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the last Sonic Boom issue sure was awesomeLove 
especially in the visual media, such beautiful movements and coloring, it's amazing to look atf2u YATO ICON 
the jokes aren't the best but they made me giggle from time to timeGiggle 

but nothing actually happened in the two stories of that issue,
just a gorilla getting a job and Eggman spying on the heroes;

still it was a good way of wrapping the Sonic Boom series, sure gonna miss em:( (Sad) 

4th wall jokes everywhereSpaz attack 
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Flameprincess04's avatar
Flameprincess04|Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful Sonic OVA reference, I swear.
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NerdyKidz303's avatar
NerdyKidz303|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Da knuckles hat from da movie
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Power1x's avatar
Heavy: Give me that hat.
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naji2004's avatar
What the fuck
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otakupaintgamer's avatar
otakupaintgamer|Student General Artist
hey look kunckles found his hat :D
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BendyBorisPlay's avatar
BendyBorisPlay|Hobbyist Digital Artist
the sonic anime...
DAYM those were the good days XDD
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Seadragirl12's avatar
Seadragirl12|Hobbyist General Artist
It would be hilarious if SMG4’s interpretation of soldier from TF2 was here...
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naji2004's avatar
No shit 
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Tabby-the-Silver-Fox's avatar
Gasp! Aw I see where u're coming from!!!
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endergirlgammer's avatar
wearing that many hats is strange isn't it?
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melodeycooper's avatar
melodeycooper|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay! Classic Knuckles fedora!
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iamflowerpower2's avatar
iamflowerpower2|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Me in a rpg
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melodeycooper's avatar
melodeycooper|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay. Classic Knuckles fedora!
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scifiguy9000's avatar
scifiguy9000|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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flameking0142's avatar
flameking0142|Student Traditional Artist
This is definitely a tf2 meme
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Readeroffate's avatar
Wait. Didn't Knuckles used to wear a brown fedora?
Also, only an idiot would wear a brown fedora? ----->Indiana Jones Emoticon  Then again, he did say yes to "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"
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Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
Legacy-Galaxy|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Remember the '99 Sonic anime? That's where that snazzy hat comes from. :D
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Jas5576's avatar
Jas5576|Hobbyist Artist
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Codebreak33's avatar
Codebreak33|Hobbyist General Artist
I remember that hat...Oh hey there's a sonic hat too!
I miss the old Knuckie. T^T and now Imma run cause I bet Knuckie is gonna chase me now.
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knucklestheninja's avatar
knucklestheninja|Student General Artist
this makes me so nostalgic and he basically insults himself gosh archie comics are the best excuse my supreme english
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PerryPickny's avatar
PerryPickny|Student General Artist
Oh my god that first hat though!! XD
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anaminstrels's avatar
omg the first hat ;v;
want them to bring it back
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AllTales's avatar
I see sonic... SonicRush emoticon
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uberfrill14's avatar
uberfrill14|Hobbyist General Artist
I guess you're too... refined for a TF2 joke? Surprise Spy emote 
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