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January 27, 2009
Says the suggester: "untitled 5 by *theGutlessWonder is a very shocking 3D creature. As freaky as hell, this piece is just bring strangeness to a new level. Beautifully ugly, enough said." Don't forget to visit this deviant's gallery for many other unique works.
Featured by joannastar
Suggested by goatheadcorp
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untitled 5


Big thank you to Goatheadcorp and Joannastar! I have never had a DD so it means very much to me, especially as it is one of my favourite pieces.

Thanks in advance for any faves, adds and comments.
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T-equio's avatar
mere forms are the most haunting.

buriedinadream's avatar
Really like this. Glad to see digital work being used to make fine art.
Paul-1485's avatar
Truly confusing and a little bit scary.... great creation though! :)
Baileeluz's avatar
As great as this piece is, I don't think I'd ever want the thing to turn and 'face' me.
amidarosa's avatar
Looks like a sad lonely fetus with legs.
There's something quite elegant about this
aBnorMaloO's avatar
A lonely foreskin perhaps? Lovely talent tho!
5-blue-marks's avatar
I don't get what's so "disturbing" about your work...

I mean, I like it, but I just don't feel repulsed or disturbed in any way. It makes me curious, though.
Munchflower's avatar
Beautiful and terrifying, like all of your work.
EBENEWOOD's avatar
Love this emotion...Nothing's really matters ...:heart::sun:
TaylorMurch's avatar
This is so rad and freaky. Awesome work.
It reminds me of Voldemort's ugly-non-human-figure as described in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, right before he gets dumped into the cauldron/comes back to power. In fact, when I reread the book last week, this piece of art is exactly what I was picturing whenever Voldy was mentioned. It's branded in my mind. It certainly is scary enough!
CyberneticCupcake's avatar
*Pats the thing on the back*

Don't be sad, little critter...
Evil-Squffin's avatar
this is gonna be in my nightmares. o.o
why did i click on this?!

...aside from it being one of the most disturbing things i've ever seen, it's very well done. an excellent peice.
what in gods name
ArchitekOGP's avatar
Great work, love the orange and white and the minimal appearance. It really helps bring out the emotion in a creature with no emotive features. :D
Ozzmanas's avatar
Bizarre and creepy, but I like it :D
trishij's avatar
reminds me of where the sidewalk ends
a foetus i think !
Compusician's avatar
ashurathedemon's avatar
:iconmoarplz:like masterbate...
morganas222's avatar
is so scary but pretty
LadyJokerEspinoza's avatar
it's so ugly that it's adorable.
gibboart's avatar
I really like this lonlely little thing...
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