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stargate by thegreatgig stargate :iconthegreatgig:thegreatgig 0 3
stary hosts -mushacow-
the skies, they lay ashen and sober
and whithered were their dwindling hosts
crisped blew the breath of the morrow
mourning loss (oh zodiac hosts!)
the clouds, rolled back as a scroll,
made light this morbid and dreary of sights;
tempest, stood frigid a figure once oak
bearing witness to a burial poll.
"oh sweet desdemona
from the heavens cast thine eyes"
the oceans and the mountains, they spake
"glory- it no longer reigns in the skies
and this longing, it will once again wake"
this need for a 'silver beauty,' far from subsided
the skies, they lay ashen and sober
and whithered were their dwindling hosts
crisped blew the breath of the morrow
mourning loss (oh zodiac hosts!)
the ocean, it lay coaxed by the waxing of the moon
pushing, contriving, wailing upon that rocky ascention
crushing my disheartened sole; (wrestling with that rocky ascention)
moaning, "Mercy be the waxing of the moon!"
Mercy be the waxing of the moon
upon, titanic, this ghoul of tempts,
this mushacow, this figure of
:iconthegreatgig:thegreatgig 0 14
le quotant by thegreatgig le quotant :iconthegreatgig:thegreatgig 5 2
me and liz are bored..
petals soaked in brine
i love you clemintine
you will always be mine
ill soak you deep in brine
you'll drown but it'll be oh so fine
that water making limp you spine
... the trees are made of pine?
on seafood we will dine
my dearest clemintine.
*proceeding to a new rhyme...through*
could you tell that it had nothing to do
with everything that makes me you
but it will make you think im ju-....
it's ok because i'm juvenile too
I like the sweet irrodescent taste of cepes
and little women wearing big black capes
whilst listening to the greatest queen tapes
you thought it was finished didnt you liz
but alas, its not, ill rhyme liz with liz
that way you cant look at the sceen.. liz
aha, thats right, scratch your head.....liz
to be one of us you have to know
every word to the rocky horror show
sweet transvestite, thats right, glow
with the greatest of pride...........NO
coz your not one of us unless we tell
:iconthegreatgig:thegreatgig 2 2
pearly shells
these many delights derive themselves from within the soul of another
this simple comfort, this piece of mind, not of myself but contentedness of a lover
such a term too tightly bound to the primal idea of lust
when flesh itself, above all else, is first to turn to dust
when everything that beauty strikes will soon succome to rust
this so called 'love' is soon to fail, all that is left is trust
but of late, i see, there has come to be a love that i adore
a love of the mind; personality i find, needn't anything more
and this i speak to the pearly shells as i walk across the shore
this is the love that i still feel; much needs to be restored
I miss my beautiful friend
:iconthegreatgig:thegreatgig 1 1
You dont want me
You dont want me, you want my hair
[You dont want me]=[ you want my hair]
you  DONT want  ME.... you  WANT  my  HAIR
well let me tell you girl, my hair.. is my own...
I see you    [staring]    at it, as if to say
                                                               Oh.... did I slip? woops, I must have
you dont know that I can see you staring..
you dont know that I                       
:iconthegreatgig:thegreatgig 0 0
its 11:57
I knew you once
those liquid brown eyes
with no way to disguise
the thoughts occuring in your mind.
I knew you once
That saphire skin
and voice beckoning
to a love never left behind.
A star crossed love upon the cheeks of the mighty
frosted over in the eyes of the lost
is cast into the depths of the lake of the unsightly
too early to count the cost
you cast your fears inside
in hope to bury the proof
you know youll never gain
in hope that you never lose
and for the sake of good conversation i will stop there..
:iconthegreatgig:thegreatgig 0 0
Jennifer Garner
My jennifer garner, she watches me sleep, watches from my bed side table
she would watch me eat, and wash my feet, if only she were able.
her porcelain arms and man like features are uncanny, at least mum rekons
but if she were alive she would shoot mum dead in only a couple of seconds
yeh.. no one calls my jenny a man!
:iconthegreatgig:thegreatgig 1 2
todays improvisation- 30-11-05
These placid delights fall short, facing inspection
But you daren't succome to the hands of correction
knowing they are harmful you chose the election
of pride and ignorance; a choice of protection
bottled bliss sees a lone sollemn face
fermenting your heart, to bate its forlorn-pace
temper shortened, Bale takes its place
loved by everyone; unaware this is the case
yeh, just a short one today..
But.. I found one I did ages ago.. I was trying to find as many rhyming words for 'chore'
it turned out quite funny actually
While fools at home did their chores
they stepped on 'Henry the mouses' claws
now he didnt react with a mighty roar
but kept it inside as he ran across the floor,
because he wanted revenge to be something more.
'Oh man', he thought, 'they have danger in store'
as through the house he began to gnaw.
He ate through the window, ceiling and door,
and the priceless curtains he maticuously tore.
the fools they reacted, they cursed, they swore
this menacing mouse, they couldnt ig
:iconthegreatgig:thegreatgig 0 1
the wasp by thegreatgig the wasp :iconthegreatgig:thegreatgig 3 3
poetry allsorts
I have no idea what im doing.. but i feel like writing... so here goes;
The frosted breeze melts from mountain crest
It knows your name... I know you best
It floats through cloud, It floats through stream
It lost itself in the haze of your dream.
Lying awake, listening to you breathe
I know your dreaming of me beneath
those green eyes, a thousand teeth
the perfect spirit still yet to retrieve.
Those lips you wear, on that midnight hour;
a smile they bare: the kiss of a flower
they are mine to share, you needn't cower
into mine eyes stare, as over you I tower
looking through the window
past the rain sliding down
a troubled look overcome,
nothing can help the endow-
erment of such a frown
as to the world you turn numb.
Let us help you to throw
depression to the pound
without brandy.. or rum
hmm.. ill go downstaires to find some i have written
This is my english assignment.. we had to change a fairy tail.. mine was little red riding hood and I did it in verse..
Grandma was withere
:iconthegreatgig:thegreatgig 0 4


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Current Residence: The humble brisbane.. for the time being
Favourite genre of music: alternative? sorry if thats a bit broad.. Jeff buckley, pink floyd, king crimson, radiohead, muse...
ok.. so I have decided what Im going to be doing all holidays..

1- DRAW. Its been way too long since I have drawn properly and I forgot how good it feels to draw. now I have had my taste again, I shall return to the once neglected world of the artistic. Plus Im being pressured by certain friends into posting artwork on this here damn-ed website.

2- MUSIC. as always I shall be bettering myself in the ways of music. tis a marvelous world; the face of which I have only ever glimpsed...from a distance.. through a mirror.. LIKE A FOX!!! <--thats one for le-Liz.

3- READ. once I get my long anticipated 'glasses'.. (actually first I need to get my eyes checked).. I shall be able to read without developing a three-day-migrane-last-tuesday-night-thankyouverymuch. which will be good :).

4- WRITE. there will be plenty of time, leading to plenty of hours of boredom, resulting in plenty of works of poetry. as much as I dont particuarly like the resulting poetry, it is fun to do... and thus shall be posted, and read, here. The same can be said about what is drawn.. I am too self consious about what music I have written, and am not quite sure of the legalities included in posting what I have read word for word.... perhaps with a good deal of paraphrasing you too can enjoy the fun adventures of billy rabbit and the rasberry bandits..perhaps

this shall be the bulk of what I will do. IF you want to know further details please go to the bother of talking to me. signitures will be taken out the back.. and I will be here till thursday.


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dream boat.. king of all my dreams.
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So. I know you never go on livejournal but add my new journal anyway.

it's moonisaballoon.

Cute, no?
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Welcome to DA. And hope to see more of your pictures. And you live in Aus too. :D
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Yeh, a brisbanite. Ill put more up when I get around to drawing (which shall be soon as we are now on holidays..)*and there was much rejoicing*
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hmm.. i wonder if anyone will actually look at this site
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there are oober famous deviants?
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