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Enoch~ The Grigori



Enoch, father of Methuselah, the King of kings during the time of Grigori (Watchers) when they came from the Heavens and disguised themselves as humans (Genesis 6:1-4). Enoch is faced with many decisions and disasters when the Annunaki first arrive.  

Enoch appears in the Book of Genesis of the Pentateuch as the seventh of the ten pre-Deluge Patriarchs. Genesis recounts that each of the pre-Flood Patriarchs lived for several centuries, had a son, lived more centuries, and then died. Enoch is considered by many to be the exception, who is said to "not see death". (Hebrews 11:5) Furthermore, Genesis 5:22–29 states that Enoch lived 365 years which is extremely short in the context of his peers. The brief account of Enoch in Genesis 5 ends with the note that "he[was] not; for God took him".

Grigori Artist: :iconseonidas:
What is The Grigori?What is The Grigori?

That Grigori stands for "Watchers". Watchers are a specific type of Angels. The apocryphal Books of Enoch (1st and 2nd centuries BC) refer to both good and bad Watchers, with a primary focus on the rebellious ones. (Also Genesis 6:1-4 and Book of Jasher)
In the Book of Enoch, these 200 Watchers are angels dispatched to Earth to watch over the humans. They soon begin to lust for human women and, at the prodding of their leader Samyaza (Semjaza)Semjaza Leader of the Annunaki, defect en masse to illicitly instruct humanity and procreate among them. The offspring of these unions are the Nephilim, savage giants Gilgamesh Nephilim~ The Grigori. who pillage the earth and endanger humanity. Samyaza (Semjaza) and his associates further taught their human charges arts and technologies such as weaponry, c

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Jehovah's Witnesses are firm in their teaching that nobody went to heaven befoire Christ's "return

" in 1918 *.

They teach that ,to save Enoch from being killed by his enemies, Jehovah scattered his atoms ,erasing him from existence. He will re-create him from His memory, at the resurrection of His followers to live on Earth. This was from a Watchtower article that was longer than the original blurb in Genesis.

A similar problem was with Elijah, who was taken up to heaven . To get around THAT, they say that he was actually taken to another land to continue his work -and ti die from natural causes.

Is it any wonder, why I have written to 2 kingdom halls asking them NOT to make any further attempts to convert me ? That was about 15 years ago and I have not been bothered since.