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Meme: Morzan and Brom

Another meme. Yay : D

It's kind of strange to draw an older Brom, but I think he turned out okay.

Is it me or did I manage to turn Morzan into Edward Cullen at the end? D: I was trying to make Morzan armour fansy because he apperently didn't care if his enemies saw him miles away in a flashy armour.

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Saphira I: RUN AWAY!!!!
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I wonder if Morzan's ghost has haunted Brom all days and nights during almost 17 years.... for revanche for all what he endured because of him XD
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Hahaha! I love Oromis's face in the strip poker one!
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God, now I have to reread the whole series now! :icononionxdplz:
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That "The evil bunny" makes me laugh every times 
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That was hilarious. At the end I though Morzan was sort of orochimaru-ish.

I loved it thanks for this wonderful meme!!
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I love how Brom looks like Eugene Fitzherbert in a few pictures :D
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I loves this paring too. He's so more awesome, angst, drama and so....kofkof...ust...kokfkof that others XD
I found Morzie more sexy but maybe I'm not totally partial ^^"

In dog's version, aww so cutie.
Brom's pillow, I want the same *run away*

And yeah Brom was the older to the end, because he had no more his dear dragon.
You think about make, one day, a comic about their last meeting (And Morzan's death)?
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that would be an intresting idia, when the school is not killing me than I will perhaps make it o3o
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Really, it will be Awesome ^v^

It remembers me that Morzie has never recognized Brom when he was the gardener for three years XD
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maybe he was wearing these: [link]
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Do you still have a link to a blank version of this meme? It looks epic.
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I think I lost the link, sorry :C
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It's okay. I can always search for it. Thanks anyway.
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LOL the strip poker one XD
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Brom looks like Flynn Rider ... AWESOME!
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In the nine panel, is Morzan dress as Frank, the evil bunny of Donnie Darko? o_ò
If not, you really shall dress him as Frank XD He's the most creepy bunny I ever see ù_ù
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it's the evil bunny from monty python :3 [link]
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Ahahah O GOTT YEAH! I forget that rabbit! XD
LOL By the way Morzan is cool also as Frank u_u
'Cause the world will over in 36h 17m and 22s >8D
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I'll be sad if Galby dies ...
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