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January 5, 2011
Suggester's words: Painting Tutorial by ~TheGuardianDragon is the first digital painting tutorial that I can actually follow step by step, and with great results. It is easy to follow, professional and fun to read. I am painting my first portrait thanks to this tutorial, and I think it would be great if more people could benefit from it.
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Painting Tutorial

WARNING- LARGE FILE, please download.
Finished product can be found here: [link]

Hahah my first tutorial!!! Sorry about the horizontal layout- I hope it doesn't confuse people too much... e_e

This covers how I paint skin, faces, hair, etc, using a wip with tips and directions from the piece, Of Green and Gold. It's a BIIIIIG file, so please download to get all of the details. It's a bit rough since I've never made one, so feel free to ask questions if it's confusing. I did have fun making it, though. ^_^

One point to make: I'm a mouse painter, and am apparently retarded when it comes to using a tablet (tried on a friend's and failed miserably), but for tablet users, you can get away without using all those fuzzy brushes and blurring and whatnot a whole lot easier, since you have better control of your hand.) So if the smudging/blurring/etc techniques aren't working so well for you and you use a tablet, try avoiding them and see how it goes- it might make your picture a whole lot sharper and less mushy-looking.

Hope this helps, and I'll have a dragon: basics/anatomy/drawing/painting tut up, hopefully soon. Enjoy!

NOTE: it IS for photoshop, but I'm sure that you can compensate for certain brushes/techniques in Painter Pro, OpenCanvas, Jasc, and even traditional painting as well.

If you try it, feel free to send me a link so I can check it out! =D


UPDATE: Ohhhhh my goodness, guys, thank you sooo much for the wonderful comments and advice (I'll be 100% sure to make my next tutorial vertical- promise!). And I can't believe I got a DD T_T I feel so special...*cries* I really had no idea everyone liked my little tutorial so much, and I'm so incredibly grateful for all the support. <3
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NirAntae's avatar

Thank you so, *SO* much for this tutorial! It was just the perfect amount of detail for me, focused exactly on the parts I needed (how to do a color portrait on a comp, not like, *how to draw* lol)

Here is my first full-color, fully digital painting as a result! <3 <3 <3

Clik Dataq portrait
Thanks for sharing. I'm going to try this out.
ozzi82's avatar
definitely my style thanx
ciucamona's avatar
awsome tutorial! thanks very muchLove Nod 
RavenDancer's avatar
Definitely trying this. This is exactly what I've been looking for.
sZieh's avatar
OMG This is soooooo Helpfull thank you so much!! :)
msbreshine's avatar
I was just telling someone I was looking through tutorials to start practicing and getting better but I don't use a tablet, and then I read "I'm a mouse painter" and got SUPER EXCITED.
dabberblimp's avatar
This Tutorial helped me so much! The best colouration tutorial I found. Thank you!
This is what I made of it:… :) (Smile) 
toutcool's avatar
so beautyfull and great tutorial
TheLoneInquisitor's avatar

Thank you, very well done! One of the best tutorials available! :clap:

Omg... Marvin :XD:

Theetx's avatar
Thankyou For This Tutorial! ... :) , It really helped me. ^_^
greatdiane's avatar
I cannot download it, only zoom it, can you share the download link?
butterfliessouls's avatar
Amazing tutorial, thanks for the cotribution to help newbies  :)))
unzumi's avatar
This is wonderful, thank you for sharing :meow:
DerpWerp's avatar
0-o dis 2 small, make it enlarge option bigger 
Has to be one of my favorite tutorials of all time! Thanks for uploading, it really helps!
emmawh's avatar
I can't believe someone can do something so... can't even find the words to describe it.
TrinitySage's avatar
I featured your tutorial in my journal today!
Here's the link if you'd like to check it out -
reversalverbal1103's avatar
This is incredible!! WITH ONLY A MOUSE!? You have serious talent. I've tried multiple times with a mouse and couldn't even get anything close to presentable. Amazing job.
LupusMortis's avatar

Too little for me to see... but it could be helping me but i can't have it


TheGuardianDragon's avatar
If you click the "Download Image" button on the far right, you'll be able to access the whole thing. :)
MisterMidknight's avatar
Thank you for this :)
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