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The Grigori Men

Showcase of some of the men from the Grigori. Julian, Lord Hezron, Azazel, Lord Terah and Semjaza. The Grigori Manga coming soon and we'll give out details later on how you can get the special edition.

Grigori Manga Artist: :iconseonidas: 

The Grigori Manga is coming!

Grigori Manga Facebook Group:…

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Ps. I do feel the watchers could be covered more in the nether regions... It's drawing way too much attention. I get that they are supposed to be sensual but I can be done without that much exposure. I'd raise those waist garments by another 6 inches.

Otherwise, awesome work to the artist.
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The designs are AMAZING... Semyaza looks every bit the mastermind.
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Seonidas has a great way to make male characters look long and lanky while still being extremely built.  It's very nice, and quite evident in these designs and artwork!
TheGrigoriAnime's avatar
Yup he does. Im looking forward to really seeing these guys in action!