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SC- Flew The Coop by thegriffin88 SC- Flew The Coop :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 0 0
This takes place in between the events of the end of Infamous Iron Man and The Search for Tony Stark Amara hadn’t even closed the door again when she nearly jumped out of her skin at the sudden voice.“Hiiiii…”She spun around to see a short woman in a pinstripe suit on her couch, waving at her and smiling. She went for the side pocket of her coat.“Please don’t shoot me! He told me you have a gun and I’d rather not get shot. People tell me it hurts.” the woman said, her grin faltering slightly.“Who’s ‘he’? Who are you for that matter?” Amara snapped. “Just relax. I’m not here to hurt you I swear it. My name is Handler. I’m an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.”“Oh I’ve had plenty to do with S.H.I.E.L.D.!”“I’m not here on S.H.I.E.L.D. business!” Handler cried, “I’m here about a mutual friend!”“A mutual friend?” “Yeah, think about it for a second. Square shoulders, nice baritone, total brainiac, tilts his head a bit when he laughs…” Handler creased her brow for a second, “Oh, and really nice cheekbones.” “…You’re here about Victor? You know Victor?” Amara replied.“Oh yeah, we’ve known each other for years.” Handler beamed.“How does a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent know Dr. Doom?”“How about you take a seat and we can talk about it?” Amara sighed and stopped reaching for her gun. “Fine. Do you want anything to drink?”“You are quite the gracious host, Doctor.” Handle smiled as she sipped her wine. “And you were about to tell me how you know Victor.” Handler chuckled. “Cutting the small talk. I like it. I’ve known Victor a very long time. I think…yeah about a decade this year. I’m a sort of…analyst for S.H.E.I.L.D.; I make it my business to know the business of every powered man woman and child out there. So naturally I made one of my first projects getting to know the infamous Dr. Doom, Dictator of Latveria.” she wiggled her fingers mockingly. “I pretty much camped at the border until he let me in. I still don’t know why but I think he was just so damn curious he couldn’t ignore me. But that’s how I ended up spending an entire year in Latveria and how we got to know each other. A good part of that was learning to read him without seeing his face. It’s why I have trouble describing him, actually; I’m still not used to actually seeing him emote.”“So…what has he told you about me? Clearly you wouldn’t be here unless he told you something about me.” Amara asked.Handler gave a smirk. “Well he told me you shot him. I’m not mad by the way I actually fell out of my chair laughing. That was a great move. But yes he told me about you, just that he had taken an interest in you and what your first name was.” “Victor said he respected my privacy.” Amara glowered.“And he does! He does! But he wants you to be safe too! My connections don’t extend solely to S.H.I.E.L.D. or the Avengers.” she held up her right hand, on which was a petite but very clear wedding ring. “Going on five years now I’ll have been married to the best mage in the universe, Loki of Asgard.”“Y-You’re married to Loki?”“Yup! And he’s a total sweetheart once you get to know him. Sure, he has his tendencies but he just needs a good outlet for them. Victor was at my Earth wedding you know.” Handler smiled. “But yeah, my ties to Loki and various other people on Earth and other planets is why Victor told me about you. It was his way of asking me to help protect you. In a very nonintrusive way I like my independence as much as you do. The thing is, I know he did that because you’re shutting him out.”“You’re going to tell me not to? My life was peaceful before I met Victor. It was nice! I wasn’t looking over my shoulder all the time!” Amara snapped.“I know; and I’m sorry. I wish I could give you that life back, but I can’t. You’re in it now, there’s no returning. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice life still.” Handler replied.“Are you going to tell me to move in with him or something?” Amara huffed.“No. But I am going to ask you to think about maybe not cutting him out of your life completely, even if that means having to deal with the occasional magical and or superhero bullshit.”“Oh, give me one good reason.”“Because he’s loyal, nearly to a fault.” Handler said with a soft smile. “Victor is one of the most loyal people on this planet, he would fight and die for you if you asked him to. He’d protect you with his life. He just doesn’t extend that loyalty to just anyone, not even to me.”“You said you’ve known him for ten years.”“Yeah, and all ten of those years we were on opposite sides. We had an agreement: if we got in each other’s way we’d do what we had to to complete our goals, even if it meant hurting or even killing one another.”“And you were still friends?”“I’ve sent him a Christmas gift every single year! Unreciprocated, of course, but he’s never declared war on New Jersey about it so…yeah, we’re still friends.”“I don’t…you’re asking me to trust Dr. Doom.”“No. I’m asking you to trust Victor. I’m not friends with Doom, I’m friends with Victor. Doom is…you could almost treat him like another personality. Doom wants to conquer the world, Victor wants to build a better one. I don’t know exactly what happened on Doomworld, Victor’s not telling me, but I’m hoping he left Doom there for good. I’m hoping that all I’ll ever see these days is my best friend Victor. And, I kinda hope I’ll be seeing you, too.”Handler drained her glass and stood up. “It was great meeting you, Amara. I hope you’ll consider what I’ve told you. If you ever want to talk, hit me up, my information’s been beamed into your phone already. I’ve got lots of great stories!” she grinned. Then, she held her right hand up and spoke into her wedding ring.“I’m done here hon, if you could get me back home that’d be great.”Amara watched as green lights began to swirl around Handler who gave her one last smile and a wave before she had disappeared into thin air, like some sort of weird, suit wearing fairy....
:iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 1 0
MLP: Downfall by thegriffin88 MLP: Downfall :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 3 2 SC-Kersplash by thegriffin88 SC-Kersplash :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 0 0 MLP: The Founders by thegriffin88 MLP: The Founders :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 3 0 SC-Clotheslined by thegriffin88 SC-Clotheslined :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 0 0
Handler-Understanding the Misunderstood
“You might as well come in I know you’re out there.”
Quentin didn’t even look up from his laptop when she entered.
“Seriously, it was like having a miniature thundercloud outside my room. You are possibly the loudest person this planet.”
“And you’re possibly the gayest.” Handler snapped, sticking out her tongue. Then she groaned and put a hand over her face. “No, no, ugh, I didn’t come here to start shit with you I really didn’t.”
“Oh really? You’re off to a great start.” the Phoenix host smirked.
“For once in my life I’m trying to be serious here.” Handler huffed.
Quentin closed his laptop and, still smirking, looked her in the eyes. “I’m listening then.”
Handler sighed. “Okay, look…I wanted to say…I wanted to say thanks. Thanks for not jumping in on that ‘Oooh you slept with Dr. Doom’ bandwagon bullshit back there with Bobby
:iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 1 0
SC-Take Flight by thegriffin88 SC-Take Flight :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 1 0 MLP: King Godric and the Dragon by thegriffin88 MLP: King Godric and the Dragon :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 1 0 SC-The Chase is On by thegriffin88 SC-The Chase is On :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 6 0
Handler-Good Mornin' from S.H.I.E.L.D.
“Hey! You Zach?”
Zach turned to see a woman in a pinstripe suit with a toothbrush in her mouth staring at him.
“…Who’s asking?”
The woman held up a finger and ducked inside the bathroom to spit and rinse before popping back out, lathering her hands in antiseptic.
“Eugh, communal bathrooms.” she muttered before holding out her hand to shake. “Handler, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., former liason to the Xavier School; looking to rekindle that spot with Kitty here at Jean Grey. Should go smoothly she likes me. But that’s not why I stopped you. You’re Daken’s student, right?”
“Yeah? What about it?” Zach replied incredulously.
Handler, held her hand closer, “Because I’m his friend. Been his friend for a long time and when I heard the rumors I just had to meet you! So please tell me his bad manners aren’t rubbing off on you?”
Still quizzical, Zach finally shook her hand.
:iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 3 0
Handler-Pool Party
“This is so…super nice.” Handler sighed, relaxing against the bar.
It was the quietest, laziest Avengers party she had ever been to and then some. Because Tony said she could bring a plus 1 who could bring a plus 1. Loki was off world with Thor and wouldn’t be back for at least another week, Strange was in some other portion of the multiverse and all her calls kept getting forwarded to his voicemail so she picked the very best next person: Victor von Doom. Victor took the plus 1 opportunity to cordially invite Namor, and Handler suspected that was because he knew it would piss them both off to be in the same room. Even if that same room was the entirety, well okay the lab was obviously shut off, of Tony’s rebuilt Malibu mansion. Pool and all.
So there sat Handler, having fun in the sun in her best beach attire with Victor dressed like he always did.
“I bet Tony’s wondering how you’re not roasting to death in there.” she chuckled.
:iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 0 0
Handler-More Than You Know
Handler sighed and made a note on her phone to tell Osborn to get larger choppers, it was way too crammed in here. (Not that Victor crossing his arms through the entire flight helped. She knew he would have preferred to fly himself had he the means.)
Then she heard the most ridiculous question.
“Excuse me, Doctor, can we take a picture?”
Victor turned his head and oh, if looks could kill. Handler leaned over and snapped a picture of the grunt.
“Oh Son, that is going on Twitter.” She elbowed Victor, “My Twitter is mostly full of you scaring people.”
They touched down and another chatty grunt spoke up.
“Some homecoming, Doom. Your people are real glad to see you.”
Victor huffed and said, in his ‘Doom’ voice: “If you continue to speak there will be no end to your suffering.”
The intimidation he was going for was ruined by a loud sputtering as Handler batted away his cloak.
“What the hell? Did you enchant this th
:iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 0 0
SC-After Him by thegriffin88 SC-After Him :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 1 0 SC-Damien by thegriffin88 SC-Damien :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 2 0 GA: Herrik's Character Profile by thegriffin88 GA: Herrik's Character Profile :iconthegriffin88:thegriffin88 1 0


Kirin (updated) by Cibana Kirin (updated) :iconcibana:Cibana 59 4 Humming-Gryph by etrii Humming-Gryph :iconetrii:etrii 85 5 Mountainous Escapade by Nightrizer Mountainous Escapade :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 2,028 41 Eeveeluzine: Espeon by Seyumei Eeveeluzine: Espeon :iconseyumei:Seyumei 1,271 123 The music by ValsiDalVer The music :iconvalsidalver:ValsiDalVer 71 13 AT - Kimke by Mkb-Diapason AT - Kimke :iconmkb-diapason:Mkb-Diapason 64 21 The Crimson Man by Ciorane The Crimson Man :iconciorane:Ciorane 152 70 Kimblee - Din of Battle by MarvelPoison Kimblee - Din of Battle :iconmarvelpoison:MarvelPoison 94 31 Hellboy by GreekCeltic Hellboy :icongreekceltic:GreekCeltic 1,221 32 Tail of Two Foxes by MasterDoodleJoe80062 Tail of Two Foxes :iconmasterdoodlejoe80062:MasterDoodleJoe80062 62 38 Destruction of Nature by akeli Destruction of Nature :iconakeli:akeli 13,926 918 Venom by LuigiL Venom :iconluigil:LuigiL 478 16 Mister Rogers by LuigiL Mister Rogers :iconluigil:LuigiL 656 54 Relaxing With Totoro by LuigiL Relaxing With Totoro :iconluigil:LuigiL 355 16 Meditation Practice by LuigiL Meditation Practice :iconluigil:LuigiL 671 24 Skyhawk by Nimure Skyhawk :iconnimure:Nimure 23 2


Points Commissions to keep my Core Membership
Some avatar sized portraits and character shots for points. The price is for everything, which includes color. I can draw more than griffins I just like them which is why I have a lot of them here. 

500 points per character, so a sheet like the last one would be 2000 points total. 

These are POINTS only, if you want something else like a comic or cover or any other illustration note me and I'll give you my USD rundown. Points only cover these small sized character portraits and are purely to keep up my Core here. 

But yeah I'm willing to draw pretty much anything, even Neopets and MLP I don't discriminate much when it comes to you giving me money. 

Obligatory Eclipse Review

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 14, 2019, 9:00 PM

I really just couldn't stand that it would not cooperate with my trackball's built in 3rd button that functions as a back button press when in a browser. So I'd have to re-click to make it show only deviations and since I tend to get an average of 100 odd per day it was an annoyance. Everything else is just something to adapt to after over a decade of seeing the same webpage. 

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