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Double sided coin

This is for the contest-held by :iconmanipulatethis:
the journal information

the stock used-

the models/
& other

the bird
extra egg piece: not direct link but it is by-wakefield stocks

the textures-…
the other: cannot find direct link but its by- 8 xtockings

I love comments and feedback both are greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Lovely Work My friend! :)
Shadows are tough, but done well go a long way in selling a manipulated image as realistic.
Here are a few tutorials on shading by Andrei Oprinca.
Some have video some do not. His techniques are simple/good and easy to learn.
He's also a member here at Deviantart.
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thank you so much my sweet dear friend this one was tricky sometimes its so hard...................thank you for the information I have done a bunch of his tutorials hes got some good ones Hug Huggle! Heart 
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Nice work!! Thanks for using my stock Hug 
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thank you so much my friend I love your stockNod Huggle! Heart Hug La la la la 
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thanks dear, great work
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thank you my friend
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 this is good. Also, as bruhImAmazing commented, you might need to work on the shadows.
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first of all thank you so much for commenting and being so would I fix the shadows this ones got me a tad bit confused? any suggestions?
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 the lighting. I don't knowhow to explain but when I view it some of the shadows seem off but I am no professional, so I apologise if that doesnt help but the shadows do seem off. But I do like the usage of my stock.:D
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well thank you I am no professional either shading and light source are always tricky Nod ................I am so glad though that you like it Hug 
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fantastic concept and work :heart:
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thank you so much sweetheartHuggle! Hug 
This looks great. The two being the main focus. Although i have a couple feedback. Since the light is shining from off the piece or from the right. It feels like the boat may need a bit of shadowing and creating a shadow. Same as the models upfront. Overall, it's a great piece.
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first of all thank you so much for your in depth comment and kind feedback. I was wondering if you could help me with the shading and shadowing I tried using your suggestion but it still seems a bit off...............any suggestions?
Sorry for the late reply, apparently my email just received this notification today. Sorry It's kind of difficult to explain online. And just like Splat-shot said, Shadows are tough. 

For the first shadow, you can try to add a Gradient on the model on the left (Just got to have to get it on a certain Angle) or use a Soft brush or changing the opacity to shade the left of her body and her Feet, I would go up and down making a curved "L". And her Shadows, you can expand it although it should not go past her left feet. It also applies to the model on the right, but the item she's holding should be shaded as well. The boat should be casting a shadow away from the light and not directly on it.

What would actually work too, is making the item on her hand glow, so you would not need any shade on her, other than her feet. Like a Yellow Cream-ish color. You don't have to make it glow, but if you want, try experimenting with it.
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that's okay.......................thank you so much for your very detailed answer to my question............shadows are rather tricky and that's not even to speak of the light source..............and where its coming from............thank you again I really appreciate itHug Huggle! Heart  
you're welcome :]
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