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MLP: Downfall by thegriffin88 MLP: Downfall :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 0 0 SC-Kersplash by thegriffin88 SC-Kersplash :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 0 0 MLP: The Founders by thegriffin88 MLP: The Founders :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 2 0 SC-Clotheslined by thegriffin88 SC-Clotheslined :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 0 0
Handler-Understanding the Misunderstood
“You might as well come in I know you’re out there.”
Quentin didn’t even look up from his laptop when she entered.
“Seriously, it was like having a miniature thundercloud outside my room. You are possibly the loudest person this planet.”
“And you’re possibly the gayest.” Handler snapped, sticking out her tongue. Then she groaned and put a hand over her face. “No, no, ugh, I didn’t come here to start shit with you I really didn’t.”
“Oh really? You’re off to a great start.” the Phoenix host smirked.
“For once in my life I’m trying to be serious here.” Handler huffed.
Quentin closed his laptop and, still smirking, looked her in the eyes. “I’m listening then.”
Handler sighed. “Okay, look…I wanted to say…I wanted to say thanks. Thanks for not jumping in on that ‘Oooh you slept with Dr. Doom’ bandwagon bullshit back there with Bobby
:iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 1 0
SC-Take Flight by thegriffin88 SC-Take Flight :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 1 0 MLP: King Godric and the Dragon by thegriffin88 MLP: King Godric and the Dragon :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 0 0 SC-The Chase is On by thegriffin88 SC-The Chase is On :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 6 0
Handler-Good Mornin' from S.H.I.E.L.D.
“Hey! You Zach?”
Zach turned to see a woman in a pinstripe suit with a toothbrush in her mouth staring at him.
“…Who’s asking?”
The woman held up a finger and ducked inside the bathroom to spit and rinse before popping back out, lathering her hands in antiseptic.
“Eugh, communal bathrooms.” she muttered before holding out her hand to shake. “Handler, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., former liason to the Xavier School; looking to rekindle that spot with Kitty here at Jean Grey. Should go smoothly she likes me. But that’s not why I stopped you. You’re Daken’s student, right?”
“Yeah? What about it?” Zach replied incredulously.
Handler, held her hand closer, “Because I’m his friend. Been his friend for a long time and when I heard the rumors I just had to meet you! So please tell me his bad manners aren’t rubbing off on you?”
Still quizzical, Zach finally shook her hand.
:iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 3 0
Handler-Pool Party
“This is so…super nice.” Handler sighed, relaxing against the bar.
It was the quietest, laziest Avengers party she had ever been to and then some. Because Tony said she could bring a plus 1 who could bring a plus 1. Loki was off world with Thor and wouldn’t be back for at least another week, Strange was in some other portion of the multiverse and all her calls kept getting forwarded to his voicemail so she picked the very best next person: Victor von Doom. Victor took the plus 1 opportunity to cordially invite Namor, and Handler suspected that was because he knew it would piss them both off to be in the same room. Even if that same room was the entirety, well okay the lab was obviously shut off, of Tony’s rebuilt Malibu mansion. Pool and all.
So there sat Handler, having fun in the sun in her best beach attire with Victor dressed like he always did.
“I bet Tony’s wondering how you’re not roasting to death in there.” she chuckled.
:iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 0 0
Handler-More Than You Know
Handler sighed and made a note on her phone to tell Osborn to get larger choppers, it was way too crammed in here. (Not that Victor crossing his arms through the entire flight helped. She knew he would have preferred to fly himself had he the means.)
Then she heard the most ridiculous question.
“Excuse me, Doctor, can we take a picture?”
Victor turned his head and oh, if looks could kill. Handler leaned over and snapped a picture of the grunt.
“Oh Son, that is going on Twitter.” She elbowed Victor, “My Twitter is mostly full of you scaring people.”
They touched down and another chatty grunt spoke up.
“Some homecoming, Doom. Your people are real glad to see you.”
Victor huffed and said, in his ‘Doom’ voice: “If you continue to speak there will be no end to your suffering.”
The intimidation he was going for was ruined by a loud sputtering as Handler batted away his cloak.
“What the hell? Did you enchant this th
:iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 0 0
SC-After Him by thegriffin88 SC-After Him :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 1 0 SC-Damien by thegriffin88 SC-Damien :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 2 0 GA: Herrik's Character Profile by thegriffin88 GA: Herrik's Character Profile :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 1 0 SC-Caught In The Act by thegriffin88 SC-Caught In The Act :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 1 0 SC-Shave and a Haircut by thegriffin88 SC-Shave and a Haircut :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 0 0


Ginga Legends by Zencelot Ginga Legends :iconzencelot:Zencelot 816 117 star wars instagram AU by shorelle star wars instagram AU :iconshorelle:shorelle 2,056 319 Storm Cruisin' by GreekCeltic Storm Cruisin' :icongreekceltic:GreekCeltic 449 21 Pallas's cat by faithandfreedom Pallas's cat :iconfaithandfreedom:faithandfreedom 171 6 The Lion and The Unicorn by juliedillon The Lion and The Unicorn :iconjuliedillon:juliedillon 10,558 409 Lion by Fetsch Lion :iconfetsch:Fetsch 680 40 A Brewing Storm by ElementalJess A Brewing Storm :iconelementaljess:ElementalJess 49 21 thunderstorm by sigeel thunderstorm :iconsigeel:sigeel 401 64 Good Omens by sandara Good Omens :iconsandara:sandara 2,717 124 Comm: Birb by Lopoddity Comm: Birb :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 1,108 18 Simple Days by SeaSaltShrimp Simple Days :iconseasaltshrimp:SeaSaltShrimp 2,229 93 Rio Dolphin Force by Alexi-C Rio Dolphin Force :iconalexi-c:Alexi-C 156 24 Flora and Fauna by vantid Flora and Fauna :iconvantid:vantid 136 20


Points Commissions to keep my Core Membership
Some avatar sized portraits and character shots for points. The price is for everything, which includes color. I can draw more than griffins I just like them which is why I have a lot of them here. 

500 points per character, so a sheet like the last one would be 2000 points total. 

These are POINTS only, if you want something else like a comic or cover or any other illustration note me and I'll give you my USD rundown. Points only cover these small sized character portraits and are purely to keep up my Core here. 

But yeah I'm willing to draw pretty much anything, even Neopets and MLP I don't discriminate much when it comes to you giving me money. 

Streaming Goals for the New Year

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 21, 2018, 8:42 PM
:blowing tree: Okay aside from those feelings, in addition to streaming art there are two games I want to stream, both RPGs, in the New Year:

Avernum 1, also known as Avernum: Escape from the Pit. This is an RPG styled after games like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale by Spiderweb studios and the first of a series of games I played heavily during college so I have a lot of love. 

Spectral Souls: Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires. A Strategy or Tactics JRPG like FF Tactics (which I played a good amount of) or Disgaea. The gameplay is fun but the story is the most generic Japanese bullshit there ever was. Be prepared next year for a spectacular I'm calling: Sarcastic Souls. I have been playing through the game on and off for the past year and a half so I can get the 'true ending' which is more characters and cutscenes. My sister PatFenis might be joining me for some color commentary while I have to grind for weapon upgrades. 

As for the rest of December all art streams will be done on the webcam while I get that traditional comic finished as well as two Xmas cards. These are going to be marathon streams starting Saturday with only minor breaks because...well procrastination bites you in the ass. In the New Year the first two things I'm going to be doing are finishing those bumps for the channel. So got to and click that heart shaped button to follow me at no cost to you and get updates when I go live! 

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  • Drinking: Children's Tears


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Kelly Sturken
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I'm a cartoonist with a thing for griffins. My main comic is Semi-Charmed and I'm also writing a fantasy series called The House of Claw. When I'm not drawing, I'm either playing video games or yanking people's chains.


MLP: Downfall
Here, have a Dutch Angle. 

Previous: MLP: The Founders by thegriffin88 

Fourteen generations after Grover was crowned King of Griffonstone, after the four Founders had split away from the cursed city and its inhabitants, King Guto thought he had finally found a way to break the Dragon's Curse once and for all.

There was a scuffling outside the door to the royal chambers, frantic squawking and shouts of anger before they burst open.

"PRESENTING GRUFFLINUS GRANITEBEAK!" a flustered guard shouted.

"Guto!" the younger griffon panted, "You cannot mean to go through with this!"

Guto turned to face the intrusion, his gaze cold. "I do, Gruff. For the sake of this city. For the sake of our kind. For the sake of our very way of life."

"But to take the life of another? Spilling innocent blood is what got us here!" Gruff shouted, stamping the ground.

"There is nothing innocent about a dragon!" Guto roared. Then he closed his eyes and sighed. "You read the scroll the same as I. You know it says that to break the curse of the Idol we need the blood of those who forged it."

"We don't even know if that scroll is real! Let me take it to the unicorns! Surely they-"

"The unicorns distrust us. As well they should, in our cursed state nocreature has any right to see us as anything other than greedy, selfish birds." Guto spat.

"You won't even consider a parley with the Arimaspi tribe? If they made the Idol surely they could-"

"My mind is made up, Gruff. Tomorrow I will take my guards and we shall journey to where those goats make their home and take the eye of their leader. Tomorrow will be the last day you have to wake up as a cursed griffon, scrabbling in the dirt for gold."

"YOU'RE GOING TO GET YOURSELF AND EVERYGRIFFON HERE KILLED!" Gruff roared, dashing his hat on the ground.

Guto walked over and tenderly picked it up, brushing it off. He gave a wan smile.

"I am aware of the risks." he sighed. "You are my cousin, Gruff,that is a bond that not even the Dragon's Curse can penetrate." he held the hat out, letting Gruff take it. "Gruff. If I should fail in this mission, I want you to protect Griffonstone for me. You may not think it, but you are a natural born leader. I know you can do right by this city, by our kind. Please, promise me this."

Gruff stood there for a moment, beak slightly agape. Then, he seemed to rein himself in. "Of course, Guto. I would do anything for you. But, you are going to come back. You are going to free us. I trust you."

King Guto smiled. 

King Guto ultimately failed in this endeavor. Although he did manage to secure the eye of the Arimaspi Chieftain, the battle was vicious and he had to quickly retreat with his prize. But he was followed by one of their warriors, who now knew that the dragon was no more and their Idol could be reclaimed. Before he could even begin the ritual with the Idol of Borealis, the Arimaspi warrior wrenched it from his grasp. In the mad chase across the bridge lightning struck, and the warrior fell into the Gorge. Utterly heartbroken at the loss, at his own failure, King Guto went into a deep depression. He never mated, and bore no heirs. Having watched the slow decline of his cousin into madness, Grufflinus Granitebeak slipped into the shadows, going simply by Grandpa Gruff and giving no clan name to himself. He kept his promise, and looked after the new generation of Griffons, but never took the throne, and remained bitter about the whole incident.

So yeah. I've been excited about this headcanon reveal actually. Grandpa Gruff's full name is Grufflinus Granitebeak, from the branch family of the Granitebeak clan, effectively making him heir to the throne of Griffonstone. A throne he despises because of all it took from him. This is not the end of the story of Gruff's ties to the royal family of Griffonstone, it's actually the beginning. There is one other griffon who knows his true identity. 

As a side note, I imagine Gruff's about the same age as Gilda here, so quite a few years younger than Guto and before he lost his ruff. Although he probably started going bald soon after this incident. 


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