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Ichika concept. Some of you are probably wondering what this character has to do with The Grigori??? For those who dont know the Grigori is a multiple layer story across several timelines. Not only will you experience the ancient Grigori but you will experience the future of the Grigori starting from 1974 until our future that bridges the gap between the two Grigori stories. She will be featured in our coming Manga special edition. Stay tuned for more!

Grigori Artist: :iconcherrixy:

Ichika Bio (Age 16) 

Ichika is secretly assigned to protect Professor Hayao Miyazaki Professor Hayao Miyazaki by TheGrigoriAnimeWatch! The Grigori Anime Teaser Trailer! Large by TheGrigoriAnime and get close to him. Ichika's assignment would be the key to protecting the future of mankind. (watch the professor video) 

Ichika is a orphan who was adopted by a married couple who worked for a Japanese shadow government organization that investigates other foreign shadow government operations. At the age of 13 Ichika adoptive parents were killed in front of her by assassins. Ichika parents boss Takasumi temporarily takes Ichika in until he can relocate her to a safe place and finish school. Ichika investigates her parents death and forces Takasumi to reveal the truth about her parents. After learning why her parents were killed and what they did as their job, Ichika vows revenge urging Takasumi to allow her to join the organization. Takasumi reluctantly agrees knowing with the right training her age and looks would make her a valuable asset.

Ichika is animated, outgoing and sometimes loud in her teenage years. Ichika parents never intended on Ichika on becoming an agent. They could not have children and found Ichika to be very special. Ichika is very intelligent and raised in martial arts but no real combat training. After Ichika started working for the Japanese shadow government she went through a rigorous training program. After completion of her training, Takasumi reveals to Ichika the whole truth about what is coming ahead upon the Earth in the future. Ichika's vengeful spirit is broken and her focus is renewed on trying to stop the coming apocalypse, following in her parents footsteps. Being trained as a spy and a a assassin she is skillful with various weaponry. 

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Oh she is just plain delightful.