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I'm an art hobbyist, trying to get better as I go. Feel free to send me a note or a comment. I like interacting with people! :D Tambien hablo español, pero no como mí idioma primera.

If my daily life permits, I do commissions from time to time. Hit me up, and we can talk about your idea and pricing. You can see an example pricing sheet below. 3 SLOTS are OPEN at the moment. NSFW friendly, but there are a few things I just won't draw. We can discuss those when you tell me your project idea.

I'm open for art trades if I like the way your stuff looks, but I can be slow due to other responsibilities.

Or, if you have a REALLY, really cool character concept or idea for a pic, I occasionally do requests as well, but no guarantees.

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Fate/Stay Night, Teen Wolf, Scrubs
Favourite Books
The Wheel of Time
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ShadowRun, Pathfinder, D&D, Skyrim
Tools of the Trade
Cheap mechanical pencils, colored pencils, Paint.NET. Clip Studio Paint, BOSTO Tablet
A lot of time has passed since my last entry, but there's also been a lot of progress! I feel my anatomy has gotten stronger, but I'm most pleased with my faces. I've also begun to add backgrounds to my pics on occasion. A key element to this progress has been hanging out in a discord with artists that are not only more advanced than I am, but also very open and willing to help. Posting WIPs for critiques and/or drawing live on stream has been a great way to receive timely feedback. My speed has increased to where I can easily do a picture a day. For the next step, I've enlisted an online tutor. His work is very strong, and I hope to learn a lot by working with him. We start our sessions in January.
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I've been working on exercises for gestures, rendering volumes on abstract shapes, and rotations of cubes in 3D space. Some of these are easier than others. I've found the cube rotation to be the most challenging by far. However, these exercises are bringing quick gains! I think I might begin to understand how people paint instead of cell shading because of these exercises.
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Today I tried a perspective study of sorts. I drew an OC that I found on DA from a somewhat lower angle than straight on. I think it worked out fairly well, but what I was most encouraged by was the face. I think she turned out pretty, and that doesn't happen all the time in my faces, especially in perspective. Onward and upward! I've got rendering homework to do. :)
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I've been experiencing a quick boost of success that's encouraged me. I've been following a specific practice routine of doing gesture drawings and perspective exercises. I've also been binging the work of artists that are way ahead for me for now. I've combined all this with obtaining an Art Mentor. I've worked with mentors in the past, and it has been very helpful. Currently, I'm working with @BadiLave and I'm very impressed with his professionalism and teaching so far. If you'd also like to do mentoring with him, head over to his Patreon before the final slots are filled!
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thanks for the llamaLlama jump

Thank you for the watch and helping my profile grow! I really appreciate it!

I hope you'll continue to enjoy and support my art! <3

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Thanks for the lama

My DTIYS contest that you entered has ended and I have announced the winners!

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Thanks for hosting the contest! It was fun to participate. As part of the prize, would you please draw my DnD character, Finn? Feel free to change the pose, or add a shirt. I just left him shirtless so my group could see that he has a big belly.

Finn Arenlock Portrait

Sure! I'm not the best at drawing men but I like challenges so I will try! Just give me some time because now I have some drawings planned 😅

Hi! I'm so glad you took part in my DTIYS competition! Your drawing is really beautiful! I just wanted to remind you that the condition to take part is to follow me, so I'm just asking and reminding you to do it sooner or later :)) PS: You have a chance to win 🤫🤫