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Azazel~ The Grigori



Azazel is second in command to the Watchers and the Annunaki. He is instrumental in the operations of the Annunaki on Earth and Semjaza relies on him heavily. Azazel also taught human beings many different things like the secrets of heaven and the dark arts. Azazel fathers many Nephilim children, the most famous being Gilgamesh. Azazel is considered to be the sexiest of the Annunaki by the human women and he takes pleasure in them. He is flamboyant, prideful and arrogant. He loves to wear "high fashion" clothing to impress the women of Earth.  Azazel is also the most dangerous of the Annunaki.

Grigori Manga Artist: :iconseonidas: 

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You can see why the human women would be drawn to them. I would imagine lots of seduction was involved along with hidden knowledge and power. My mind was pretty blown to find out these fallen watchers basically invented witchcraft, human sacrifice and demon worship. They made the world a horrible place hence the Flood.

I mean this guy is beautiful and um... I can't stare too long 0_o Quite literally a chick magnet. He knows exactly what he's doing.
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Very nice work!  Well done, Seonidas!
TheGrigoriAnime's avatar
Thanks we appreciate it!