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Silly Rabbit, Guns Are For Hedgehogs!

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😍😍 So cute!!!!

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Cream doth be so angry and fired up, she's about to curdle!

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Guns are for...

responsible adults.


G.U.N. Commander: Right Shadow ! You get this back after passing a G.U.N, firearms safety course.

Shadow: I..wa..?

GUN Commander: DON'T POINT AT ANYTHING YOU DON'T INTEND TO SHOOT! Last warning or you don't have access to the weapons locker for six months..

Shadow: Try an stop...

GUN Commander:...and no pudding!


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Brian-Chan Artist

Cream! you're too young & too cute to use a gun that's Dangerous

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Hex430 Digital Artist

Whoa I love this style it's so cute

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Kawaii-DayHobbyist Digital Artist

Oof x_x

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CheddarVGHobbyist Writer

Cryptic Castle, Shadow helps Amy search for Cream and Cheese. I feel like this actually happened during that moment.

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nightthevampireHobbyist General Artist

the truth come out

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Creams face is me when Im constipated

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Cream: it's not fair

Viviansuperstar's avatar

Then why don’t silver sonic and Amy have one

xXYellowhoseXx's avatar
xXYellowhoseXxHobbyist Filmographer

they aren't edgy enough to have one or some.

JCFanfics's avatar

Plus Sonic having a gun will end up triggering the toxic Sonic fans like when he was forced to drive a car.

Viviansuperstar's avatar

Yeah and plus Amy with a gun is just weird

JCFanfics's avatar

True. Amy is fine using only her Piko Piko Hammer.

FoxfangJohn0056's avatar

Actually, Sonic having a Gun isn't a problem. In fact, I actually wonder WHY he hasn't been given one? Only explaination is that he either doesn't like killing, or he got in an accident with a gun. (E.g. Being stupid enough to LOOK DOWN THE BARREL OF A LOADED GUN, and the Gun Discharging and barely missing him. Yes, it's happened before IRL.)

I mean, the games don't exactly explain WHY he has a car in the first place. Shadow has a motorbike because he WANTED one, and it's stated by Rouge that he doesn't need one. Sonic doesn't state a desire to have a car in his other games, or even his comics.

There's no real explaination as to WHY Sonic has a car in the races... And we haven't exactly been GIVEN one. There's no given "Race Rules" in-universe to state why they need cars or bikes, and only leaves Assumptions.

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mariochiefsonicStudent General Artist

In Shadow's game Sonic explains he just doesn't like using guns and Team Sonic Racing does explain the cars in that one.

FoxfangJohn0056's avatar

...Where in TSR does it say?

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mariochiefsonicStudent General Artist

The Tanooki running the race is specifically testing the engines of the cars.

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SuperSaiyanRileyHobbyist Artist

Shadow is the dark vigilante type who uses guns and combat all the time but Cream doesn’t like that since she is the peaceful happy type, a rather funny but nice scene here :)

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that's a gun?

Yosh1guy's avatar

Cream just wants to have a turn with it, Shadow! Where's the harm in that?

JCFanfics's avatar

Shadow is being responsible since Cream is six years old, so she should she playing with water guns, not real firearms.

Read4Lyfe's avatar

Cream: "Mr. Shadow guns are dangerous!"

Shadow: "Yeah, I know that. Why else would I carry them with me?"

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