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I am addicted to the MHRise demo and I absolutely cannot wait for when the full game comes out. 
I’ve put 25 hours into it already and there’s still a few more days til it ends.
Here’s a pretty boy who I’ve fought so many times his theme is drilled into my head. Still miss the old version though... 

If anyone here has played the demo and seen a GreatLagi online, that's me! :) 
Also here's my private discord server for anyone who wants to chat w me. When MHRise comes out I'd love to have some friends to hunt with. 
And you can just join the server just to hang out ehe. Throw down your arts n talk
Please ask for permission to use this artwork 
Do not claim my art as your own
Do not steal, copy, or trace my artwork
People are allowed to reference my work for their own drawings of Mizutsune! Colors can be hard to grab from the official artworks ^^
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Nice to see more fanart of Mizutsune, my absolute most favorite monster of the series.

I like the old battle theme more. New is nice, too. I also like it´s new moves in Rise.

Unfortunately I won´t buy MHR and maybe none of the future sequels...

Do you plan to draw a detailed fullbody of Mizutsune? It really deserves much more fanart in my opinion.