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imagine being so civilized that you wear a mask over your helmet

we need more people like doomguy

FireAlpha2004's avatar
Pfft! This is perfect! 😂
Jimjimguy123's avatar

Doomslayer is wearing a face mask over his helmet, genius. Pure genius.

shortstackio's avatar

oh my Isabelle, such language! xD

InkFolower's avatar

this is fuckin adorable-

SKUNK412's avatar

Oh that's sooo good!

DarkPrincessofGarnie's avatar
This meme is bad and needs to die, they are not compatible stop shipping them, stop it, just stop. Isabelle is pure and cant drink or say the f-word, and Doomguy is the alcoholic demonslayer, he doesnt like cute things, he wants to kill, please stop it, you are all incorrect and wrong when you draw these two together, they cant be friends.
HeraldOfOpera's avatar

Hi, I'm Daisy (no relation). I'm an adorable bunny rabbit and was waiting for my owner Doomguy to come back from being stationed on Mars when demons killed me. Boy, was he unhappy when he found out.

StudioGraphicKnobble's avatar

Actually, the Doomslayer does like cute things. He had a pet rabbit named Daisy. And while I agree that I don't like the ship (I don't like any ships at all), I prefer them to be best friends in meme form (and if Doomguy makes it to Smash, they can both be real best friends).

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Xavierda1's avatar

wow cant even speak

PeanutTechno2's avatar

Given all he's been though, Doomguy's f**king earned it.

Anthro-animals-rule's avatar
Well said. Damn hero deserves a nice vacation.  :cool: Revamp 
SeaoftheForgotten's avatar

I feel like this is an accurate depiction of most ppl off work lol.

HyruleWarrior84's avatar
Hey, watch your mouth young lady! 😠
Cringeconten's avatar

Honestly why is this me and my bro

0ccums-Razor's avatar
When worlds collide....
PKleafychan470's avatar
isabelle said.... the fuck word....
TheMitchyGamer's avatar
But doom slayer wouldn’t give a fuck about animal crossing and Isabell isn’t a bad ass at all
HeraldOfOpera's avatar

He'd last until he got his first bunny villager. Then he'd be too sad about Daisy to continue.

shantae1188's avatar

That’s the joke

TheMitchyGamer's avatar
Joke? This isn’t funny at all it actually super Lame
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