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NOT FUNNY. Part two.

Poor Alfred.

Part one: [link]
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that was a great double-entendre XD
queenofbadassea's avatar
will we need to find a new America because our America is dead

I vote me but I'm a girl well I don't care
Abigailwolfy's avatar
"Just put it in your mouth!"
Me: o///////////o
....*keeps scrolling*
Me: XD
CrazyHetaliaLover13's avatar
NekoxNeo's avatar
Alfred : :iconiliedplz: 

Me: :iconfangirlingplz:
condy-candy's avatar
jjgirl99's avatar
...mental images <#3
furchild1204's avatar
I hear you, dirty mind. Shut the fuck up. ><
UnessesarySunglasses's avatar

First, I was like: ...;///;?

Then I was like: >//w//<

Then I was like: O/////////////O

Then I was like: X'DDDDDDDDDDD

animedreamer246's avatar
My mind was way off on that one!
SailorElliotFan's avatar
XD you make us seem like perverts!!!!
Protodramon's avatar
So many indeirect jokes XD
JustARandomIdiot's avatar
"Just put it in your mouth."
AutumnSprite's avatar
i almost went into blood loss mode lol <3 it :D
MrsLuvett's avatar
the first one I was like :D than D: AND NOWWWW im like :DDDDD MY LIFE IS COMPLETE
xXHeartlessGirlXx's avatar
............................I wasn't thinking of a food in end... *blush* Was a good comic though. :)
FlyingNight's avatar
Gahhh, your /trying/ to make me feel like a pervert arent you!?!?
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