What is The Grigori?

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What is The Grigori?
The Grigori Manga by TheGrigoriAnime

That Grigori stands for "Watchers". Watchers are a specific type of Angels. The apocryphal Books of Enoch (1st and 2nd centuries BC) refer to both good and bad Watchers, with a primary focus on the rebellious ones. (Also Genesis 6:1-4 and Book of Jasher)

In the Book of Enoch, these 200 Watchers are angels dispatched to Earth to watch over the humans. They soon begin to lust for human women and, at the prodding of their leader Samyaza (Semjaza)Semjaza Leader of the Annunaki, defect en masse to illicitly instruct humanity and procreate among them. The offspring of these unions are the Nephilim, savage giants Gilgamesh Nephilim~ The Grigori. who pillage the earth and endanger humanity. Samyaza (Semjaza) and his associates further taught their human charges arts and technologies such as weaponry, cosmetics, mirrors, sorcery, and other techniques that would otherwise be discovered gradually over time by humans, not given to them all at once. 

The Grigori Anime is a compilation (scripts) of many ancient records that detail the these events during this timeline. The Grigori tells an epic fantasy tale over 1000 years when a small group of Angels from heaven come down to earth in disguise as human men, teach new knowledge, take woman for wives who give birth to children who became great giant warriors and create a hybrid animal warriors for their army. The fallen angels have a plan to deceive mankind, lead them into war & rule all seven kingdoms as gods by persuasion or by force. The story come from Biblical related ancient text, Ancient Sumerian Texts and Dead Sea Scrolls.
Watch! The Grigori Anime Teaser Trailer! Small by TheGrigoriAnime Gilgamesh Rampage~ The Grigori by TheGrigoriAnime Enoch~ The Grigori by TheGrigoriAnime Enoch and Mahaway the Giant by TheGrigoriAnime The Grigori Manga by TheGrigoriAnime

The story revolves around various characters, the good and bad guys. The story rotates from various perspectives and not just one sided. You will love both the good guys, bad guys and the in-between. The story also focuses on the giant Nephilim warriors who attempt to conquer the Earth.. 

The Grigori will also run a concurrent futuristic timeline starting off slowly eventually going into a full episodes.in the 3rd of 4th season. Here is a snapshot of the characters of the futuristic timeline of the Grigori.
<da:thumb id="679950839"/><da:thumb id="679950839"/> Professor Hayao Miyazaki by TheGrigoriAnime Ichika~ The Grigori by TheGrigoriAnime

Other Grigori Series:
The Grigori Legends by TheGrigoriAnime Captain Cole~ The Grigori Nibiru by TheGrigoriAnime

Concept Animation:
Watch! The Grigori Anime Teaser Trailer! Small by TheGrigoriAnime

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Check out our latest concept Artwork about our story.
Epic Battle Scene #2~ The Grigori by TheGrigoriAnime

Gilgamesh Nephilim Giant by TheGrigoriAnime

Queen Isleen~ The Grigori by TheGrigoriAnime

Semjaza~ The Grigori by TheGrigoriAnime

Queen Korinna~ The Grigori by TheGrigoriAnime

The Dragon~ The Grigori by TheGrigoriAnime

King Julian and Queen Mykel ~The Grigori by TheGrigoriAnime

Lycans aka Werewolves~ The Grigori by TheGrigoriAnime

Diamino Blood bath~ The Grigori by TheGrigoriAnime

Hezron and Diamino~ The Grigori by TheGrigoriAnime

Epic Battle Scene~ The Grigori by TheGrigoriAnime
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The plan is to do both languages or more at the same time and release it all at once because the industry makes this mistake.... release it in Japanese first, then other countries later, in some cases years which leads to piracy because anime fans dont want to wait. So they make less money and then dont develop a 2 or 3rd season.  I cant say too much that could hinder any possible deal/negotiations but there are many aspects and choices to distribution also in how we are going to accomplish this. Our approach is going to be much different in the Anime Industry in creating the best in-depth fantasy anime possible for all fans around the world at the same time.