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Diamino Blood bath~ The Grigori

General Diamino on the battlefield. 

General over of the hybrid army of Lycans/Werewolves. Diamino takes over General of all the Doran army when Hezron becomes king. Diamino was proven to be the smartest and strongest of the Hybrid wolves. 

The Grigori wolves do not have a human form but are a hybrid creation of the Annunaki.  Lycans aka Werewolves are a part of the Annunaki Hybrid army. The first set of Lycans were genetically engineered for the Army of Doran and Lord Terah. Lycans were also created for specific purposes such as assassins and hunting down traveling parties. The Lycans are wolf riders of genetically altered large wolves. Most Lycans stood between 7 and 9 feet tall and did not get along well with the Nephilim giants. If you run from them- you will die, if you don't run you will die. 

Grigori Artist: :iconseonidas:

Hezron and Diamino~ The Grigori by TheGrigoriAnime
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This... is familiar... wasn't this based on the coming of Wormwood, and it's planet, Niberu, according to legends?
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Not this story specifically. We are int he process of now of doing our story NIBIRU. This is antiquity during the time before the great flood, the giants, hybrids, Greek mythology, bible, dead sea scrolls, Annunaki etc. It ties into Nibiru though in a futuristic series were working on. 
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ah, thanks for the clarification! Will be looking forward to seeing more.
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Intense battle scene!  More fantastic art from Seonidas <3
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