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Light of Radiance, a world full of Light and home world to many Keyblade Masters. This world already was responsibility for many famous events.

In the 1st TG-War, it was the place where Demon tried to conquer it, but failed against Master Hāto, what lead him to unlock the Master's heart and use it as his own, only to lose it, again after he battled against Cockerell at the world of Mirus.

Demon also let the world being consumed by his darkness. But thanks to Master Cockerell, the world could be freed, again.

Light of Radiance also used to be the battlefield between Master Cockerell and Contractor as latter tried to free Demon himself, but failed in the attempt and instead manipulated Aramuil to betray his Master and steal Demon from him at the night of his coronation.
Since this, a long time has passed.

Today, we write one year after Aramuil began his quest to reawake Demon from his icy prison. Cockerell's dead and Demon back. Now, only three persons still were at the now silent castle: Jenny in Sora's form, Fidelious – the former Master Hāto who was transferred back from Demon's body and not only got a new appearance, but lost his memories leading him back to an apprentice stage and Xerxis, a former member of the Omega-Organization and now a traitor.

They were out of strength and had no nerves anymore. There just was too much that happened. Demon's rebirth, Aramuil's revelation, Cockerell's sacrifice and last but not least the fact that Larxene didn't return yet. "I still can't believe that Cockerell has left us.", Sora nearly whispered. Only Namine was there to spend Sora some peace. Since he left Light of Radiance in his quest to save the other Chosen Ones, he hadn't thought for one time about his true persona: Jenny. He wasn't a truly a guy, but a girl. At the beginning, he only had one memory thanks to Namine. This only memory was gone like his Xion Form in that moment as he was used for Demon's Resurrection. But after that, he not only could remember his memory, again – but now he also had lots of new memories he had when she was a girl. But still, he was in this disgusting body and not even Cockerell could change him back anymore. But meanwhile, he got other problems. "It's true, yes – but we can't hang around here all the time. Demon's back again and we've to stop him and Aramuil.", Fidelious replied. "Oh, sure – anything else? Demon's too strong for us, like Aramuil – we don't have the powers to stop him.", Xerxis replied. "That's right – we'll need the help of the Warriors of the second TG-War.", Fidelious said and looked at Xerxis. "Those guys won't help us out of this mess. They only see their powers instead of love.", Xerxis shouted. "Maybe, but it was Cockerell's last order to me before I went out to stop Aramuil. Unlucky for me, I only don't know where they are. But in turn for that, I know someone who works for someone who knows where to find them.", Fidelious replied short. "Well, without me then.", Xerxis said and left the hall. Worried, Sora followed him. "I can't leave this place, until Larxene returned.", Xerxis replied as he noticed Sora. "But we'll need you as well.", Sora began, but Xerxis cut him off. "I made up my mind and nothing's going to change it." "Alright, then. Good luck.", Sora said and went back to Fidelious who opened a portal of light for him. "Sora – Good Luck!", Xerxis called to him and he smiled before he went into the castle, again.

As Fidelious was sure that Sora was packing his stuff, he went out to join Xerxis. "I don't care how much you try, you'll not change my mind.", Xerxis said as he noticed the Apprentice coming closer. "I know that – although it'd have been better to have you at our side. I cannot assure you that Larxene will make it out there now.", Fidelious began, but Xerxis shouted to his surprise at him. "SHUT UP! SHE'LL MAKE IT UP THERE! AND NOW, LEAVE ME FINALLY ALONE!"

Fidelious moved back at Xerxis' sudden emotion change and went quiet. Then, he took out a reddish Wayfinder and gave it to the former Number VI. "This used to belong to Master Cockerell. He gave it to me before I left off to stop Aramuil.", Fidelious explained and Xerxis frowned. "He placed a spell on it – once if your live is about to come to an end by the forces of darkness, it'll guide you to Master Cornelius. He and Cockerell were classmates and both together took their Mark of Mastery at Master Archimedes, after Cockerell failed in Alantor's Exam. Something tells me, that you might need it more than myself." "I see… thank you, Fidelious.", Xerxis said and smiled weak. Fidelious just shook his head as he went back to the castle. As he was sure that Sora was finished packing his stuff, Fidelious created a portal of Light where he first sent Namine away and then summoned another one to teleport himself and Sora to Salecrime Town…

Hours passed. Xerxis continued sitting on his rock, waiting for Larxene's return. Xerxis looked at the Wayfinder, hoping the best for Larxene. Then suddenly, he looked up to see Sykes coming to his direction. "GET OUT OF HERE!", Xerxis shouted as he let his weapons appear. "I'm sorry, Xerxis. I wish, things would've been better.", Sykes replied sad as he let his shield appear. Suddenly, lots of Desperates appeared behind him. "But I got the mission to extinguish you and your friends once and for all." "WHAT ABOUT LARXENE!?", Xerxis yelled at his former friend. "There are things which are better left unsaid.", Sykes replied as he flipped with his fingers, causing the Desperates to start their attack. Xerxis, shocked about this revelation, let an aura of darkness appear – releasing his rage in a storm of darkness and fire, destroying all of Sykes' allies and hurting the scientist in the progress.
Suddenly, the sky began to darken and the fields began to burn. Xerxis, letting himself go of his anger looked around to see the Light of Radiance turning darker with each passing second. Then, suddenly there was a flash and an X-Shaped emblem appeared at the sky. "He's doing that to all worlds now to announce his return.", Sykes said weak as he tried to lift himself up. "I'm so sorry, Xerxis." "Don't waste your words on him, Scientist.", suddenly a dark voice said and Xerxis frowned. He knew that voice… slowly turning his back, Xerxis got confronted by his biggest fear and hatred: Demon.

The Hero of Darkness slowly walked up to him, Aramuil, Crest and Astarot close behind him. Xerxis grunted."I remember you – you and your pathetic friend tried to rescue the Leader of the Protestants who tried to bring me down. Even if you won, you failed in your attempt to save your friend. Who was his name, again?", Demon began mocking, his sinister smile as devilish as his appearance."…oh yes, it was Doxis I think! And now, you also lost another friend as I heard – I think you and the Scientist used to call her "Larxene" , right?" "SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU MONSTER!!!!", Xerxis shouted as he ran with his weapons against Demon, but latter stroke at the very final moment, sending a beam of darkness against Xerxis who got thrown back by it. Slowly, Xerxis looked around to see Demon and his henchmen surrounding him. "At least, it's finally over for you.", Demon said as he slowly rose his Keyblade, ready to extract Xerxis' heart. Suddenly, the reddish Wayfinder around Xerxis' throat began to glow before their eyes and with a flash of light, Xerxis was gone for good. Demon's face turned down in hatred after Xerxis' disappearance…

… at the same time around a place called Dapplewood Forest, at a river there was  a small boat nearly floating through the water. In it, a young mouse, and a hedgehog tried with a paddle to get another that was swimming in the water. "Oh, great! You'll lose my paddle, too!", the hedgehog said annoyed while he tried to take the mouse the paddle away. "Am not!", the mouse replied. "Are too!", the hedgehog shouted back. While the two were arguing, a young mole hold himself at the top of the boat while a young badger girl teased him. At the rudder, there was an elder badger sitting, trying his best to hold the boat together. As the argument started to get too extreme, the badger put his ear in. "FURLINGS FOR THE LAST TIME….!!!", the badger began as suddenly, the boat canted over and he and his companions fell into the water. "Swim for shore, furlings!", the badger said as all of them got up, again while the boat sank into the water. At the shore, they all rubbed themselves dry, again. "Abigail, your performance out there could have cost our lives!", the badger shouted at the female mouse called Abigail, before he turned to the rest of his group. "And as for the rest of you, in all my years, I've never had the most undisciplined….!", but suddenly he silent went as birds began flying over all of their heads. "What's the matter, Cornelius?", the young mole asked, but latter made him go silent, again. "Something's wrong. The woods are far too still. We must hurry home.",
Cornelius replied and began heading off. "But we're wet!", Abigail complained. "NOW, FURLINGS! NOW", Cornelius replied as he took his apprentices with him.

After a while of running, Cornelius and his furlings reached a glade where they had to see the shock of their lives. The whole sky was tainted in darkness, the trees, dead, lifeless and broken, purple strings going through them. At the top of the sky glowed an X-shaped emblem. "Oh, dear heaven! Not, again!", Cornelius said heartbroken at this image. The hedgehog unsure stroke a leaf and was even more shocked to see that it shaped forms and turned into a big Desperate. Cornelius, hearing his scream turned around to see in shock more and more Desperates shaping from leaves, trees and the ground. "FURLINGS, RUN!", Cornelius shouted as he went back. "But, Cornelius!", the mole said, but Cornelius interrupted him. "RUN NOW!", Cornelius shouted against the furlings as he let a Keyblade appear. It was a mix up of metal and wood. With a surprising agile, the elder Keyblade Master jumped across the field, slashing trough the troops of Desperates. As he finally finished off the last Desperate, Cornelius raised his Keyblade to the X-shaped emblem and made it vanish, turning the forest back to its original state, again. Then, there was a sudden flash and next to Cornelius was lying a young man holding a star shaped item in his hands. "Oh?", Cornelius wondered as he took his walking stick and began poking the red head. Suddenly, Xerxis opened his eyes, looking at the old badger. "…Master…. Cornelius?", Xerxis asked slowly. "Yes, young one. I was expecting you.", Cornelius replied as he took the young man and brought him to his home.

"Why were you expecting me, Master?", Xerxis asked as he looked around Cornelius home. "Fidelious told me that you'd come to me someday, Xerxis.", Master Cornelius said as he took a seat on a wooden chair. "You see… Fidelious saw that you got the ability you need. And we're running out of Keyblade Masters.", Cornelius explained. "Excuse me?", Xerxis said in shock. "Demon is back. And with Demon's Return, his plans also will.", Cornelius explained on as he began working on a flying machine. "What are you talking about? What's Demon going to do?", Xerxis asked on. "Demon wants to get all the power in the world. And to reach that goal, one of the things he's up to is to extinguish all Keyblade Wielders.", Cornelius explained sad. "What?!", Xerxis eyes widened in shock. "I fear so, yes..", Cornelius sighed. "The only thing that makes him vulnerable is the unity of hearts. Demon has no heart, that's his weakness." "And why has Demon actually no heart?", Xerxis asked on."Questions over questions, young man – has no one ever taught you about patience? It is not important why Demon has no heart or if he got one, but it's more important that he's actual someone who is a big menace for every living being. Xerxis, you have to listen to me. If Demon should manage it to destroy all of us, we need to get sure that there's still one left. From this day on, you'll be trained under my watch until you are ready for the Mark of Mastery.", Cornelius continued. "Mark of Mastery? B-but I'm not a Keyblade Wielder!", Xerxis replied. "You are one, young man. I sense the ability within you. You may not be able to summon yours yet, but still you got the power for it." Xerxis sat down at a wooden chair, shocked like nothing…

Days passed. Xerxis meanwhile got over his shock and began training under Master Cornelius, spending time with him together with the Furlings who meanwhile returned. The elder Keyblade Master taught him everything from the start and also showed him around the forest, explaining him everything over live.

As three days passed, Xerxis and the Furlings were listening to a speech by Cornelius as there was suddenly a loud knock at the door. Suspicious, Cornelius opened and saw to his surprise a young man standing under it. "Master Vargant! What a pleasure! Please, come in, come in.", Cornelius said as he invited the Keyblade Master in. "Furlings, would you leave us alone for the first? Go, play somewhere around." For the first, the Furlings didn't want to leave. But then, the hedgehog finally found the courage to move his friends away "Come on, Abigail, Edgar – we'll just spy them out.", he whispered to them and the three left the room, leaving Cornelius alone with Xerxis and Vargant. "It's so long, since I've seen you last. Sit with us and drink with us a cup of tea. I'm more than happy that you made it through the Mark of Mastery at least.", Cornelius said happily as he walked to a small kitchen. "Yeah, Master Phoebus really was more than a challenge when it goes for his tasks. But unfortunately, I'm not here for a simple small talk.", Master Vargant replied as he took a seat. "I'm bringing news from the battlefield." "Really.", Cornelius smiled as he put some plants into a wooden pot. "Master Alantor is dead.", Master Vargant said after some time of hesitate. In shock, Cornelius let his pot fall down. "What?!", Cornelius babbled as he looked unbelievable at Vargant. "The united forces of the TG-War didn't manage it to stop him at Land of Origins. So far, I can say that almost all Keyblade Masters of the Circle of Light have been extinguished. The only Masters we know that they're still fleeing are Master Daius, the former Master Yen Sid and Master Glaedr. Also, Danjo and Caritas are gone for good, same goes for Cockerell's pupil." "WHAT!", now Xerxis brought out in shock. "What happened to him?!" "We are not sure, but as some may have seen, he got killed by Aramuil." "What about Sora?", Xerxis asked on."Vanished.", Vargant lied. "There's no sign of him left." "It's such a shame…", Cornelius said as he took a seat. "We Keyblade Masters never had it easily, but if even our all Master is gone, then I'm not sure how to continue like this anymore." "So far, we can say that Demon's next step is to hunt down us like animals and then take us out once and for all. And as I also heard, it seems, he's looking for something.", Master Vargant continued. "Why always "we"!?", Xerxis asked on. "The 2nd TG-War Cast. Some of us hide with them while the remaining Keyblade Masters are hiding at a whole different place from the Hero of Darkness.", Vargant replied. "This is indeed a catastrophe.", Cornelius said still in shock. "We're in need for the Heroine of Lightness. Only she can set things right. But at the moment, we have no sign of her at the moment." "You mean Sora, right?", Xerxis put his ear in. "Yes, in some sort of. You were a part of that Organization as I heard, right? Normally, you should've known best what Sora really was. He was nothing more than a girl called Jenny in the first place.", Vargant replied. "No, she was more than that. She's specially connected with Sora, that's why it felt so easily for her as for Aramuil to ship her into that form. That's at least what Cockerell wrote me a while, ago.", Cornelius said calm. "Right.", Vargant said and went closer to him as he gave him a small object and whispered something into his ear what Xerxis couldn't hear.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash and the earth began to rumble. "Oh, no!", Vargant said as he and the others looked around. "Stay here!", Vargant hold the others back as he let a golden Keyblade appear and ran outside. To his shock, he had to see the world covered in darkness once, again. But this time, it was different. Slowly, pretty slowly – Demon came out from the shadows, his Keyblade in his hands. "Demon!", Vargant said calm, but strict. "MASTER Demon from now on, Vargant. Soon enough, I'll be the only one left here.", Demon replied with a devilish smile. "No, you're going to get defeated by the Forces of Light!", Vargant said as he loaded his Keyblade up with light. "Fool, you still don't see that Light is in need for Darkness to function in this world? Darkness can not be destroyed, it can only be channeled, friend.", Demon said calm. "Liar!", Vargant shouted and began his attack against the Hero of Darkness…

"He won't make it… he doesn't even know that this is just Demon's trap. We'll be erased from existence if all Keyblade Masters and Apprentices are gone for good…", Cornelius said sad as he let his Keyblade appear. "You're not going out there!", Xerxis said in surprise, but was then even more shocked as Cornelius stabbed his heart with his Keyblade, seeming to extract it. "NO!", Xerxis wanted to stop him, but a shockwave let him fall back. Finally, Cornelius Keyblade was shining in a bright light as was parts of his heart and body…

… while Vargant did his best to destroy the Hero of Darkness. "You're such a bad fighter, Master Vargant. I can not believe you even made it through your Mark of Mastery Exam!", Demon laughed as he paraded Vargant's attacks. "You underestimate me, Demon!", Vargant shouted as he shot a beam of light to Demon's heart, but latter used that moment to hold the beam back and backfire it to its original owner. Vargant screamed in pain as the beam of light hit him with full force in his heart, forcing it out of his body in the progress. "Finally!", Demon glared in his evilness as he saw the Heart of almost full light shining in front of him. "That makes another Keyblade Master to go. Now, what destiny will I give to you… ah yes! This world will be destroyed soon and now, YOU CAN BE A PART OF IT!" And with that, Demon fired Vargant's heart into a tree, making the two beings bond to each other. Vargant looked in shock as new feelings came into him. He looked up in panic for one last time, before his body faded away in a sea of light, going into the tree in the progress… Demon just smiled devilish as he continued to his true target…

… while Xerxis looked in shock at Master Cornelius. "I'm sorry, Xerxis but I see no other way anymore. Demon will get me anyway, but he can not know about you. You can not wield the Keyblade yet, but this will seal our all fate." And with that, Cornelius formed the Keyblade into a sword of light and fired it into Xerxis' heart much to latter's shock. Xerxis stunned, feeling unnatural and painful as he suddenly gained lots of new memories and some shifted around. He screamed in pain before he finally passed out. Sighing, Cornelius opened a portal of light where Xerxis just got absorbed by it and transported away to a safe place. At exactly this moment, the door burst apart and Demon entered Cornelius' living room, his Keyblade ready in his hand. "Finally, I can end the era of Keyblade Masters for good!", Demon laughed as he walked to Cornelius who took out a normal sword from a cabinet. "What? A normal sword? Why not using the Keyblade?", Demon asked sheepish as he fired a beam of darkness against Cornelius. "Using powers to hurt others is not a way to use the Keyblade, especially you Demon!", Cornelius shouted as he began dueling the Hero of Darkness. Both were very equal in their fighting skills, but then Demon managed it to kick Cornelius into a corner, placing him there with his Keyblade. "Any last words, before I'll put an end to you, Master?", Demon asked devilish as he raised his Keyblade for the final strike. Suddenly, his weapon hand got caged by a fat root. "You should underestimate the powers of a world, especially if its ruled by a Keyblade Master.", Cornelius smiled as he jumped to a Secret exit one floor above him and ran out. Demon, in his rage cut of one after another root as they tried to take him in prison. "IT DOESN'T MATTER ANYWAY! YOUR WORLD WILL GET DESTROYED THIS OR THIS WAY!", Demon shouted as he sent a fireball into Cornelius living room, burning everything in the progress.

Cornelius meanwhile managed it to get to a platform where a wooden flying machine was awaiting him. He jumped in and tried to flee from the already collapsing world. Demon only could see him flying away. "Oh, no you won't escape me!", Demon shouted as he shot an enormous fire ball against the flying machine, causing it to crash done at the edge of the slowly destroying world. Quickly, Demon caught Cornelius up, disarming him, before latter could defend himself. "This time, nothing will save you!", Demon said frightening as he slowly lifted up the badger. Suddenly, there was a crash and Demon looked down to see more wooden floor breaking apart from the world. Cornelius used that moment to kick himself out of Demon's grab, causing him to lose his balance. Screaming, Demon fell into the void.

Slowly, Cornelius walked closer to the edge to look after Demon. Too late, he noticed the Hero of Darkness behind him and got stabbed by him in his heart. His whole body glowed as his heart formed itself into a copy of his body. "Now then, Master Cornelius, it's finally time to end this once and for all!", Demon grinned insane as he looked at the helpless Cornelius. "Just what destiny should we choose out for you?" Hearing a noise of someone panting in fear, Demon turned his back to a frightened Abigail as she and her friends tried their best to escape from the world. Suddenly, there was a crash and Edgar and Russel vanished into the dark. Shocked, she then looked at their direction.

"Yes, this is really an entire new beginning I think. Now then, "Master Cornelius" I can only congratulate you, BECAUSE YOU'LL NOW EXPERIENCE YOUR NEW SELF FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY!", Demon shouted as he pointed his Keyblade with Cornelius' heart into Abigail's direction. Cornelius looked with a mix of shock and helpless as Demon fired his whole heart and body against her. Abigail, shocked as she realized what was about to happen to her, covered herself up, but it was worthless as Cornelius' heart crashed with hers, causing some light bolts to come out of her, before she collapsed from the powerful strength of darkness and light by Cornelius heart forcing themselves into her body. Then, Demon loaded his free fist into a ball of darkness which he used to destroy Cornelius' body.

"Now then, "Master" Abigail, enjoy your new live as long as you can, 'cause you won't long enough exist to experience that. At least before you'll get consumed by the endless darkness!", Demon laughed as he vanished into a portal of darkness, leaving the collapsing Dapplewood Forest back…

Slowly, Xerxis opened his eyes, seeing that he was lying in dark wet grass. After some tries, he stood up and looked around. To his surprise, he found out that he was in the now destroyed Light of Radiance, again. Suddenly, a sharp pain went through his right arm as it took control of its own and moved out. With a flash of light, a Keyblade appeared. It was colored in colors of fire and was similar built like one. "A… Keyblade?", Xerxis said in shock as he put his head together in shock to find out new memories as someone had put the Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony on him and memories of himself summoning it more than once.

"Xerxis.", suddenly a voice told him in his head. It was Cornelius. "Master.", Xerxis said unsure. "What's going on – why can I wield the Keyblade now and where are you?" "We have no time to lose. I'm not the one who I used to be anymore and it really is difficult for me to keep my own mind together. I extracted my memories of being able to wield the Keyblade and passed these memories to, making them your new memories. With that, it makes it easier for you to wield your own Keyblade now." , Cornelius replied. "But Master, you…", Xerxis began, but Cornelius cut him off. "I said we have no time… you have to know everything, before I… I…." Suddenly the voice vanished for a while. After a pause, Cornelius came back. "Xerxis, eh… you have to fulfill your mission. Go and find the remaining Keyblade Masters – train under them and become a Keyblade Master yourself. Only with that, our downfall is lessened. Once you got the title…. You have to search for Jenny…. The Heroine of Lightness…. Vargant lied as he……………. The voice vanished again and needed a longer time to come back….. as he told you that there was no sign of Jenny. He gave me a map, but surely it's gone after I teased Edgar with making a fool out of him. Russle and I had so much fun, before we began to realize that it was wrong what we did. Even Daddy was angry about that. "Master?", Xerxis asked as he noticed that something was wrong. "It's the curse, Demon put on me. I am merging together with her. I am becoming Abigail on my own, as he locked my heart with hers and made sure that there was almost nothing left back of me, forcing me to fuse with Abigail…… Jenny is in the Dragon Realms with Master Glaedr! Get the title and save her! She has ….. to visit us more often, Michelle I mean. Alright, she's still so young, but…  no! Not yet! Save Jenny, become a Keyblade Master and take sure that Jenny will face off Demon. She's the only one  who can save us</u> from our…. Our…AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!"</u></i> "Master!", Xerxis cried out as the connection broke up. Sadly, Xerxis sat down on a stone, looking at the Wayfinder.

His new friends… Fidelious dead, not a clue where Larxene was… Jenny in danger… Master Cornelius now gone within Abigail and even no clue where she was… Xerxis was more than hopeless at the moment. But then, he knew that he was the only to set things right before Jenny could do it.

Yes, he'd do it – he'd become a Keyblade Master, save Jenny and Larxene and then, they'd together take out Demon once and for all…

Strengthened by new confidence, Xerxis used his new Keyblade to open a corridor of light where he passed through it, vanishing from Light of Radiance…
Alright, I promise you that this is the last brick of text I'll upload for today. Now, I'll just upload 2-4 deviations and then, we'll finally start with the livestream.

But for now... :

This story sets up after Xerxis, Sora and Fidelious have failed to destroy Demon, Aramuil and latter's Organization in Chapter IX/X of KH: Shine of the Light.

While Sora and Fidelious head off in Chapter XI to Salecrime Town to get some informations about the whereabouts of the headmasters of the 2nd TG-War, Xerxis stays back to await his beloved Larxene, after she rescued them in Daemon's Gate and stayed back.

This story tells his point of view and what kind of role, he'll play in KH: Connected.

Alright, I admit it by now: Demon really is an asshole. Especially with that what he did in the end.

But to be honest, I can assure you now that this Demon character will stay in the 2nd TG-War. Unlike Black and Vieo who try their best to get the 2nd TG-War as far away from my story as possible, they still fail in the end.

And even if it doesn't play a role, I also will sometimes submit a story where I'll take care of Keyblade Masters and persons who actually doesn't exist within TG-War II or generally, but in turn for that, I'll ask no points out of those stories and keep things fair.

Also, for one last additional:

Master Vargant is a tribute to :iconvargant: after he looked after me so nice and I thought this was a good way to say thank you to him, 'though it also hurts me in side effect that things had to come out like this, but well....

Yes, it's strange where I take my ideas from. Dead movies/or old movies is where mostly my source is. It's especially them where I sense so much potential to increase them into something bigger as seen here with the movie "Once upon a Forest" , a child's movie I also have in my collection. Some days ago, I rewatched it after such a long time and came up with this whole plot.

Well, let's see what ideas come up next...

All characters of Dapplewood Forest belong to 20th Century Fox - I only own my own cast of people appearing there.
Vargant Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2010  Hobbyist Filmographer
Even though the appearance was short and ended in... death(?) - it was nice to give someone in your story my name!
theheroofdarkness Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010  Student Digital Artist
yeah, the appearance was short, have to admit that, but you're not dead - in the KH-World there's no such a thing like death - your body is extinguished for the first and your heart imprisoned in a tree... so, there's still a chance of you getting rescued.

You're welcome...
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