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LIFE IS STRANGE | The Killing Time

It's a Halloween miracle!  A new "Life is Deranged", and it only took more than a year!  Do you guys still care for these?  I know "Life is Strange" is long gone, but heck, if you guys have fun with Psycho-Max, I have fun with Psycho-Max.  It's a win-win, but if you guys are done with it, I'll just move on to newer parody series with unspeakably fond memories of this one.

Anywho, what better way to celebrate the trick-or-treating spirit than by drawing a comic about a person who shows up at someone's door just to brutally cripple them?  Make sure you buy enough candy and Kevlar, ladies and gents; you never know who'll come knocking these days.  This also fits in with the fact that I'm doing Batman parodies based on Telltale's newest series.  A little bit of Batman (see reference-ography), a little bit of "Life is Strange", and just a hardy sprinkling of sadism.  Yep, this is my profile, and oh, how I've missed it.

No, there are no obvious puns in this one, and no, it's not because I've finally realized that my puns are garbage.  I will never realize that.  I'm too dense.  I just opted for more subtle kinds of wordplay today, further imitating (however poorly) the superb writing of the graphic novel this scene is based on.  If you want to see enough puns to last you 'til next week, find this scene (on YouTube, online, or in your local library) and read the Joker's monologue after the attack.  It's legendary, but also terrible, given the context.

Panels 5-11 (The first panel of Chloe and David's conversation to Chloe's shadowy face of horror) are almost shot-for-shot rip-offs of the infamous Barbara Gordon scene from DC Comics' "Batman: The Killing Joke".  Barbara (Batgirl) answers a knock at her father's door, assuming it's her friend, only to come face-to-face with the Joker and that fateful revolver.  He shoots her right through the stomach, damaging her spine and paralyzing her from the waist down.  It's not pretty, I'll tell you that, but it is undoubtedly one of the most notable scenes in one of the most notable graphic novels in history.
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How the hell do you come up with this XD
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love the "the killing joke" reference
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Me too. It is a delightful reference.

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I love this reference-ography, I like how much thought and creativity you have for this kinds of things. My favorite one so far, to the one where Chloe got the karma for making fun of the handicapped. :)
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The killing joke what is going?!?!?
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Oh no! it appears Chloe has turned herself into a coffee table!
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Now that's clever~
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Hah, I was right. I smelled Batman movie from distance XD
Well at least it can't be any more painful than the movie was...
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The minute I saw one of your Until Dawn comics I immediatly fell in love, please more LiS comics would be great!
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OMG you are doing these comics again I am thankful and I love reading them!
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Batman The killing Joke ! When the Joker shoot Barbara ! I'm dead xD
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Well, since you asked if we still enjoy these, I'll add my answer.

Yes! Very much, yes! Coming back to read these and seeing new ones brought a smile to my face before bed. This is definitely more psycho Max than usual, and still awesome.

And cool to see that you've started a series based on Telltale's newest game. I haven't played Batman yet, and probably won't unless it goes on a huge sell, but we'll see. Keep up the great work, please.
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Thanks for commenting.  I usually go on DeviantArt right before bed, too, and I always love finding something funny or cool right at the end of the day, so I'm glad I could offer that to someone else.  It's always great to hear people enjoy them, despite their occasional brutality.
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Ooooooooh my gooooood
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More!  More LiS comics from you!  MORE! 
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It's interesting. I did not play Life is Strange nor intend to... but after seeing the way you painted all the characters (especially Max and Sam), I realized I STILL don't want to play it!

Reason being that your versions of the characters are so damn imprinted in my mind that I'll never unsee them. Any serious moment in Life is Strange would likely make me howl with laughter when I remember the parody of the moment. Psycho-Max is one of my favorite characters on DA aside from Psycho-Clem and the pun-laden Ellie.

Please don't stop with her. I just can't get enough!
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i love this series don't stop.Psycho Max is best Max
The art is TIMEless yet the moral is SPINEless.
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