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Eragon meme

I just love to draw meme o3o

all characters (c) Christopher Paolini
Princess Leia (c) George Lucas
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Link to that fanfiction please?

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Ok Morzan we get it murtagh is better than eragon you don't have to run it in brom's face
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*mind blown*
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Rumor has it that its short stories about some of the characters
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Wait who are the two in the crack pairing?
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Morzan and Brom :3
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Haha that's not THAT crack, hahahahaha!
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I hope Chris writes another book... He says he's not quite done with Alagaesia yet :D
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I heard rumors about that he's going to write another book, short stories that would explain things better. One with Brom, one with Angela.
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Yes that would be so awesome!!!! :D
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'Mine is better than yours.' lol, took me a bit then it clicked xD
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5 books....?!?!?!?
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2 english version (Eragon/Eldest and Brisingr) and 3 translated ... It would be 7 now that Inheritance has been published :3
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:heart: is the guide nice? they dont have it in my country and im the kind of crazy fan-person u'd like to avoid in a dark alley XD btw ur gallery is so epic!
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It has very nice pictures of the main places in Alagasia, one exemple: [link] and some basic imformation about races, main cities, dragons and the ancent tongue. Thank you ^^
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aww thankx so much!
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I hate fighting Demyx too..... Dx
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murtagh in the video game one looks cute.
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loves murtaghs face on number ten :) reminds me of my brother and me, brother=galbotorix me=murtagh
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lol i love the bit with murtagh and galby palying kingdom hearts. and yeah that fight in kh2 was hard i still havent beat it well mostly cause my sister moved in with her bf so he doesnt come over with his ps2 anymore
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