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What if Civilization Were a Visual Novel?


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What if Civilization Were a Visual Novel?


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Out Of This World - Page 1

Out Of This World

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Another Star 2 - The City in the Swamp

Vision Riders

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A Tale of Anger

“FROM THE OTHER SIDE” A TALE OF ANGER HARRISONBURG, Virginia -- Yesterday morning in Harrisonburg began the same way most Mondays begin across the country. After a sleepy three-day weekend the streets were coming alive with morning traffic as employees drove in to work, shops began to open, and parents drove their children to school. It was a clear, otherwise normal day. But that tranquility was fleeting. Before the morning's classes could even begin at James Madison Elementary School on Harrisonburg's west side, an E.U. stealth drone fired a missile into the building. Three teachers and twelve students were killed, bringing th

Tales of Emotion

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Hayden Guidebook Sketch

Swordmaster Odyssey

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Under a Different Moon

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Fan Art

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General of the Mist - Kirimaru

Tactics Heroes

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Commissions and Requests

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