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LIFE IS STRANGE | Wow, That's Pretty Edgy

PSYCHO MAX IS BACK, BABY!  Way too fun to draw her again.  I don't think this is the most violent thing I've ever posted, but it probably comes close.  Do you think it's too violent for the Reddit?  I don't wanna get banned.


The first draft of this particular comic was actually drawn in May of this year, but I scrapped it and started from scratch, which was a little agonizing, but ultimately worth it for me.

1. Panel #1 and 2: Chloe invites Max to watch "Final Fantasy: Spirits Within", a movie by Square Enix based on one of their most famous series, "Final Fantasy".  Unfortunately, the movie received mostly negative reviews from critics and fans.  However, in the first episode of "Life is Strange (Season One)", if Max examines Victoria's plasma TV, she'll mention that she'd like to watch "Spirit's Within" on it, giving a not-so-subtle nod to Square Enix since they're the producers of "Life is Strange", too.  Panel #2 of this comic is a direct quote from when Max examines the TV.
2. Panel #12: The "final cut" of a film is the finished version.  Max is telling Chloe that her role in the film may be edited out, meaning she won't be in the final cut of the film.  Max says this while thrusting Chloe's head into a toilet full of razor-blades, where Chloe is being literally cut.
3. Panel #13: To be "torn up" about something means to be very upset, as if your emotions are tearing you apart.  Max says this to Chloe after Chloe's face has literally been torn apart.
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soundofsilver's avatar
JosephineLithius's avatar
… … …
I want my Pompidou… TnT
hroofitz's avatar
Welp... Im having nightmares tonight. Pun filled nightmares.
lem0ndust's avatar
oh my god Max..
purgethexenos's avatar
Holy shit.

Psycho!Max, dearie, this is excessive even for you.
kungfootitan's avatar
What did i just read?
Gaq-co's avatar
i am horrified and yet satisfied (N-NOT THAT HAS TO DO WITH ANYTHING!)
jordan935castle's avatar
I fucking love your work. Psycho max. Genius.
notseereus4's avatar
this is so metal 
HandsomeGamerGuy's avatar
Final Fantasy: Spirits Within is still a great Movie.
MomentumCrisis's avatar
I know, why people throw so much shite at it? I mean the Sci Fi chan movies are truly ass yet people seem to like it, kind of hypocritical.
HandsomeGamerGuy's avatar
Exactly. Perhabs they didn't like it because the Name was Final Fantasy. Without any of those Asshat Kids with there special Names. Like Cloud.....and the rest of 'em.
MomentumCrisis's avatar
Preach, guess it only wasn't what they expected so they went full rant about it.
Somebodyexe's avatar
lmao, your comics always make my day, keep it up with the outstanding work! :,3
CMY187's avatar
Psycho Max is always welcome. So glad to see she's back.
Also, your artwork is getting better and better. Viewing them makes me more sad that the LiS writers never decided to make Max become a psychopath after discovering her powers.
swallowswift's avatar
max what the hell
Snakespur's avatar
Yeah, there's my nightmare fuel...
TiaRevlyn's avatar
Flamecatchers's avatar
jeez. I love your psycho portrayal.
KidsHardstyle's avatar
I'm afraid of your friends .__. Hope you don't have any. For their good. But I love your arts! These without creepy things.
Atomicbob18's avatar
When Chloe makes puns, she manifests The Chin™

When Max makes puns, people die
AyalaPC1's avatar
Or suffer the enough.
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