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another eragon meme

Speacial thanks to [link] for making this ^^

Number 1 is based on a hillarious Eragon parody [link] but you’ll need to read chapter 2 to get the chiken joke ;)

And I don’t react like in number 8, I’m not THAT insain :P

And finally, number 9 is stolen from one of the funniest (and brutal) episodes ever, Drawn Together. If you haven’t cheach it out you should. If you have the guts that is.

All characters © Christopher Paolini
Chicken joke © Phoenix-ember
Kipnapped cat joke © Drawn Together
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Actually, the end bit IS in the books. Coming from the girl who thought that Murtagh was a girl at first...
TheGreatestFrog's avatar
are you sure? Where does that appear? Glaedr didn't die at random when Oromis did :I
ladyartemis39's avatar
It appears in the first book. Brom says it, I think. And Glaedr basically did die when Oromis did. He was only technically alive because of the Eldunari (Is that what they're called?!?!)
TheGreatestFrog's avatar
Glaedr didn't die, he was mad and went to turn his anger against Thorn who attached him and killed him.
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Brom also once said that Morzan was hot, so just ignore him.
TheGreatestFrog's avatar
that's true - though Murtagh is supposed to look a lot like him, so I think Morzan was somewhat hot o3o
ladyartemis39's avatar
I like to think that Murtagh looked nothing like that bastar. I imagine him to look like Selena but with black hair.
TheGreatestFrog's avatar
that wouldn't happen, since Eragon looks almost like her so he would have guessed Murtagh's origin months ago (or weeks .... Eragon is kind of slow sometimes :I )
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I don't get the 7... but sssssssssstill awessssssssome. (Fail, Ra'zac morph today. Should've stayed in my bed)
waaaaiiittt a sec... i thought Eragon was human not elf... :?
TheGreatestFrog's avatar
he gets turned into one in Eldest. or a half elf reather.
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LOLLL 7 had me rolling.
TheJadeRavenTT's avatar
Holy Hotness FUNNY :XD:
Cheshire-Shadow's avatar
Who is Sloan poking with a stick? XD
Cheshire-Shadow's avatar
Everything bad also seems to happen to my favorite characters. XD (Well, the male ones, anyway. The female ones tend to be luckier.)
Eva-Dragon-Goddess's avatar
I love it *poke* am I in ellesmera?? Do u have pizza here??
I want a 5 star hotel room overlooking the hadarac desert plz
no i do not have gold
phoenix-ember's avatar
:iconkermityayplz: you included beatrix the chicken xD she would give her thanks.....apart from you ate her, sooo.....

TheGreatestFrog's avatar
I just had to save her from Eragon XD he was accting very dissdurbing around her O___O
phoenix-ember's avatar
yeah i shes better off dead than in the hands of eragon -___- disaster waiting to happen lol
Royal-Shadeslayer's avatar
kick-ass-ness!! I love how Arya is like " do realize we're fighting, dont you?!" :turbopoke:
and the random Sloan-ism was perfect.:la:
murtagh-thorn-fan's avatar
TheGreatestFrog's avatar
yeah, sorry :P forgot to write explanasion. It's suppost to be Sloan :p
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