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What if Civilization Were a Visual Novel?



Just something I was playing around with for practice, so this isn't actually for anything. Done specifically in the style of PC-98 pixel art, although there are too many colors and the resolution isn't correct for that system. I don't usually like to use a lot of dithering in my pixel art, except for use as textures (like distant fur or grass), but PC-98 games use it everywhere and I wanted to emulate that here.

The character is, in fact, Alexander III of Macedon (better known as Alexander the Great), who is indeed reported to have had heterochromia (each eye having a different color). This being a visual novel, I assume you can date him if you raise his affection level high enough and have open borders *wink, wink* *nudge, nudge*.

As for the interface around the borders: not just Japanese visual novels, but all sorts of games in that era on both sides of the Pacific (and the Atlantic) liked to make these big, elaborate interfaces to take up space. Most of the time I spent on this piece was that and not the character or the background environment. I actually think it ended up far too noisy and distracting, but this is just a practice "what if" piece, so I'm not too worried about it.

Done in Photoshop, based on an old sketch I had lying around. Time taken: ~6-8 hours+ each for the character and background environment; ~1 week for the interface. (Time includes research, and looking up and studying reference images.)
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