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KHC - Bond Paths III
Xerxis stand in front of the Castle at Daemon City.
This time, he'd set things right. Larxene didn't manage to escape from this Castle – now, after becoming a Keyblade Master, he'd finally keep save all of his friends – starting with the girl he loved.
And with that, Xerxis summoned his Keyblade and loaded it up into a big fireball which he let crash through the massive door, breaking it open in the progress.
Without fear, he walked into the fort and stopped surprised as he saw that the once small entrance hall had turned into an enormous hall with lots of pillars. "Did Demon recreate everything here?!", Xerxis thought in shock as he saw a small light at the end of the hall. Quickly, he ran to the other side only to find himself in a big stairway.  Hearing loud noises from the lower levels, Xerxis decided to check that out.
After walking through – as he felt – labyrinth, he found himself in some sort of factory where Heartless and Ex
:icontheheroofdarkness:theheroofdarkness 14 2
KH Connected - Bonded Paths II
Mike and Xerxis walked through the town, watching the countless offers in the shops. As Mike was busy with flirting on some girls, Xerxis noticed a man in a black cloak watched him from far away. Slowly, the man in black walked to his direction what made the redhead nervous. But what really made him shock was when the person just walked trough whole people without avoiding them. As the man finally reached him, he kneeled down to him. Just at this moment, Mike came in and looked confused at Xerxis who almost looked frightened at the man in black before him. "Something wrong?", Mike asked worried. "Eh… don't you see him?", Xerxis asked without looking at him. "Who?", Mike asked now even more worried. "The man in the black coat right in front of me?!", Xerxis replied almost in panic. "Boy, have you eaten something bad? There's no one.", Mike said as he followed Xerxis' view. Now, really in panic, Xerxis looked first at Mike, then to the man in black as latter
:icontheheroofdarkness:theheroofdarkness 4 0
KH Connected - Bonded Paths
Light of Radiance, a world full of Light and home world to many Keyblade Masters. This world already was responsibility for many famous events.
In the 1st TG-War, it was the place where Demon tried to conquer it, but failed against Master Hāto, what lead him to unlock the Master's heart and use it as his own, only to lose it, again after he battled against Cockerell at the world of Mirus.
Demon also let the world being consumed by his darkness. But thanks to Master Cockerell, the world could be freed, again.
Light of Radiance also used to be the battlefield between Master Cockerell and Contractor as latter tried to free Demon himself, but failed in the attempt and instead manipulated Aramuil to betray his Master and steal Demon from him at the night of his coronation.
Since this, a long time has passed.
Today, we write one year after Aramuil began his quest to reawake Demon from his icy prison. Cockerell's dead and Demon bac
:icontheheroofdarkness:theheroofdarkness 10 2
Yeah, I'm pretty much late to the 'party', again, sorry for that (but to be fair, it's currently exam times for me, so my 'sporadic' check-ins happen to be a necessary evil to be dealt with for now until about 2 weeks' time from now...).

I don't even want to overstretch this entry any more than necessary this time around as the title already pretty much sums it up what I want to share on:

Yes, we - the Internet-Community as a whole - have ultimately achieved a victorious blow against those ever determined to diminish our expressive freedom within the world wide web yet again (well, not quite considering the cable networks disaster, but for the most part, still so)!

With about 730 000 (rounded number) signers at the time of its official delieverence within Straßburg, the petition ultimately managed gathering about 856.457 by the time of final wrap ups and ultimate decisions to be held within Parliament around 1 p.m. European Times (though you apparantly still can sign it; happens to come close to 900 000 now, though whenever those still count now, dunno :shrug: )

Same Parliament now ultimately voted against the approval of introducing same newfound Copyright Laws with a vote count of 318 against 278 in favor of same one (31 ultimately having abstained themselves) (sources being and :icondeutschedichter: )

Yes, this happens to be quite a meaningful day for many a reason now. I admit, in spite of all, I had really believed that, for all our efforts to ultimately combat that very threat, it still would've all amounted for nothing, having actually come close to descent into despair at the thought of all ending up for the worse and what that'd ultimately mean for our all future, in the long run. In fact, I even had a meme prepared on the sidelines to be uploaded had we really lost, after all - I'm really happy now I don't have to use it after all (what kind of meme had I basically prepared you wonder? Simply a Captain Smith gif saying something to the lines of "us having to face SOPA all over, again, soon" - and no I won't upload it out of just explained reasons, hence the answer) (awkwardly enough now, though, I was actually turning so pessimstic over the last hours to a day or so that our all efforts would've amounted to nothing after all alongside my severely tied up time-spans following earlier mentioned exam-phase that I wouldn't come to prepare a winner-meme of sorts in return now; really messed up that part, I guess, sorry; might potentially add one later, then, dunno :shrug: ).

HOWEVER, it's still not over though - we won that battle for certain now, yes, but the war is still to continue when it comes to this, for our victory, in spite of not wanting to trivialize it all the same regardlessly, happens to be only temporary.

For now, our rights(/those of the 'old days) and expressive freedom happen to be secured for certain, true. However, EU-Parliament will once more bring this matter up around September where votes and negotiations will once more be held upon this entire topic. It's then, true decisions shall fall - whenever articles 11 and 13 are to be deleted from the overall draft or same entire draft gets rejected in general - in all certainty, there's still the menacing possibility that the entire tide could be turned against our aspired goals, after all. What this entire thing still could mean for us in such case I don't want to overwhelmingly explain here now seeing our (again, temporary) victory of sorts among other, so in case of interest, you may go towards this comment-response I made towards my friend :icondarth-drago: explaining same consequences within:

So, all in all, we still have to watch ourselves there and treat somewhat carefully.

However, seeing the - at least for me - surprising number of votes speaking against same introduction now (while at the same not ignoring the still regardlessly great number in the opposite direction either), chances might be high we could bring same overall 'war' of sorts to a close without any more big fuss now.

Either way, it's to this lucky turn followed by this newfound perception of mine, I'll ultimately conclude this overall topic with this supposedly final entry now when it comes to this as well as events in general, resolving in laying myself low for now when it comes to this and keep a close eye towards further developements from here and see if same ones can be settled without need for any further calls of protest from my end/in general. Only if things were to look this bad again as had been the case up to 'til now, I'll supposedly bring this up, again (though I'll be certain to at least keep you up to date upon that somewhat here and then, regardlessly, promise :thumbsup: )

Well, with that all disclosed here now, I still want to bring up the following points ahead, before ending this entry for good - as in

1. That I whole-heartedly want to thank everyone who'd ultimately help either sign earlier mentioned petition or spread same one amongst my overall messages/journals on (or both ^^; ) - it wouldn't have been possible without you guys :nod: (and there's no diminishing to this, as I already pointed out before how every act, no matter how big or small, happens to be both important as meaningful, so you can definitely be proud of yourselves what you ultimately helped achieved by yourselves as for us in general, in the end :pat: )

2. That, following this fortunate turn of events, I'll ultimately restore my gallery much faster, now, again, having already started the day before with unlocking 2 works on both of my accounts each; by tomorrow all shall be back in place, again. :)

3. Closely related towards the just disclosed, there happen to be two further subitems to be brought up here I feel want to (once more) express here as they'd still leave me with quite a bad conscience among other throughout the entire affair, but especially the last days now:

3.1. I'm aware that the way I'd come to treat this entire topic in general - especially, or, rather sole prominently here, regarding my stunt involving the 'take-down' of my works at large without warning - would perceptively leave many of you hurt and somewhat even betrayed in a way I'd come to carry this out (which certainly would've left things even worse now hadn't we won, after all; though neither way do I want to downplay this fact in any case) and which I've come to feel bad about even before having resolved in carrying same one out, after all - that as well as having invested so much attention towards this entire topic at large and having asked you time and time again in providing support to this any way you could while not having done so to the same extend in times of SOPA/PIPA and the cable-network disaster (again, it's not like I didn't do anything at the times those cases have been relevant, that's not true either, but me certainly having not as much exerted myself then as should've been the case for many a reason; this perceived hypocrisy of sorts I found myself bitting me in the butt nowadays I really happen to be quite regretful about, also leading me towards what's yet to come in 3.2.). I understand that same method, while still somewhat relatable if viewed from a certain angle, would most likely dearly cost me now when it comes to issues of trust and/or credibility among other, leaving this entire experience, while still happy about its outcome now outside this matter, still somewhat bittersweet in personal-directions when it comes to that, and for the one or other to most likely turn their back on me now out of afromentioned feelings of (irretrieveable? unfixable?) hurt and betrayal, in the end (and I wouldn't exactly blame them either; again, this was as a painful for me to do as it'd do to you :no: ). So, now that everything happens to be temporarily over as for now, it's here I want to express for one final time now how I'm sorry I am for my actions and what they'd most likely come to cause as well as earlier mentioned aspect regarding SOPA/PIPA/cable-network disaster - that I didn't as much exert efforts into same instances, then. In neither scenario was it meant to deliberately cause any harm or hurt towards anyone (involved in this) nor where they, regarding said stunt, supposed to be (seen as) actions to be carried out for selfish-gain as I might have had in my earlier days almost a decade by now (wait... 10 years soon by now?! :omg: F*ck, time really flies, no?! :fear: ), but to actually serve the interests of the many, in the long run - again, I was quite torn myself when having ultimately come up and carry out same action, then. I know it doesn't excuse things either, but at least they provide a reason why having done so instead of leaving this entire affair unadressed and -resolved, in the end.

For what (little?) amount it may be worth now, but at least, from here on, I promise that, if I ever were to pull something similiar to this, again, I'll at least resort in giving you a heads-up for real, then.

3.2. Also related towards the just disclosed, in special mention towards afromentioned SOPA/PIPA/cable-networks disaster, I also promise from this point on now as both means of redemption on my end, but also to properly balance out things, again, in overall, that, if same issues would come to befall other parts of the world, again - again, primilary a return of SOPA/PIPA or whatever else may fall into that category, then - I'll be certain to invest as much time on them, then, as I've done towards this case now - this being geninune on my end.

Alright, that happens to be all I had on my plate now, I think ^^; - should anything more come into memory, I'll be certain to add it afterwards, then. As said, by tomorrow, I'll start restoring my gallery and that of my parallel-account, again - this time, however, without notification-messages attached within them (having only done so the 1st time out of having wanted to raise awareness towards same cause of mine; again, not for selfish gain! However, if I were to do so now, then it'd certainly count as such in my eyes, hence not doing so this time), so, well... you'll supposedly see the galleries restored then when they are restored :XD: .

I guess, all in all, this will be my last journal entry, again, for a while, seeing how there's nothing else there for now for me to supposedly continue, then aside of my still own existing issues regarding many (private) projects among other (but given my upmost activity in that direction the last weeks now, I think that's hardly unfair, no? (seriously 11 entires by now?! Well, that's undoubtedly a new personal-record after all now; don't think I'll ever be able in beating same one (unless you count the KH-ones as just one; even then still amounting 7, so still counting in my eyes ^^; )), so...

... do well and keep doing awesome! :)

Until next time, then... :nod:

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Alright, once more calling out for help here for, again, not myself, but this time a friend of mine living a good deal away from my home, needing 900 views for her vid to get a good study-grade. Would be nice to let it play through and show support. :) 


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