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Return of BG

Furthering the background painting portfolio - line art/layout from Avatar: the Last Airbender and © Nickelodeon, drawn by Enzo Baldi.
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Very atmospheric. Love the reflections on the tiles, too.
ChakotayDgryphon's avatar
Right away I said to myself... "Ooh! Fire Nation Palace!" I really like that cartoon. :aww: I hope the movie doesn't ruin it... :worry:

Anywho, as for the art itself... Wow! :o
aedifico's avatar
Beautiful! The colors are so rich and the lighting is excellent too. I love the reflections on the floor. :)
GuoBia's avatar
You've really been on an Asian spree lately, haven't you?

Wow, this is great picture! ^w^
humantyphoon89's avatar
breathtaking dude, love the reflection on the floor
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Lachbee's avatar
aaaaamazing!! the colors are great and the detail T_T :') it somehow does remind me of Spirited Away.... anyone else notice? awesome job! *faved*
Orus's avatar
Impressive man,the details on the pillars must been dificult!
nimirofox's avatar
This is awesome, at first glance I thought it was a photograph! Keep up the great work!^^ I love seeing all of these!
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i love how you captured the lighting
sayomi-chan's avatar
This is so gorgeous! I love how you did the perspective and your attention to detail. This is truly breathtaking to look at. The shading is extremely well done, and I really like how you did the lighting from the Chinese lanterns reflected into the flooring, not to mention the texture in the floor. I really enjoyed the backgrounds from Avatar and it's nice to see them so well embellished here. Wonderful job on this!
Merlkir's avatar
Ooooh, very nice! And a good choice too! Avatar. Mhm. :)
quickreaver's avatar
I LOOOOVE Chinese lanterns. I'm not a huge Airbender fan, but the upcoming live-action movie might just woo me in. Gorgeous colors, too.
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Yeah - I think the backgrounds in Spirited Away were just unbelievable, and I'd love to work somewhere with similar sensibilities. (Or anywhere. Animation salaries look huge to me after years in the RPG market...)
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