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Thats not your box anymore Snake.
I finally cleared world of light! it was great seeing all the spirits and the settings to match them!

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Proof that Incineroars are liquids
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If incineroar was a liquid how could he not break the box

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Snake: ...

Incineroar: ... What?

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didn't think incineroar can BOX like litttle mac

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when a cat finds a box, it will never give it up

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That is glorious. What more needs to be said?
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Looks like the cat's in the box now, Snake.
HellPhoenix5's avatar
"Move over, furball. I'm coming in."
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Welcome to fort asshole apparently. XD
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Dad: where is my pizza?
Me: *that image on the right*
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It is scientific fact that, due to their ability to shape themselves in order to fit into any container they wish, cats are liquids.
usversionofme's avatar
They might also be heavy gas. (Heavy because most cats can't float)
janus-006's avatar
That's an equally valid hypothesis, considering aspects I had not integrated. Nicely done.
nayenaye982's avatar
keep it as a pet snake.
ShiguPuyo's avatar
if it fits, it sits.
SilverDragon234's avatar
no matter the species, every cat likes a box.
MercenaryX's avatar
Just like my cat. Only most of the time he loves to be on my chest.
SilverDragon234's avatar
True. My cats are totally addicted to me whenever I'm in their vicinity.
SmolFishyBoi's avatar
if I fits...I sits
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