish off Demon, but latter just smiled as he sent a beam of darkness into her, making her scream loudly. Shocked, she gasped as her whole appearance changed shape and gave her a Heartless appearance – all her clothes and skin turned into a raven black as did her hair. Only her eyes were left out of darkening and turned instead into a deathly yellow. "Selenia!", Arthur screamed as he ran against Demon who sent a spear of darkness against him. As Arthur thought he was going to be hit, Luke crashed him aside and got hit by the spear instead piercing him up on the wall to his sure death. Master Phoebus threw his Keyblade into the sky, letting it become a Keyblade Glide as he used it to bring Arthur to a save place while Daius hold Demon with a beam of light on distance. Xerxis meanwhile was still fleeing from Crest's salve of shoots. "Come on, help me this one time!", Xerxis said in despair as he threw his Keyblade into the sky – and indeed it turned into the fiery Keyblade Glide! Xerxis quickly jumped on it and flew back to Crest who was more than surprised about this turn. Loading his gun, he tried to hit him with an enormous racket, but Xerxis dodged it and shot a series of light balls against Crest instead who got hit by them and passed out.

"YOU'RE REALLY SO MUCH NAÏVE TO BELIEVE THAT YOU COULD BEAT ME LIKE THAT?!", Demon shouted as he absorbed the beam of light and instead shot a big beam of darkness into the two Keyblade Masters who exploded by the touch of the beam. Then, the orb of darkness spread apart, absorbing every light around it, letting collapse the world into darkness. Realizing that he couldn't help anyone anymore, Xerxis shot out beam of light and flew through the now formed portal of light, escaping the grab of Demon once more.

Looking around, Xerxis himself found himself in the Lanes Between. But to his shock, he saw that he was fading as he wasn't wearing any kind of protection – quickly, he saw a world mostly covered by woods. Using his last strength, he flew to that world as fast as he could…

Xerxis sighed for air as he finally was on ground, again. After recovering, he looked around to see that he was on big grassland – at one side, there were big endless woods, while on the other side was a big lake with an island on it – and on this island was a town with an enormous house where smoke came out of it. Slowly, Xerxis stood up and began his walk to the iron looking like town, as he suddenly stopped and turned around. Again, the man in black was standing right behind him. "Alright, quit the games now! Who are you and why are you following me all the time?!", Xerxis shouted against him. The man shook his head, then pointed on a big hill far away in the woods. Xerxis stunned at this gesture, but then followed the man's example and began walking into the woods.
After it seemed like days of wandering, Xerxis finally reached the bottom of the hill. Again, the man in black appeared and pointed at its top. "Oh, boy – give me a break!", Xerxis moaned as he began climbing up. And again after hours, he finally was on its top where saw in surprise that there was a cave inside of the small mountain. At last the man in black appeared before him. "Fine, thanks for showing me a place where I can rest perhaps, but I also could've go down to town instead!", Xerxis argued. "No, this is the right place for your training…", the man in black finally spoke. "What?!", Xerxis asked confused and suddenly, in a flashes of series – things came back to him… the Keyblade, Cornelius – all of his memories were now in a big mess.
"Yes, your training. Demon's not interested in this place as no Keyblade Masters are around, expect of me.", the man in black replied calm. As Xerxis took on a suspicious look, the man explained himself closer. "The Black Coat protects me not only from darkness, but also of being found by Demon, that's why we're save here. The Leader of these woods, Princess Mononoke allowed me to hide myself here as long as I am forced to. But I also travel through the worlds of this parallel universe as I try my best to hold Demon's minions back as long as possible. But now, your training's more important." "Why should I follow someone's orders if this someone even doesn't want to show me his face besides telling his name?", Xerxis asked still suspicious. "My name is not that much of importance now. You'll have to learn to trust me on my word, Xerxis.", the man in black replied. Xerxis just grunted at this answer. "Alright, let's give it a try – but if I sense that you're just using me, your head will roll over this place.", Xerxis said cold as he summoned his Keyblade.
Starting from that moment on, Xerxis began his training with the Unknown to become a Keyblade Master on his own. For weeks, he listened to his Master's teachings about the balance between Light and Darkness and learned how to use his Keyblade, Magic and how to summon his Keyblade Glide without problems. At the progress of his training, Xerxis even received a new outfit with a piece of armor.

As the days passed, Xerxis also learned to control his armor and sometimes got the chance to either fight San himself or her "brothers" (what also made Xerxis' wonder how that could work). Soon, as he was now better in controlling his powers, the man in black said: "The time has come – you're ready to show me the Mark of Mastery." "Really?", Xerxis asked in surprise. "I don't see any reason why not…", the Unknown replied and raised a hand. At the other side there appeared a man in a brown cloak, just like the ones Xerxis' former comrades used to wear. "This is the one and only test – but know this: Don't let yourself fooled by lies, but find the hidden truths… good luck…", the man in black said before he retreated, allowing Xerxis to battle his opponent.
But as the person in brown was ready to strike, Xerxis felt an immense pain within his heart, forcing him to the ground. The enemy right in front of him had so many pain and hurting memories inside of him that they also affected Xerxis. As it was at normal state, again – Xerxis stood up and ran against his enemy, beginning the fight. The Unknown and he were very much equal in their powers – and also had a similar fighting style. As Xerxis was about to get the upper hand, the hurting memories returned, forcing him down once again. As the Unknown was about to finish him off, Xerxis got himself under control, again and forced his enemy on the ground instead, taking off his hood in the progress. Xerxis was more than shocked as he was confronted with his on face – distorted and slightly – more like an evil version of himself with yellow eyes, raven black hair and this smile that remembered him too much on Demon.
Then, there was suddenly the memory, again – just like many pieces, pictures at once – truths and lies gathered in one place.

No, this was a lie – that's what his Master warned him before the battle. This face of him wasn't real, only a lie. Gathering his strength together, Xerxis overcame that illusion, only to see the person was hooded, again – but also his body structure seemed to be different now, just like the figure's sense – it now felt more real… that was the hidden truth, Xerxis was sure about this…
With his ready Keyblade, Xerxis created a shockwave of fire, but his opponent blocked the attack and the two dueled face to face. Xerxis felt that the painful memories were about to return, but he reacted just in time – he hit his enemy's head and sent latter off guard. Now, finally wanting to unleash the hidden truth, Xerxis took the Unknown's hood down…. and revealed himself as her…


the truth crashed on Xerxis like nothing else – he was shocked to see her, again – even if he knew that this Larxene wasn't real – a lie only being created by his Master as his Mark of Mastery Exam. But still… how could he fight the one he loved? No matter if she was real or not… he just couldn't hurt her…

Larxene smiled evilly as she ran against Xerxis and crashed one bolt after another at him, but he didn't do more than just dodging them. How could have this turned out so bad…?
Xerxis couldn't think straight anymore. He felt empty at the thought of being forced to fight her… but still, there was something… something inside his heart that was telling him to finish her off… it wasn't his Master, but more his own mind…

Xerxis finally realized his pain and now knew what to do… he dodged another bolt of Larxene and ran against her with a ready Keyblade….

There was a flash, a quiet scream and then…. there was silence. Xerxis stood up, his Keyblade still ready to strike at any moment – a single tear left his eyes.

"Congratulations, Xerxis – you have shown the Mark of Mastery…", Xerxis' Master said as he walked out of the cave, clapping with his hands. "But why this cruelty?", Xerxis asked in a mix of sadness and anger. "Truths and Lies are powerful forces  - as much as Memories and Feelings are.", the Unknown replied as he walked closer to his pupil. "Demon uses the negativity of these forces to create pain – like his original self has done long ago. That is his nature, his kind. No matter if he'd have used those feelings or not, they're a powerful weapon to use to hurt you. You had to learn to accept the pain caused by yourself and done from the outside to be stronger from the inside. The Mark of Mastery gave you the strength to confront the lies and the pain – you're a Keyblade Master now. And you're not a normal one like all the ones before you. You learned from me this secret and this will be your secret weapon if you ever get confronted by Demon or otherwise – no one will ever defeat you, only you can defeat yourself." "I see…", Xerxis replied slowly.

That was it? This whole thing? Was it really necessary to learn this lection to save his friends from their pain? Or was it to defeat his own pain caused by Demon and himself? No matter what it was, Xerxis felt different now – in some sort, even freed.

Yes, with that he'd be able to free his friends.

"I thank you, Master…", Xerxis smirked as he changed into his armor…
Now, he'd go and save his friends just as he promised….
He threw his Keyblade to the sky, and his Keyblade Ride appeared. Quickly opening a portal of light, Xerxis flew into the Lanes Between, leaving the Unknown back.

"Good Luck, Xerxis.", the Unknown said as he finally put down his hood – his whole figure shrank and two long ears grew from his scalp…

Meanwhile, Xerxis was standing in front of gates of Demon's Gate at Daemon City, in anger he looked up at the enormous Castle as he summoned his Keyblade, ready to strike….
Heed my words now:

This story here - as it'll also be stated once again later during this chapter, this story is made out of many lies...

Lies deep resisting between the lines - only correctly reading through those lines, you'll be able to discover the truth behind the truth....

at least two of those lies should be unlocked easily - the one who can tell me at least four of those lies gets a prize...

Now then - at last this story continues, showing off how Xerxis makes his way through a new adventure...

I don't say that much and mostly leave you alone with reading - only one comment:

1. This is the first time, I managed to bring in those worlds I already wanted to put in earlier - besides its also the first time where a world follows a movie plot seen at the first world.

Oh, and for those who are done reading can click on this link to find out about the meaning of the last sentences:


Well, then enjoy reading time!
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