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ok not really but this is the kind of surprizes i like xD i love goofy characters like this haha and cant wait to play as Ken too! and World of Light! gee!!

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this just made me happy tbh OwQ

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Going to look at your new aruff
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He's gonna make his dad proud
*sniffs* you go do it plant boy
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yes i need this in my life

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So the son turns into the dad?
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Not really, in the reveal trailer, petey is in the background while piranha plant is still in the battlefield
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No if I. Correct Pete prihana plant is son to there pirhana plant
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*A mi me quedé con cara de WTF cuando vi a la planta jugable XD
*Sin embargo me terminó impresionando y su Smash Final me dio bastante nostalgia del Brawl, sin dudas un personaje troll que nadie se esperaba que le gustara a muchos :'D
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eso es lo mejor xD absolutamente nadie se la esperaba jajaja
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Obligatory reminder that Smash's Piranha Plant is canonically female.
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Upon closer inspection, it's almost absurdly inconsistent based on language. Most hilariously, the manga explicitly has Petey Piranha as not only female, but a mother.
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This isn't Petey Piranha though, just a normal Piranha Plant.
Nintendo has a bit of a bad history of the manga not being a good source, good examples is the zelda and splatoon mangas' endings messing up the timeline by giving villains happy endings instead of being defeated.
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The point is that they can't be bothered to keep this kind of thing consistent, and it isn't even an intentional case of that like with Birdo. Still, I'd heard things about them dunking on people on Twitter about her being whatever gender she wants to be, and that's secondhand information so eh.
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I'm shocked people are fighting over the gender of A PLANT!!!!!!!
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I'm not surprised. I'm not even disappointed, because that would require I expected better of people. Seriously, there was a whole ****ing war started because one guy got his ear cut off eight years before anything resembling hostilities started. And then there was a different war because some guys stole a bucket. And those are just the ones I can name well enough to find a Wikipedia confirmation that they were things.
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whoa now!!!! No need to bring politics into A FUCKING PLANT!!!!!!!!
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One plant’s celebration...

(Head to Waluigi’s comic short)
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It's kinda funny, really. If they had announced Piranha Plant back in March, I probably would have been disappointed. But by now, the Waluigi crowd has gotten on my nerves so much that I just love seeing them get trolled.
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