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Oakland Raiders Concept 2.0

So, with the Raiders considering going back to LA, I thought I'd take a stab at changing the uniforms a bit.  Not too much, of course, they're freakin Raiders.  The silver becomes a flat gray, a bit darker than what the Giants use, then I added metallic chrome trim.  Also enlarged the pirate guy on the logo, because it really doesn't need to say the team name on it.  Also brought back the original 1960 number font.  They could obviously wear all black, all gray or white over black as well, but I didn't see a need to depict all of those options.
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I'm kinda curious how you ended up on my page... but what the hell, I'll follow you.  I generally prefer symphonic/progressive/power metal over black metal... but black metal imagery is still pretty damn awesome... so... yeah.
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The Raiders are in Las Vegas now.
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Nice Watch Me And I Watch Back Ok