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Welcome to #TheHaloArray!

Rules - Play nice, don't be a jerk.


:bulletred: All submissions must be related to Halo in some way. If your submission relates to some obscure part of the canon, it would help if you could mention it in the description although you'll generally be given the benefit of the doubt.

:bulletred: We do not accept in-game screenshots. Unaltered, unedited screenshots of video games in-progress are allowed to be placed into your Scrapbook only. Also, edited and altered video game screenshots are a violation of dA's copyright policy. FAQ #578: What does DeviantArt consider to be a proper desktop screenshot?

:bulletred: Your Spartan is boring and will be declined. Draw us a picture of them instead.

:bulletred: Do not submit stolen official concept art or any art which is not entirely your work. Submitting some random piece of official or concept Halo art is against the dA TOS. It will be denied and will be reported to dA. FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?

:bulletred: Suggestive or sexually themed pictures/literature will be considered for tastefulness on a case-by-case basis. Please respect that not everyone is interested in seeing this sort of content in a Halo fangroup.

:bulletgreen: Photographs of posed figurines will also be considered on a case by case basis. If it looks like you've put some effort into creating an interesting setup, we'll let it in. Blurry, low quality snapshots uploaded in the wrong category will be declined.

:bulletgreen: Please submit to the correct gallery folders. We're happy moving stuff around for now, but if people don't learn we'll have to start declining things.

:bulletgreen: Crossovers are allowed, (No "MLP ART")

:bulletgreen: Screenshot comics and heavily post-processed screenshots will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

:bulletgreen: If you are looking for constructive criticism to improve your artwork, be it a finished product or a WIP, feel free to send us a message or note aauditor. We don't bite and We're happy to help out with advice and suggestions.

If there are any suggestions or queries about the rules please send a note to the group or an admin.

Gallery Folders

RDA-class cruiser by The-Chronothaur
Rasus-pattern interdictor by The-Chronothaur
Halberd vs Covenant frigate (Commission) by The-Chronothaur
Different Approaches by LordArcheronVolistad
You should be more stealthy ... by MarkushMasterWarrior
Cortana Halo by BuzzingGirls
Halo-Ween 2019 - #18 Trail-to-Ceaseless-Strength by Guyver89
Lord Of Admirals by LordArcheronVolistad
Ancient Humanity
Battle on a Star Road by LordArcheronVolistad
Thinking Throne by LordArcheronVolistad
Relax a bit, Major! by LordArcheronVolistad
AHE Helmet Variations by LordArcheronVolistad
Environments, Wildlife, and Scenery
Nature's Return by Rookie425
In Orbit by Michael-V
Halo Infinite - Daybreak by TheAdamTaylor
Halo Infinite - Into The Night by TheAdamTaylor
Antak Koadamee 2020 by Illogical-Lynx
Rtas Vadum by Dragunalb
Not trifled with the parasite REDRAW by NamyGaga
Do whatever to get what you want by NamyGaga
Alan-S173 [SFM 4K] by HopelessSFM
Master Chief and Cortana by Teenebreuse
Scimitar Team (Commission) by The-Chronothaur
Master Chief and Cortana by Corppu
Comics and Humour
Welcome Party 182 by Ramrum
XIII 2 - Page 54 by John117-MasterChief

Mature Content

XIII 2 - Page 1 by John117-MasterChief

Mature Content

XIII 2 - Page 2 by John117-MasterChief
Rampancy by SmallTitan

Mature Content

Sexy Cortana by adventuresinenf
Halo Emiles Box by ediskrad327
Halo Emiles by ediskrad327
Other Covenant
Halo  Covenant spartan-games-covenant-capital-vess by Kamikage86
High Charity Model- Work in Progress by Michael-V
Yun and Tik by HWPD
Roakta, Rezo'Faldo, and Kul Geta by XxGiganmasterxX
The Flood
If Halo 2 was a comic book - p1 by Fable95
If Halo 2 was a comic book - p2 by Fable95
If Halo 2 was a comic book - p3 by Fable95
Combat Form by Lasagnagsag
WIP and Scraps
Wreckage 2 by Hawpuh
Cosplay and Figures
Spartan B117  by Swatson3rd
Original characters and Red vs Blue
[Halo] Spartan Nakano-NK12 by NisuKitsune
Scifi Wars - On Your Port by Spinobreaker
Wallpaper - Posters - Other
I Dream Within the Twilight by WillSindra
Contests and Tutorials
Halo Breakpoint fan art concept poster by CocoDundee47

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