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Another Star 2 - The City in the Swamp

By TheGrandHero
The ancients were not the last civilization to leave their mark upon this world. Over the eons, others have come from the stars to leave their traces across the land. Some of them may even have been the ancestors to those who now inhabit the planet. Though now a swamp, it appears that this place was once a thriving city. And now, it is a city again, home to a new people.

Concept art for Another Star 2. Since the other pieces already had a sort of watercolor style to them, I decided to go all out and try some new Photoshop brushes for this one. Not sure how well it turned out, but the colors themselves came out pretty vibrant.

Done in Photoshop. Brushes by env1ro. Time taken: ~4 hours.
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I really love the perspective here. Looking up at the structures from the water feels immersive. :3
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Yeah, I do really like how the scale came out.
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