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The Grigori Legends is a spin off series which is a compilation of various stories based on giant/nephilim legends such as the Longwalkers, Si-Te-Cah, the Conquistadores and others.

This particular story tells of t
he Paiutes Indians who have an oral legend of red-haired, white cannibal giants called the Si-Te-Cah
 that stood about 10-12 feet tall and lived near Lovelock Cave, Nevada. 

Chief Walkara  and Winnemucca Son of Chief Walkara 
Members of Paiute tribe are mysteriously disappearing. Chief Walkara and his son Winnemucca with the other tribe members investigate these disappearances. When they find out whats happening, all HELL breaks loose. 

Grigori Artist: :iconseonidas:

Seonidas On PatreonSeonidas PATREON
:iconPatreonplz:   :iconPatreonplz:
Yes my dear friends, i launched Seonidas Patreons and Here are the Rewards:
*1*  $1: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday i will upload HD pics and sketches of the art i upload in my Deviant Art.
*2*  $5: Sketches,Doodles,Step by Step Progress Images High-Res Artworks, WIPs of my current work.
*3* $10 Every month i will make polls for my Patreons to make a Original art for them for free.
Sketches and Doodles
Step by Step Progress Images
High-Res Artworks
WIPs of my current work
Lineart files (.png)
Access to polls
Original PSD Files
*4* $20:
This is it guys, here you will received all of above rewards, you will have exclusive content of Comics i am working on for example The Grigori , if my Patreon is successful.
Sketches and Doodles
Step by Step Progress Image

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Will there be Cyclops next?