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some shit that i dare to call "art"
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it was pretty obvious that something wasn't right with that Cozy Glow filly, that's why I wasn't surprised when it was revealed that she was the villain of this season!Cozy Glow Icon 1 
but I'm actually pretty satisfied to know that chancellor Neighsay wasin't the villain who she was working with, that was a nice twist at least.
so nice work MLP;FIM for not making things too predictable!Thumbs up 

tho, I gotta say that part about Twilight absorbing the Tartarus monsters's magic is kinda bullshit!
how can they just give her their magic like that? aren't they out of it as well? dosn't Twilight need magic to absorb their magic?
I know, it's magic don't question it, but still, we didn't need them! the young six are the ones who saved Equestria and got their magic back for them to teleport back,
so that was pretty unnecessary!bunneh icon17 

anyways, the ending shot of this season was nice, with Cozy looking menacingly towards us like that!
it seems this is not the last we'll see of her!Grinch  Evil Smile Icon 

I belive Season 9 will be the last MLPFIM season, so we'll see if Cozy Glow, Tirek and Chrysalis will join forces to destroy Equestria!
who knows? maybe the storm king and king Sombra will come back from the dead and join them!

it'll be ironic if they became best friends and defated the mane six with the power of EVIL FRIENDSHIP!!!GIF Star vs. the Forces of Evil -  SURPRISE! 
I doubt it though, that's not a good lesson to teach to kids.Jerry's ''rapeface'' 
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