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Watch! The Grigori Anime Teaser Trailer! Small

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This is our first Teaser Trailer for The Grigori. More are coming featuring the characters of The Grigori.
Done by:

The Grigori tells an epic fantasy tale 1000 years before the flood of Noah when a small group of Angels from heaven come down to earth in disguise as human men, teach new knowledge, take woman for wives who give birth to children who became great giant warriors & create a hybrid animals warriors for their army. The fallen angels have a plan to deceive mankind, lead them into war & rule all seven kingdoms as gods by persuasion or by force. The story come from Genesis Chapter 6:1-4, Book of Enoch, Book of Giants, Ancient Sumerian Texts and Dead Sea Scrolls.

Genesis 6:4 And there were giants in the Earth in those days---

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Woah! When is it gonna be out?
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This looks cool.

What program was used to make this?
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Thanks! I forgot what program our animator used for that one. :iconiokoshi: can answer this. I tagged him so he will see this. 
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thank you for the appreciation.
for this animation,
I use toon boom and photoshop.
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Whoaw, It seems to be awesome *_* !
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Thanks! We have alot of information, new anime video and information coming about the universe of the Grigori. Stay tuned!
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I would totally watch this!
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Really well done! Love it!
TheGrigoriAnime's avatar
Thanks!!! We got our second one coming! 
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your wellcome Yes, My Lord
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This looks awesome!
TheGrigoriAnime's avatar
Thanks we have another one coming soon!
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wow i  lvoe it ^^ 
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it looks good.
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Thanks! Wait till you see the action trailer! Give us a watch or give the Grigori Facebook page a like to keep up with the project. We have many interesting things coming up in the future! 
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