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Bob 3 The Dabbing

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Ill keep calling him Bob. You are not calling him Bob yet? Well you should.
People will know you Bob! thou it will be hard cause theres Steve and Izzy... (which i didnt know a thing about till like 10 mins ago lol) but still!

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His moves against the Haters…

Waluigi: WAH!

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When all else fails... dab. Sans Fortnite Dab

Waluigi: I can do it, too! Waluigi Dab Emoticon

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Wheres the weed spray?

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The best move!

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Dabbing? Oh, you make me laugh! Hahahahahahahahahahah soi soi soi soi rofl rofl rofl rofl!
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Izzy's got the moves! GO IZZY!!!

Betcha Falcon didn't saw that coming(or know that piranha plants could dab.)

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parana plant: *dabs*

me: why....

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Tfw you stumble upon the same piece of art again months after the first time, forget you already commented on it, and make the exact same comment again
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it happens haha
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This is the thing preventing me from having all your art. :p
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Five Nights at Freddys 3 - What can we use? - Icon : this is a dead me-
The FAN - Five Nights at Freddys 1 - GIF chat Icon by GEEKsomniac  : N O
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Dab Dab Dab Dab   Dab  dab dab Squidward Dab Squidward Dab Squidward Dab Squidward Dab Squidward Dab DAB EMOJI DAB EMOJI DAB EMOJI DAB EMOJI DAB EMOJI DAB EMOJI
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that is what the Waluigi fanboys get for harassing sakurai.
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I hate this whyyyyyy
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